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Thank you for visiting us again and this time we are going to talk about mandolins. It doesn’t matter if you are a chef or passionate about good quality cooking; mandolins are a must have in your kitchen.

There are many mandolins and few people know the infinite number of options that can be achieved with one. From peeling potatoes to grating chocolates, julienning and everything you can imagine. The mandolin is useful both in a domestic and professional environment and will make cooking much easier, if used correctly.

A mandolin that you don’t know how to use can cause more than one headache. At ReviewBox we love to help you always choose the ideal product for you, according to your needs and budgets; here we will talk about mandolins, their prices, where to buy, type, etc; we hope it will be useful and you will find the option you are looking for.


  • The mandolin is a kitchen utensil created for slicing hard or soft foods such as fruits, vegetables and greens. It has the advantage of helping you to prepare dishes faster and with a symmetrical, consistent and beautiful appearance. It will help you achieve a perfect job in a very short time.
  • Mandolines are very common accessories, however, one of the most frequently asked questions is which mandolin to buy. It is true that if you choose the wrong mandolin, it may end up lying unused in the kitchen. We recommend choosing between a portable or platform mandoline according to your preferences.
  • Once you have decided which type of mandolin you are most comfortable with, you are ready to pay attention to other details that will make a certain model stand out from the rest. The safety that your machine can offer is the main thing to avoid accidents, as well as worrying about having all the required types of cuts.

The Best Mandolin: Our Picks

Buying Guide

After you have evaluated the mandolin models we have recommended, you are ready to choose yours! In the following guide you will find detailed information about this product, the good, the bad, types, among others. Avoid confusions, bad moments and inform yourself to make the best purchase immediately.

Mandolins are useful for both home and professional use (Photo: Nils Weymann /

What is a mandolin and what are its advantages?

A mandolin is a kitchen utensil made for cutting food. It has sharp blades on which the food is slid, so that it can be sliced and cut into different thicknesses and shapes. Ideally, this product should have a hand protector to avoid accidents.

This appliance has the advantage of helping you to make perfect cuts with great precision and speed. It is very versatile in terms of the types of cuts you can make, whether slicing, julienne, shredding and some models even include a juicer. Dare to make dishes with a presentation that stands out, with a mandolin it is very easy.

  • Accuracy of cuts
  • Speed and ease of use
  • Versatility in the way of cutting
  • Safe and easy to clean
  • Not easy to master
  • Could cause an accident
  • Risk of cuts to hands

Portable or platform mandolin – what should you look out for?

Although there are many types of mandolins, there are two main models; the hand-held or portable and the platform mandolin. Both are perfect and offer a wide variety of cuts. The difference will be reflected in what you prefer, the space you need, the safety and comfort that this product can offer you.

Portable. This model is quite simple. It is portable because its size is small and you can carry it wherever you want. Most of the time it will require you to hold it with one hand while you slide the food with the other. It can also be placed in a bowl. They are available in large and small sizes such as for cheese or cold cuts.

Platform. This model is very comfortable as you only have to worry about sliding the food over the blade. It is quite stable and you only need to place it on a dry and clean platform so that it does not slide. They are larger and can include more functions. They are considered safer, suitable for meat and salads.

Portable Platform
Cutting thickness Up to three levels of thickness Three or more levels of thickness
Types of cuts Slicing, basic cuts All types of cuts and grater or juicer
Stability Hand held Self standing, requires only a smooth surface
Price Inexpensive Expensive

How much does a mandolin cost?

Mandolines are a fairly affordable product in terms of price. The portable or manual models above all, these models being smaller and having fewer accessories or possibilities.

The platform models are usually made of more durable materials, have more accessories and options of cuts and thicknesses. Although you can also get them for similar values to the ones mentioned above.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different mandolin models

Since there is so much choice of mandolins on the market, one of the most frequently asked questions is which type should I choose? Well, there are many factors to consider in addition to the type of product we choose, this refers to thinking about the food we will be cutting, the cut we want to achieve and also taking into account the following:

  • Materials
  • Cleaning
  • Safety
  • Cuts


Most materials are good as they work in the same way and achieve the same results. Depending on your personal needs you can opt for plastic or steel mandolins. Although their differences are minimal, there are certain differences that will help you to distinguish the best one.

Plastic Steel
Durability Breaks easily Tough and durable
Maintenance Easy to maintain Requires constant checking of components
Cleaning Easy and dishwasher safe Requires manual and dishwasher cleaning


Mandolins are very difficult to clean due to their shape, vegetables and food tend to get stuck, and the sharp blades they have, resulting in a task that should be carried out with great caution. To avoid problems, always choose a model that is dishwasher safe.

If you do not have this option, we recommend cleaning your mandolin immediately after use. This should always be done in the opposite direction to the cutting edge of the blade to avoid cuts. Drying is also important, as improper drying can lead to corrosion and a breeding ground for bacteria.


Everything we do in the kitchen is always accompanied by the possibility of an accident. This is especially true if we are talking about cutting with sharp blades. Mandolines are very safe appliances, however, you should pay attention and make sure that their operation is safe for you and suits your needs.

Hand guard. A safe mandolin should include this protector, either a platform where you place the food to be cut underneath, covering your hand or another type of manual protector such as those that come with a lid or anti-cut gloves. This accessory will prevent damage to your hands.

Changing blades. Whether you choose a mandolin with attachments or an adjustable one, be sure to check the mechanism when changing blades. This will help you to handle these cutting elements in the best way in case you have to touch the blade directly or use some other implement. The safest ones include a cover in this area.


Not all mandolin models have all types of cuts. Before buying any mandolin, make sure that it meets your needs, whether it is to make Chips, cut fruit or vegetables into julienne strips, slices, among others. Here are some of the most typical cuts that mandolins are capable of.

Slicing. The basic mandolin is capable of slicing food. Depending on the mandolin you own, the thickness you can achieve will depend on the mandolin. Most have a wide variety. As it is the traditional cut, all mandolines should include this function. It is ideal for vegetables, cheese, salads, among others.

Wavy. This cut gives a “v” shape to the food on the top and bottom. It is ideal for making snacks and cutting hard vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers and the like. It is the cut best known for French fries. Some mandolins have a waffle variant with similar characteristics.

Julienne. This cut has the appearance of thin sticks. Ideal for salads with cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, onions and whatever you prefer. Mandolines with this cut in an adjustable version can produce smaller, thinner sticks for making coleslaw.

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