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A lawn mower is indispensable for a well-kept garden. But what kind of lawn mower should you choose? An electric lawnmower or a petrol lawnmower? And which brand should you choose? Makita lawn mowers are a good choice. Makita has been a trusted brand in Germany since 1977. They also offer a wide range of electric, battery and petrol lawn mowers.

In our Makita lawn mower test 2023 we want to present the different options to you in more detail. You will receive important information about the different factors that will help you find the best option for you. We will also show you the factors you should consider to choose the best lawn mower for you.


  • You can buy a Makita lawn mower both on the Internet and in your local garden shop. If you go online, you can find one on Makita’s official website, for example.
  • The smaller, cheaper models, however, can be purchased for as little as €120. The more expensive models can cost up to 800 €.
  • Most Makita tools have a 2-year warranty. Rechargeable batteries have a 12-month guarantee. However, the warranty only covers defects that are due to material or manufacturing faults.

The Best Makita Lawn Mower: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Makita lawn mower

What makes a Makita lawn mower special?

The Makita brand is very well known among craftsmen, this is because the brand has had a sales office in Germany since 1977. But Makita doesn’t just have lawn mowers, the brand offers over 700 machines plus accessories.

Makita machines are known for being particularly durable and powerful. In addition, the brand is also committed to the environment and is therefore focused on ensuring that its power tools are particularly energy-efficient.

Makita Rasenmäher-1

Makita machines are known for being particularly durable and powerful. In addition, the brand is also committed to the environment and is therefore focused on ensuring that its power tools function in a particularly energy-saving way.
(Image source: / Rémi Müller)

Are there spare parts for my Makita lawn mower?

Yes, there are spare parts for Makita lawn mowers, both for battery-powered, powered and petrol-powered lawn mowers. There are many different spare parts available, such as replacement blades, mulching blades, blade holders and V-belts. To find the best spare parts for your lawn mower, it is best to search the official Makita website. However, there are also other online sales platforms that sell spare parts. You can also go to your local garden shop.

Makita Rasenmäher-2

Yes, there are spare parts for Makita lawn mowers, both battery and petrol powered. To find the best spare parts for your mower, check the official Makita website.
( / Ingo Doerrie)

How much does a Makita lawn mower cost?

This is a very difficult question to answer because Makita has so many different models. The price depends on whether it is a cordless, electric or petrol lawnmower. It also depends on the cutting width, cutting height adjustment and many other factors.

However, the smaller, cheaper models can be purchased for as little as €120. The more expensive models can cost up to 800 €.

Decision: What types of Makita lawn mowers are there and which is the right one for you?

If you want to buy a Makita lawn mower, you have three alternatives to choose from:

  • Petrol lawnmower
  • Cordless lawnmower
  • Electric lawnmower

The different options each have advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your preference and the type of lawn you want to use your mower for, one or the other will be more suitable. Hopefully, the following section will help you decide.

What is a Makita petrol lawn mower and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A petrol lawn mower is mainly recommended for a large garden, as you can mow the lawn in a fast and efficient way with a petrol-powered lawn mower. Also, it is not necessarily recommended for a small lawn as they are usually a bit bigger. Therefore, you need a larger storage space than for the other two alternatives and it has greater maintenance needs than an electric or cordless lawnmower. Therefore, you should only go for a petrol lawnmower if the lawn area to be mowed requires it.

  • no cable
  • very powerful
  • wheel drive
  • very loud
  • not very environmentally friendly

Nevertheless, a petrol lawn mower has the same advantage as a battery lawn mower, namely that it has no cable. You can mow the lawn without worrying about the cord getting tangled. Apart from that, the petrol lawn mower is more powerful than the battery or even the electric powered lawn mower. This is especially helpful when you want to mow high or wet grass. Another advantage is that they often have a wheel drive. This makes mowing the lawn much easier.

However, a petrol lawn mower also has disadvantages. One of these disadvantages is the loudness with which a petrol-powered lawnmower works. This can quickly lead to problems with the neighbours if you mow the lawn at the weekend. Another disadvantage is the emissions. A petrol lawnmower is not the most environmentally friendly alternative for mowing your lawn.

What is a Makita cordless lawnmower and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A battery-powered lawn mower is, as the name suggests, a lawn mower that is usually powered by a lithium-ion battery. You have to charge it before use and then attach it properly and you are ready to start mowing.

The advantage of a battery-powered lawn mower, in contrast to an electric-powered lawn mower, is clearly the independence from a cable. You can easily avoid possible obstacles with the lawn mower without worrying about the cable getting tangled. Of course, it has this advantage in common with the petrol-powered lawn mower, but the battery lawn mower is a lot quieter than its petrol-powered brother. This means that you could even mow the lawn on Sundays with a battery-powered lawnmower. A clear advantage over the petrol-powered lawn mower is that the battery-powered lawn mower does not emit any emissions and is therefore much more environmentally friendly to use.

  • very quiet
  • no cable
  • no emissions
  • not very powerful
  • shorter life

A clear disadvantage of a cordless lawnmower is that it can never provide the same power as, for example, a petrol engine. This means that a cordless lawnmower could quickly reach its limits in tall, wet or damp grass. Another disadvantage of a battery lawnmower is its service life. A rechargeable battery gives up the ghost after just 1000 charges. This means that the service life of an electric or petrol lawnmower is much longer.

What is a Makita electric lawnmower and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

An electric lawnmower is a lawnmower that has to be plugged into a socket. Therefore, the first disadvantage is already obvious. The lawn mower is permanently attached to a cable and therefore limits the range on the one hand and on the other hand you have to be careful not to run over the cable.

  • quiet
  • easy to manoeuvre
  • maintenance-free
  • Cable
  • not as powerful

One advantage, however, is that an electric lawnmower is a lot quieter than a petrol lawnmower, but this is something it has in common with the battery lawnmower. Another advantage over the petrol lawnmower is that an electric lawnmower is practically maintenance-free. You do not have to change the oil or the air filter. The electric lawnmower is also lighter than its petrol-powered brother, which makes it easier to manoeuvre and well suited to smaller gardens.

However, it must also be noted with the electric lawnmower that it is a lot less powerful than a petrol lawnmower and may therefore fail on high, wet grass.

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and rate Makita lawn mowers

Below we will show you how to tell which option is best for you.

The criteria you can use to compare Güde lawn mowers include:

In the following paragraphs we will explain what is important in the various criteria.


Here you have to distinguish between the different types of lawn mowers. Generally speaking, battery-powered lawn mowers are usually the lightest, closely followed by electric lawn mowers. The heaviest are the petrol-powered mowers.

Generally speaking, battery lawn mowers are usually the lightest, closely followed by the electric lawn mowers.

Although it sounds tempting to choose the lightest lawn mower in this case because it is easy to handle, you have to weigh up what kind of garden you want to mow. After all, while the lightweight lawn mowers are particularly well suited to lifting over or manoeuvring past obstacles, the heavier models are often more stable. They are also particularly suitable for straight paths, should you have an open lawn, as they do not slip so easily and drive their way stably.

Makita cordless mowers vary in weight from 16 kg to 28 kg. The electric-powered mowers have an even wider range, they are already available from 10 kg, but the heaviest model weighs 32 kg. The heavyweight in this listing is of course the Makita petrol-powered lawn mower, it comes in a weight class of 28 kg to 40 kg.

Cutting height adjustment & cutting width

When it comes to cutting width, you should also consider the needs of your garden. If your garden is large and open, you should choose the highest possible cutting width, as you will need less time to mow. However, if you have a small, winding garden, it is better to choose a small cutting width. You can work more delicately, you can reach corners and edges better and it is of course lighter than a large lawnmower. So take a good look at your garden before you buy a lawn mower.

The battery-powered lawn mowers are available in cutting widths from 38 cm to 46 cm. Electric lawn mowers start at 33 cm and go up to 46 cm. The petrol-powered lawn mowers have a cutting width of 41 cm to 56 cm.

Cordless lawnmowers Electric lawnmowers Petrol lawnmowers
38 – 46 cm 33 – 46 cm 41 – 56 cm

A central cutting height adjustment should be standard by now. A cutting height adjustment allows you to decide for yourself how short you want your grass cut. This is especially helpful if there are areas in your garden with stones or uneven ground that would be impossible to cut at the lowest setting. Makita offers many different cutting height adjustments. Some models only have a 5-way cutting height adjustment, others already have a 13-way.

Grass catcher bag

A simple principle applies to the grass catcher bag. The larger the bag, the less often you have to empty it. So pay attention to the size when buying. However, this is related to the cutting width of the lawn mower.

A simple principle applies to the grass catcher bag. The bigger it is, the less often you have to empty it.

The grass catcher bags of Makita cordless lawn mowers have a volume of between 40 and 60 litres. The electric lawn mowers are also available in smaller sizes with a volume of 30 to 60 litres. The largest lawn mowers are the petrol-powered ones, which have a grass catcher bag with a volume of 50 to 70 litres.

Wheel drive

A wheel drive is an aid to pushing. Here, part of the drive is used to make pushing easier. On the one hand, this is an advantage for heavy lawn mowers, and on the other hand, it is indispensable if you live on a slope. Not all lawn mowers have a wheel drive, so it is necessary to pay close attention to this.

At Makita, however, there are many lawn mowers with wheel drive. Both electric and petrol lawn mowers are equipped with them.

Mulching kit

Mulching means that you leave the grass cuttings on the lawn and do not throw them away. In this process, the grass blades are cut very small, so they become valuable raw material. This is done to improve the nutrient supply of the lawn, as a lot of moisture is added to the lawn. The newly created mulch consists of 90 % water. But mulching is not only good for the lawn, it is also ecologically valuable, as the grass cuttings return to the natural cycle.

So if your lawn mower is equipped with a mulching kit, it means that it will transport the cut grass to the lawn without interfering with your lawn mowing. Makita offers many models that have both a grass catcher bag and a mulching kit.

Facts worth knowing about Makita lawn mowers

Can I change the oil on my Makita lawn mower myself?

To maintain the performance of the lawn mower, you must change the oil regularly. In this context, regular means at least once a year. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Warm up the lawn mower: You should always change the oil when the lawn mower is warm. This means that you should switch the mower on and let it run for a few minutes before switching it off again.
  2. Secure the ignition cable: Now you must disconnect the ignition cable and secure it at a safe distance from the spark plugs. This will prevent accidental starting and injury.
  3. Tilt the lawn mower: You should place some newspaper under your lawn mower, then tip your lawn mower slightly to the side so that the oil can collect above the drain plug.
  4. Drain the oil: Now you need to place a collection container under the drain plug and then open it. Then wait until all the oil has drained out.
  5. Top up the oil: Once all the old oil has run out, you can refill with new oil. The correct oil for your lawnmower can be found in the operating instructions.
  6. Dispose of oil: The old oil must be disposed of! So take it to your local disposal centre.

How do I properly dispose of a broken battery?

A Li-Ion battery is subject to disposal. This means that it is best to have your defective battery disposed of at a specialist shop. Even if you dispose of the entire lawn mower, you must remove the battery before scrapping it and dispose of it separately. It is best to dispose of the battery when it is discharged, and you should also dispose of the two terminals with adhesive tape. Do not open the battery under any circumstances.

Defective batteries are harmful to both your health and the environment, as toxic vapours and liquids could escape. Therefore, you must never send a defective battery by post. For more information, contact your local waste disposal centre.

Does a Makita lawn mower come with a warranty?

Yes, most Makita machines have a 2-year warranty. Rechargeable batteries have a 12-month warranty. However, the warranty only covers defects that are due to material or manufacturing faults. If this is the case, Makita offers either a free repair, or a replacement of this appliance. For some electrical appliances, the guarantee can be extended to 3 years.

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