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Manicure sets offer you the possibility to perform a professional manicure, i.e. nail care, directly at home or even while travelling. Unlike the purchase of individual tools, a manicure set offers you the most important instruments, usually delivered in a beautiful case, so that you have everything in order.

With our manicure set test 2022 we want to help you find the perfect manicure set for you and your nails and hands. Whether electric or manual, for travel or the whole family, we show you various manicure sets that are perfectly suited to your field of application.


  • Manicure sets allow you to perform a professional manicure/pedicure from home. They contain the most important tools you need for a manicure / pedicure in a very compact form.
  • Basically, a distinction is made between a manual and an electric manicure set. A distinction is made between any number of tools and ultimately also the price.
  • Manual manicure sets are particularly suitable for treating natural nails. Electric manicure sets are more suited to pedicures and the treatment of artificial nails such as gel nails.

The Best Manicure Set: Our Picks

Manicure sets: buying and evaluation criteria

You want to know which criteria you can use as a guide when buying a manicure set?

We have listed the most important criteria briefly and concisely below:

You can find out exactly what this means in the following section.

Scope of delivery

Manicure sets can consist of various components / tools. Therefore, it is important that you know exactly what you need a manicure set for before you buy it.

A manual manicure set should definitely contain the following basic tools:

  • Nail scissors
  • Nail file
  • Tweezers

When buying an electric manicure set, make sure that it includes the following:

  • Sapphire disc (fine),
  • Sapphire disc (coarse),
  • Sapphire corneal polisher,
  • Sapphire cone,
  • Felt cone,
  • Cylinder cutter
  • Flame cutter

So you can see that the two manicure sets differ in the components and you have to pay attention to different things.

Material of the tools

Just as the scope of delivery of a manicure set can be different, the instruments can be made of different materials. However, make sure that the material is rustproof and durable.

For electric sets, the attachments can be made of surgical steel, sapphire, ceramic or diamond.

For a manual set, a distinction is made between stainless steel, sapphire and diamond.


Generally, a distinction is made between an electric and a manual manicure set.

The manual manicure set is suitable for everyone who wants to perfect their natural nail shape. That means no matter what gender or age. The electric manicure set is mainly suitable for working on artificial nails. However, it can also be used for an intensive pedicure.

However, one thing is the same for both, the different tools are used for different treatments. In our later FAQ, we will answer the question of what should be used for what.

Volume of an electric manicure set

So you should make sure that there are no unpleasant noises during use.

Then even a pedicure from home is no longer fun.

Especially when buying an electric manicure set, it is important to consider the noise level of the device when making a purchase decision. After all, who wants to perform a manicure/pedicure with the volume of a hoover?

Manicure sets: Frequently asked questions and answers

In the following, we answer questions that you might ask yourself when buying or even already using your manicure set. We have compiled a list of questions for you and answered them briefly and concisely. After reading the guide, you will know what to look for when buying a manicure set.

What is a manicure set?

Manicure is the cosmetic treatment and care of the hands. Therefore, a manicure set is a group of cosmetic instruments used for hand care.

To perform a professional manicure from home, a manicure set is recommended. Especially nowadays, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to perform a manicure from home.

Maniküre Set

Manicure sets facilitate manicures at home or on the road. Such a set should not be missing on any trip. (Image source: Sarah Cervantes / unsplash)

A set contains the important tools you need to perform a manicure/pedicure. Basically, a manicure set contains nail scissors and a nail file. However, the following tools can also be practical and helpful for a professional manicure/pedicure.

  • Nail stick
  • Nail clippers
  • Tweezers
  • Nail nippers
  • Cuticle scissors

Whether a nail set contains more or fewer instruments, however, says nothing about the quality of the set. The important thing is that it contains all the utensils you need for your nails.

What types of manicure sets are there?

In this table, we present the different types of manicure sets with their advantages and disadvantages.

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Electric manicure set Suitable for artificial nails, Use is not limited to manicure and pedicure Injuries can occur more quickly, A certain amount of practice is required, Power supply must be ensured
Manual manicure set Easy to use for everyone, Easy to clean, No other tools required, Small and handy, Solid and stable, Durable, No power source required Not suitable for all nails and beginners

So make clear what you want to use the set for and then make the purchase decision between the two alternatives mentioned above.

How much does a manicure set cost?

As mentioned above, there are two different types of manicure sets, and the prices differ accordingly. The following table gives you an overview of the prices.

  • Electric manicure set: approx. 30 to 60 Euro
  • Manual manicure set: approx. 5 to 40 Euro

Of course, there are also cheaper or more expensive manicure sets. The above table only gives you a rough guide that you can follow.

What are the alternatives to a manicure set?

If you decide not to buy a manicure set, you should know what alternatives there are. The following table should give you a small overview.

Alternative Description
Nail scissors Removal of excess nail
Cuticle scissors Finer than nail scissors, removal of dead skin
Nail clippers Removal of excess nail
Tweezers Removal of spikes or splinters
Nail file For filing the nail

So you have to decide if you need a whole set or if individual components are enough for you. The nice thing is that the manicure sets we present to you in this guide all come in a case, so you don’t have to buy a separate bag.

Which attachment is used for what in an electric manicure set?

Just like a manual manicure set, the electric set consists of different components, but it is more difficult to distinguish what is suitable for what. We have compiled a brief overview in the following table.

Attachment Description
Corundum bit cylinder for roughening the nail plate, filing the tip transition
Diamond bit ball for removing the cuticle
Diamond bit cylinder for roughening the nail plate, filing the tip transition
Diamond bit small pointed cone for removing the cuticle
Mandrel with grinding caps for removing the gel / nail polish

How do I disinfect my manicure set?

You should disinfect your manicure set before using it for the first time. The individual instruments could easily be held under warm water.

Then wash with a disinfectant wipe or spray. Make sure that the components are dried afterwards so that no rust can develop.


With the help of a manicure set, you can comfortably perform a good and professional manicure and even pedicure at home or on the road. When buying a manicure set, you can choose between an electric and a manual one. It is important that you know what you want to use it for.

Manual manicure sets are more suitable for beginners, men or children or women who want to keep their nails very natural. Electric manicure sets, on the other hand, are not only better suited for pedicures, but also for the treatment of artificial nails or shellac.

Once you have decided on a manicure set, it usually offers you many options for well-groomed hands and feet.

Photo source: Oksana Mironova / 123rf