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For those who use tools professionally, quality is never enough. Looking for the best brands and the best models will make the service better and more appreciated by customers. So today we are going to talk about Makita grinders!

Makita is a brand more than consolidated in the market and manufactures grinders of extreme quality. Stay tuned in this article to learn all about the main models of the Japanese giant, its advantages over the competition, special technologies and much more!


  • Makita is an excellent brand for grinders due mainly to the technology it applies in its tools and the special concern it has with ergonomics.
  • It is a brand with an above-average customer relationship and a very broad network of technical assistance.
  • You can choose between Makita angle grinders or straight grinders, with various disc sizes, power and revolutions per minute. In common between all these options, only quality!

The Best Makita Grinder: Our Picks

Between angle grinders and straight grinders, Makita offers a wide variety of models that suit both beginners and experienced professionals. Below, we present to you some of the main ones!

Buying and rating guide for  a makita grinder

Is Makita really the best brand for grinders? And what do you need to choose the tool best able to help you on your jobs?

The buying guide is our Q&A section. Read on to get your questions about Makita grinders answered!

Imagem mostra um homem trabalhando com uma grande esmerilhadeira.

Grinders are essential even in some industries. (Source: Odwarific/

What makes Makita grinders special?

Makita grinders are versatile, durable and are suitable for beginners and established professionals alike. No matter what your level of experience using one of these tools, you’ll be able to find one that can meet all your needs!

What are the advantages of Makita angle grinders?

Makita is a brand that is always concerned with technology. This, of course, applies to the grinding machines. Each model made by the company has special features that make the user’s life much easier.

But it is in the ergonomics that Makita grinders really stand out: From the most basic models, there are features such as sliding trigger, handle adjustment and anti-vibration system. All this makes the user experience much easier, more pleasant and even safer.

These are tools designed to have a long life and to be with you for years and years. And, as we have already mentioned, in case of unexpected problems you can count on ample technical assistance and on a company that really cares about having a good relationship with the customer.

The price of Makita grinders can be a little high, but no doubt this is compensated by quality!

See in the table below advantages and disadvantages of Makita grinders!

  • High technology products
  • Brand is very concerned with ergonomics
  • Strength and durability
  • Versatility of models and functions
  • Wide technical assistance and good relationship with the customer
  • Price a little above the market average

What sizes of grinders does Makita make?

One of the most important characteristics for grinders is the diameter of the disc used. This is because for each activity to be performed (such as cutting, grinding and sanding) it is necessary to replace the accessory that is on the tool.

Using the wrong diameter disc on your grinder can lead to serious accidents

Each grinder comes with its own space for the disc, and the diameter is not variable. Therefore, you will always need to buy these accessories in a way that is compatible with the tool. Not following the ideal size can lead to serious accidents.

Makita manufactures grinders that use 4 ½, 5, 7 and 9 inch discs. What does this mean?

The larger the disc, the greater the depth of the work to be done, especially when cutting. It will be able to penetrate much further into the object to be worked on. On the other hand, the number of revolutions per minute falls proportionally.

In other words: Do you need speed, but not so much depth? Go for a smaller grinder. Do you want to carry out deeper and more detailed work, without having to be as fast? The larger diameter tool is recommended!

We have prepared a table comparing the four disc diameters:

4 ½ inches 5 inches 7 inches 9 inches
Advantages Faster, easier to carry Can achieve more power without losing so much in speed More power, enough for many jobs Fundamental for deep and detailed work
Recommendations for use Hobby use, jobs that need to be fast and not very precise Hobby or professional use, jobs that are a little more detailed Hobby or professional use, jobs that are already more detailed and require power Professional use, jobs with many details and that require high power

For what jobs is a Makita angle grinder recommended?

Grinders are tools used mainly for working with steel and metal. Although cutting and grinding are their most frequent functions, Makita models can go beyond this with the right discs.

You can apply a Makita grinder to cut, sand, polish, grind, finish, remove rust and even weld metal parts such as aluminium and iron, steel, and in certain situations even concrete.

Therefore, these tools are ideal for hobby or handicraft use, as well as for large industries, such as automotive and metallurgical.

Purchase criteria: Factors when choosing a Makita grinder

By now, you have probably made up your mind about buying a Makita angle grinder. All that’s left is to choose the right model. To help you, we have selected four important technical criteria:

Below, more details on each of them!


The higher the power of a grinder, the easier it will be to break through complicated structures and hard metals. This will make getting the job done easier, without taking up so much time or demanding too much of the tool’s motor.

Grinders with larger disc diameters are more powerful, making up for the lower rpm capacity. The number can reach almost 3000 W.

If you perform professional work, you can opt for a more powerful grinder. If you use it as a hobby or for handicrafts, the most basic Makita models already have great numbers.

Imagem mostra uma esmerilhadeira angular sendo usada em uma peça de metal.

The more powerful the grinder, the better it is for complicated jobs. (Source: Web Donut /


We already told you that the concern with ergonomics is one of the main advantages of Makita when it comes to grinders. And this is important especially for professionals who use the tool for a long time.

Makita’s adjustable handle is great for left-handed users

One of the main ergonomic features of Makita grinders is the adjustable handle. So you can leave the handle in the position you find most comfortable to use. Left-handed users also gain a lot from the feature.

We can also highlight that since the simplest models Makita offers functions such as sliding trigger, vibration control and reduction of dimensions.

Revolutions per minute

Some Makita grinders can reach quite high numbers of revolutions per minute. We’re talking something in the region of 12,000. For those who need fast services and without such exquisite finishes, this is an excellent option.

Let’s remember once again that the smaller the diameter of the disc used, the higher the number of revolutions per minute reached and the lower the power. One number compensates the other in terms of speed and agility of the work.

Extra items

You certainly want your Makita grinder to come with a good number of extra items. This way, you won’t need to buy them separately, reducing both future expenses and the need to go out to find products.

Check if the chosen model comes with good discs (whether they are cutting, sanding, grinding or made for your main need), pin wrench, protections and extra handle. A good case can help you a lot with transport and storage!

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