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The massage chair enables versatile applications in manual massage and healing therapy. Whether you are a professionally trained masseur or a passionate hobbyist; with the massage chair you can use your anatomical knowledge specifically for active pain relief and relaxation. The massage chair is quickly ready for use in just a few steps.

With our large massage chair test 2023 we want to support you in finding the best massage chair for your individual needs. We have compared massage chairs in different price ranges and various designs for you, as well as summarising the decisive advantages and disadvantages of individual models.


  • The massage chair describes a seat for the recipient of manual massage and healing therapy. Its functionality makes it ideal for both professional and private use.
  • The basic model impresses with its favourable prices and high load-bearing capacity, while the deluxe model features the processing of high-quality materials.
  • The massage chair is foldable and height-adjustable. This allows for easy transport and individual adjustment to personal needs.

The Best Massage Chair: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for massage chairs

The following section is designed to help you choose the right massage chair from a variety of choices. The key criteria you can use to make this decision are as follows:

Below we explain the details of the criteria listed.

Weight and carrying capacity

Massage chairs offer you a lot of flexibility and comfort in their design. The material composition of a massage chair allows for a high load capacity and a low total weight at the same time.

Due to their lightness, massage chairs can be transported with little effort and allow you a lot of mobility in everyday life. Such adaptability is particularly suitable for commuters who often change their location due to their job.

The weight range of a massage chair is usually from 7 to 12 kilograms. Their lightness requires correspondingly little effort in transport and storage.

The load-bearing capacity of massage chairs is largely in the range of 100 to 200 kilograms, but can reach values of 290 kilograms in exceptional cases. Deviations are possible depending on the manufacturer.


As already mentioned, massage chairs have an intelligent material composition. This offers you easy cleaning, robustness and flexibility when using the massage chair.

The massage chair frame is usually made of aluminium or coated steel, which provides a high level of stability with a low total weight. Non-slip plastic feet provide additional comfort and safety during use.

The ergonomic upholstery of the massage chair is made of certified imitation leather on the surface, which repels water and oil.

An upholstery filling made of multi-layer cell foam and memory foam also offers you a great deal of additional lying comfort.


The massage chair is quick and easy to adjust to various needs. This means that your experience with the massage chair is always very individual and adapted to your personal requirements.

The basic structure of the massage chair can be assembled in minutes with little effort and usually without tools. Accordingly, it can also be stored away quickly after use.

The massage chair is foldable, which promises space-saving and effective storage as well as considerably simplifies transport.

Height-adjustable cushions allow the chair to be adapted to any physical condition. In addition, the massage chair can be cleaned easily and safely by means of removable individual parts.

Due to the adjustability and mobility of the massage chair, some manufacturers promise additional uses and functions. For example, the massage chair can also be used as a tattoo or cosmetic chair. However, please follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in this regard.

Included accessories

As mentioned above, the massage chair is ideal for easy and flexible transport. The high degree of adjustability is also a decisive characteristic of the massage chair. To enhance these features, manufacturers offer useful accessories that come with massage chairs.

A practical carrying bag, also called a carrying case, is a significant plus that enables compact handling and storage of the massage chair.

It not only offers you a lot of mobility, but also ensures space-saving storage of the massage chair. We recommend the advantages of the carrying case supplied especially to the profession of the mobile masseur.

In addition, selected massage chairs also include a free face foam cushion. This offers maximum comfort during the massage.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about massage chairs answered in detail

Below we answer the most important questions about massage chairs. This guide is designed to give you all the essential facts about massage chairs and explain them in a nutshell.

Who is a massage chair suitable for?

The functions of a massage chair are versatile and offer numerous possibilities for manual treatment. Therefore, the massage chair is suitable for different needs and can be applied in professional professions as well as for your private use.

With a massage chair you can specifically contribute to pain relief and relaxation. (Image source: Angelo Esslinger / Pixabay)

Thanks to its flexible adjustability and easy transport, the massage chair is ideal for mobile massage. It also enables the application of professional medical treatments.

For example, trained chiropractors, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and osteopaths can use the massage chair for the examination and therapy of their patients’ physical complaints.

Its make-up is also suitable for tattooing and cosmetic treatments.

The functionality of a massage chair is also recommended for private use. Your own four walls offer you an important place of retreat, which is transformed into an individual wellness oasis by a massage chair.

Regular manual massages help you to relax and maintain a healthy balance between body and soul.

What types of massage chairs are there?

If you are thinking about buying a massage chair, you can usually choose between two different types:

  • Basic massage chair
  • Deluxe massage chair

Based on your individual needs and preferences, one of the two types is suitable for your use. We have summarised the main advantages and disadvantages of both alternatives for you:

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Basic massage chair Affordability, Mobility, Individually adjustable, Easy to store Quick wear and tear, Limited reclining comfort
Deluxe massage chair Extra reclining comfort, High quality material, Durable, Mobility High price, Advanced use

The great advantage of a massage chair in the basic version is its inexpensiveness. You can buy a fully functional massage chair at a low cost. It is foldable, height-adjustable and easy to store, which offers you a lot of mobility in use.

However, the comfort of the upholstery may be lower compared to more expensive massage chair models, as less foam filling and lower quality materials are used.

The deluxe model of a massage chair is significantly more expensive compared to a basic massage chair, but has some extras that promise greater comfort during use and transport.

For example, the carrying bag that comes with the chair has a padded shoulder strap or integrated wheels that make it easier to transport the massage chair frequently.

An additional chest cushion ensures extensive lying comfort. In addition, manufacturers pay attention to the processing of high-quality upholstery materials, which promise longevity and less wear and tear.

What does a massage chair cost?

There is a significant price range between the different versions of a massage chair, which can vary due to differences in quality. This price range goes from about 50 to 450 euros.

Your anatomical knowledge is in demand. Targeted relaxation enables lasting well-being. (Image source: andreas160578 / Pixabay)

You can buy the basic version of a massage chair for as little as 52 euros. This type has all the essential functions of a massage chair and offers you an inexpensive alternative to higher-priced models.

Depending on the manufacturer, the basic version of a massage chair can cost up to 120 euros.

Type price range
Basic massage chair approx. 52 to 120 euros
Deluxe massage chair approx. 150 to 450 euros

The deluxe models of the massage chair are considered more expensive among the models, whereby the amounts can reach up to 450 Euros. Due to the processing of high-quality materials, as well as extra comfort features, the average price range of deluxe massage chairs is around 265 euros.

However, different manufacturers also offer this design at lower prices. Some alternatives in the high-priced segment can also be purchased for as little as 150 euros.

What are the alternatives to a massage chair?

The functions of a massage chair involve manual treatment, which serves to relax and maintain physical well-being. Below we give you a brief overview of alternatives to purchasing a massage chair.

Alternative Description
Massage seat cover A massage seat cover is an electronic seat extension that can be quickly and easily installed on any seating. This is particularly suitable for relaxing the shoulder and back area.
Massage chair The massage chair also works electronically and is suitable for easing tension and pain in the comfort of your own home. Most models have additional features such as body scan and heat functions.
Massage table The massage table requires a manual massage, which is performed on the patient or client while lying down. The massage table is particularly suitable for full-body treatment.

Each of these alternatives has certain advantages. However, the electronic massage chair is considerably more expensive, which is why we recommend the massage seat pad and the massage table as cheaper alternatives.

How do I clean and maintain a massage chair?

Effective cleaning of the massage chair before and after each treatment is essential to maintain hygienic standards in handling the product. In addition, regular maintenance increases the longevity of the massage chair.

Due to the use of synthetic materials in the upholstery, the lying surfaces of the massage chair are easy to clean. For example, you can use a soft cloth to remove coarse dust particles.

With the help of useful accessories, you can create a relaxing atmosphere. (Image source: Camille Brodard / Unsplash)

For more thorough cleaning, disinfectant wipes or sprays are particularly suitable, as they clean the insensitive surfaces effectively and lastingly. Depending on the scent, you can also use the care products to create a relaxing odour atmosphere.

How does the training for medical treatment as a masseur work?

If you want to turn your hobby into a professional activity, you can train to become a masseur. We present the process to you here:

  • Prerequisites: The minimum requirements for this health-related further training are a completed secondary school certificate or a completed vocational training. Building on this, the training usually takes two and a half years.
  • Examination: The training is declared to have been passed by means of an examination. Afterwards, you have to show practical experience in order to achieve official recognition.
  • Responsibilities: As a masseur, you plan, document and carry out massage therapies for your clients and patients in order to reduce their physical and mental complaints.

Manual and professional massage has an extremely effective healing effect. As a trained masseur, you can improve the quality of life of your clients and patients in a targeted and lasting way.


Thanks to their functionality, massage chairs offer you a wide range of possibilities for manual massage and healing therapy. In contrast to its electronic alternatives, the massage chair requires your anatomical understanding, which you can use specifically for pain relief and relaxation in your private and professional life.

When buying a massage chair, you can distinguish between two different quality standards. The basic massage chair impresses with its convincing price-performance ratio and is in no way inferior to the higher-priced models in terms of functionality. The deluxe massage chair is characterised by additional comfort and higher quality materials.

Image source: lightfieldstudios / 123rf