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Today we will dedicate a whole article to makita drills, a tool that has left much to talk about around the world thanks to the excellent quality with which it is manufactured.

In addition, we will mention which are the best you can get in the market, because it is necessary to have a good vision of the products we buy to ensure that our purchase is a resounding success. Stay with us and discover more about this wonderful tool. We assure you that you will be fascinated.


  • A makita drill is an extremely popular tool around the world, as it is manufactured in a highly prestigious country that is always dedicated to leaving its mark on each of its products. They have great features that any tool lover would love.
  • We can find a great variety of brands that are in charge of creating incredible drills and that make direct competition with the makita, however, we are sure that among all of them, the one that has more points of comparison without a doubt are the Milwaukee drills, which can be differentiated according to price, popularity, etc.
  • It is necessary to know very well the characteristics that are part of the products that we acquire, as well as the aspects that must be taken into account before making the purchase, such as the necessary voltage, accessories, among others, since only in this way you will ensure a successful purchase.

The Best Makita Drill: Our Picks

Buying Guide: What you need to know about Makita Drills

It is necessary to know very well what are the features that are part of the products that we do not know and want to buy, because only then we will achieve a completely satisfactory purchase, which is why today we have prepared a buying guide with all the information we think you need to know.

Makita drills are preferred by many tool-loving users due to the incredible quality they offer. (Photo: Kzenon /

What is the difference between Makita drills and Milwaukee drills?

Yes, even in tools there are competing brands and in this case it is due to the great similarities that each of them has, however, it is more than clear that you can always find a difference that makes one brand stand out from the other.

One of the main differences that you can find between Makita drills and Milwaukee drills is that Makita drills offer better precision when carrying out the work, which, although it depends largely on who is using it, makes the work much easier.

Makita drills Milwaukee drills
Price High, due to its excellent quality Medium, they have a good quality
Popularity High compared to other brands High, because it is affordable and very good
Handle Always ergonomic Can vary

How to identify an original Makita drill?

It is logical that such a well-known and high quality product has counterfeits, that is why we believe it is necessary to tell you what are some aspects that you should pay attention to before purchasing it and thus ensure that it is completely original.

The aspects that will confirm if your drill is original are the brand and name; the imitations have them on one of the sides, while the authentic ones have them on the front.

Another, without a doubt, is the packaging, as makita drills have a case in which you can also find the name and brand name on the front. So if you receive your product in such a case at the time of purchase, you can be sure that it is authentic.

Did you know that the Makita brand started manufacturing the first electric toothbrushes in Japan?

Fun Facts: What you didn’t know about Makita Drills

It is important to highlight or mention some facts that you may not know about makita drills, as this is the only way to find out about each of the features that make up a product that has become so popular around the world.

Where are Makita drills manufactured?

Each of the makita drills are manufactured in Japan, which, for most of the users who have in mind to acquire one of them is a point in favour, since each product that is designed in a country with so much prestige in terms of technology, has a quality that gives much to talk about.

What warranty do Makita drills have and how can I make it valid?

When it comes to warranties, the main recommendation is always to consult the shop’s salesperson, as this is the only way you will have full knowledge of the specific warranty available for your drill.

There are warranties that offer maintenance of your product

There are warranties that offer maintenance of your product in the event of a fault from the factory, while others offer a full exchange of the product or ultimately a refund of your money. These warranties are usually between 12 to 24 months at the most.

Purchasing Criteria

It is necessary to be familiar with the characteristics of the products we are about to purchase, including the aspects that should be taken into account before making a purchase, as this is the only way to ensure that the purchase is completely satisfactory.


Makita drills are known and purchased due to the high quality with which they are manufactured, which would not be the same if you use a lower voltage level than is necessary, so we believe it is necessary to mention what is the recommended voltage to use your product, as it differs markedly from other drills.

This type of product requires approximately 200 volts to operate correctly, whereas other conventional drills generally require 100 volts. Before making your purchase it is important to pay attention to this point for a good purchase.

Power supply

the most important power source is batteries

A very important aspect is undoubtedly that in the case of Makita drills, the power source that stands out the most is the batteries, despite the fact that there are models that work through sockets. We want you to get to know each one in detail in order to broaden your vision of the product.

  • Batteries: As we have told you, the most popular power source among this product, as it proves that power does not always come from an outlet; it all depends on the quality and incredible features that the product has. A recommended option for all audiences.
  • Power socket: While it is true that makita drills with battery are just as good as those that are by socket, we must emphasize that this option is recommended when you want to save economically, since you do not need to be buying batteries every time.


We are very clear that drills in general have a series of accessories that allow the experience when using it to be much better, however, these are always additional, but in the case of some models of makita drills, you will have the opportunity to acquire them with the purchase of the same:

Small or medium led light, which will allow work to be carried out in the dark without any inconvenience. Ideal for those builders who need to carry out an emergency task late at night.

Fabric or plastic case, it all depends on taste and how careful the buyer is. Ideal for carrying not only your drill, but also additional accessories and even other tools that are needed to get the job done.

Extra batteries, in the case of cordless drills, some models may have extra batteries to prevent you from running out of charge during a job that needs to be finished immediately. An excellent option for workers who do more than full-time work.

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