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If you follow guitarists or bass players in rock bands, or if you play one of these instruments, then you know what you want. Anyone who has followed rock culture closely knows that Marshall speakers are worthy of the biggest stars in music.

In this buying guide we will help you to buy the best Marshall speaker, so that you can listen to your favourite artists. We will also solve the most common doubts about this equipment, because it will help you to buy them without any fear, and also, we will teach you to identify the features you should look for in them.


  • Marshall speakers are portable audio devices, made for listening to music and sounds wherever you want. They are highly sought after for their resemblance to the amplifiers used by famous guitarists, and can be connected via Bluetooth or 3.5mm cables.
  • There are two types of Marshall speakers, those that can be carried around in bags and backpacks, and larger ones that resemble guitar amplifiers. Despite their appearance, they are not good for use with electric stringed instruments, as they are not designed for that purpose.
  • As with any portable audio device, you should always consider the maximum volume level at which you will use your Marshall speaker. You should also think about its measurements, as if you are used to seeing large amplifiers, you may be swayed by its appearance rather than its actual dimensions.

The Best Marshall Speakers: Our Picks

Buying Guide: What you need to know about Marshall speakers

Marshall speakers are portable audio equipment, which can be served via Bluetooth and RCA or 3.5mm cables. They are highly sought after for their high quality sound and aesthetics reminiscent of large guitar amplifiers. In case you have any questions regarding these devices, we will answer them in this section.

A portable Marshall speaker will be useful for improvising guitar sessions on the street, but not for serious practice. (Photo: lightfieldstudios /

What’s the difference between Marshall speakers and other brands?

There are many ways in which Marshall speakers set themselves apart from the rest. Not only are they high quality audio equipment, but they also take great care to provide eye-catching aesthetic touches. These speakers manage to carry the style of rock stages and dressing rooms in a way that no other speaker will.

As you may already know, they have a design reminiscent of the guitar amps used by guitar stars, as Marshall is one of the great instrument sound manufacturers. This also gives them the expertise to design speakers with incredible audio and excellent customisation.

Marshall speaker Bose speaker Sony speaker
Type of design Similar to guitar amps Simple and practical
Features Highlights Large models, equalizer Large models, equalizer
Smart Speakers line Yes Yes
Ideal for Rooms, halls, parties and audio studios Parties, halls, rooms

Are Marshall speakers suitable for guitars?

It depends. You can connect a Marshall speaker to a guitar to play on the road or at a gig, but you won’t really get an ideal sound for practice or live performance. They are not designed to be used with musical instruments, so it is not recommended to use them as an amplifier.

Are there Marshall speakers with a radio?

No, so you will not be able to use them to pick up AM/FM frequencies. Some Marshall speakers are designed to be used with streaming music services such as Chromecast, Spotify Connect, so you can have unlimited access to music. You can also connect a radio phone to the device if you prefer that type of service.

Do Marshall speakers work with Alexa?

Yes, there are Alexa-enabled Marshall speakers, such as the Stanmore II and Acton II models. These devices can be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi to work with virtual assistants. There are also variants of these models that are compatible with Google Assistant, in case you’re more familiar with it.

Did you know that there are Marshall speakers made from wood? Some Marshall speakers make use of this material to make their speaker cabinet, promising warmer, more natural sounds

Are there Marshall speakers with drums?

Yes! There are models like the Tufton, the Stockwell and the Kilburn designed to be moved wherever you need them. They have an average lifespan of 20 hours, which is enough for small trips or for taking to parties and meetings. Some have fast charging which reduces the time it takes to charge.

Fun facts: what you didn’t know about Marshall speakers

If you’d like to know a little more about these sound systems, you’re in luck, here are a few fun facts about Marshall speakers. The idea is for you to get to know them a little better, and also to be better informed in case you need help with them.

How does the Marshall speaker warranty work?

Marshall speakers come with a one-year warranty that covers defects in workmanship or materials. It will not cover damage caused by users, such as dropping, spills or misuse. The manufacturer will have the equipment repaired or completely replaced by professional technicians.

does not cover products obtained outside official distributors

You must contact them using the addresses and contact numbers stipulated in the warranty, so that they can instruct you on shipping addresses and additional clauses. The only drawback to Marshall speakers in terms of warranty is that it does not cover products obtained outside of official distributors.

Who makes Marshall speakers?

It may make little sense, but it is the Swedish company Zound Industries and not Marshall who manufacture these speakers. They make use of legal permissions to use Marshall’s design, branding and experience in the world of music to create state-of-the-art sound equipment.

This is because Marshall wants to use its image to enter the portable speaker and headphone market, but prefers to leave that job to entertainment sound equipment experts. Zound Industries has years of experience in the speaker and headphone market, so they are the ones who make them.

Buying criteria: Factors that allow you to compare and rate the different models of Marshall speakers

Now that you have a better idea of what Marshall speakers are all about, it’s time to find out what to look for when shopping for them. In this section we will give you the best buying tips, so that you can see the most sought-after features of Marshall speakers, allowing you to make better buying decisions.


One of the things that stands out about Marshall speakers is that there are different types designed for every occasion. From simple, small portable speakers, to large models for use with TVs and home theatre equipment. This is the first thing you need to know, as it will define the other features.

Bluetooth: Within this category you will find models of all sizes. They are designed for use with portable devices, such as laptops, smartphones and tablets, and connect primarily via Bluetooth. Some of the models are the Acton II, the Kilburn II, the Stockwell and the gigantic Woburn.

Multi-room: This is the type of Marshall speaker that is intended for use as a home sound system. They can be connected to each other in order to cover a larger space. It will allow you to listen to your music from the bedroom to the kitchen without missing a single detail. Models in this category are the Acton, the Stanmore and the Woburn.

Portable: These are smaller models designed to be used anywhere, and have batteries that last up to 20 hours. All can connect via Bluetooth, some with up to two devices at the same time. The most representative models in this line are the Tufton, the Stockwell and the Kilburn.

Technologies included

Marshall speakers are packed with technologies and features that make them much more efficient and useful. There are some that may catch your attention more than others, but they all count as compelling buying factors and here we’ll tell you what makes the most prominent ones.

Equalizer: If you’ve used a guitar amp before then you’ll already know how it works. All Marshall speakers feature a set of EQ knobs, which allow you to control the bass and treble levels. This allows you to customise your listening experience to the music you like best.

Aptx: This is an audio codec that seeks to increase the efficiency of audio transmissions via Bluetooth, as it achieves faster transmissions. If your device is compatible with this technology, you will be able to listen to music wirelessly without losing time or quality.

Multi-host: With this technology, you can connect up to two Bluetooth-enabled devices at the same time. This will allow you to do things like connect two smartphones, or one next to your laptop so you can listen to your notifications even while playing a game.

Did you know that the Marshall brand is used by music stars? It has been revered by artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Lemmy Kilmister, Jimmy Page and Slash, among others


Marshall speakers can be connected via two methods, wireless and wired, and each is divided into extra methods. This allows you to have more than one way to stay connected to your speakers.

Connection type 3.5mm cable Optical cable RCA cable Wi-Fi Bluetooth
For use with Any equipment with 3.5mm output Apple TV, solid disk players, cable receivers Theatre sound systems, electronic and sound equipment Streaming services, smart assistants, other Marshall speakers Smart devices
Main function Use with portable equipment Use with unusual sound equipment Use with electronic equipment with RCA output Connect to the internet Receive music wirelessly

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