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If your own eyelashes don’t bat enough naturally and your eye look could do with more expression, magnetic eyelashes are just what you need. They hold reliably in place with the help of magnets and are very comfortable to wear. Whether for a professional appearance in the office or an exciting party night, there are magnetic eyelashes for every occasion.

Welcome to our magnetic eyelashes test 2022. We have answered many of your questions and compiled some information on the topic of magnetic eyelashes that will make it easier for you to buy magnetic eyelashes.


  • Magnetic eyelashes are artificial eyelashes that stick to your own eyelashes with the help of magnets. They do not need to be glued on and can be removed easily and painlessly without leaving any residue
  • They stay on all day and are very long-lasting due to their reusability. With proper care, they last 10 times longer than adhesive lashes
  • As they can be applied without glue, they are more hygienic and especially suitable for allergy sufferers and contact lens wearers

The Best Magnetic Eyelashes in the United Kingdom: Our Choices

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying magnetic eyelashes

What are magnetic eyelashes?

Magnetic eyelashes are considered a beauty innovation in artificial eyelashes. They create an expressive eye look and, unlike adhesive “fake lashes”, do not require glue. They stick to the eyelids through the attraction of integrated micro-magnets.

Your own eyelashes are trapped between the magnetic lashes, making them appear more voluminous.


Long eyelashes are considered the ideal of beauty. Egyptian queens such as Nefertiti and Cleopatra already helped their eyelashes grow.
(Image source: pixabay/Jana)

Depending on the occasion, you can find the right eyelashes. From eyelashes suitable for everyday use, which should look natural and discreet, to eyelashes for a dramatic and exciting eye look, everything is possible.

Inventor and entrepreneur Katy Stoka came up with the idea of using magnets for artificial eyelashes. Why not simply dispense with glue and chemicals altogether? And that’s how it came about.

How do I apply magnetic eyelashes?

Applying magnetic eyelashes takes a lot of skill and practice in the beginning, before you have perfected the right technique. You need a mirror, tweezers and a little patience until the magnetic lashes no longer slip.

  • With magnetic clamp lashes, you need two lash bands per eye with small magnets on them. They attract each other while your own lashes act as a holder. Coloured magnets indicate which part is attached above and below your lashes.
  • Using tweezers (or an applicator provided), hold the top part of the magnetic lash curler very close to the roots of your lash line and gently guide the second magnetic part from below until they click together and sufficiently enclose the lashes.
  • The closer you place the magnetic lashes to your own lash line, the more natural the result will look. The transition should be smooth and no longer visible. To enhance the effect, apply mascara to your own lashes beforehand and draw a dark eyeliner line so that the lash band is no longer visible.

What are the advantages of magnetic lashes?

In contrast to adhesive “fake lashes”, magnetic lashes do not require glue or chemicals. This means that there are no annoying waiting times for drying and no glue residues remain in your own eyelashes. Magnetic eyelashes are also more hygienic and a good option for allergy sufferers and contact lens wearers.

If magnetic lashes are applied correctly and sit well on your own lashes, you shouldn’t feel them because they are very light.

Magnetic eyelashes are usually made of very light synthetic fibres

After some practice, you will get a routine and be able to put magnetic lashes in place quickly.

Magnetic eyelashes are very easy to remove, they don’t pull when you pull them off. Slowly slide them apart between your index finger and thumb. Avoid pulling them down in one go as this will cause them to lose their shape and you may accidentally pull out individual lashes.

As they are reusable, you will save yourself money and time in the long run.

What are the disadvantages of magnetic eyelashes?

You may find applying magnetic lashes tedious and complicated at first. Some customers struggle with it for a longer time, others are enthusiastic and think that it is easy and quick after several attempts.

Mascara should be applied before applying the lashes

Sometimes the magnetic eyelash band does not fit the shape of the eye and stands out unattractively in some places or protrudes over the edge of the eyelid. Many customers have found the method of shortening the lash band or cutting it into smaller pieces to leave only small sections that provide beautiful accents at the edge of the eye.

It is best to make sure that the magnetic lashes do not have just one magnet in the middle, but several (preferably 4-5 micromagnets) so that shortening the strip of lashes is not a problem. Clipping a shortened piece onto your outer eyelid will create a natural accent that is easy to carry through everyday life.

Are magnetic lashes harmful?

No, they don’t contain any harmful substances that can damage your health. The small magnets can also stay near your eye without irritating it.

For hygienic reasons, you should remove any make-up residue from the magnetic eyelashes. For gentle cleaning, use a soft eyelash brush or damp cotton buds.

How much do magnetic eyelashes cost?

The price range is between 4-60 euros, whereby the scope of delivery can vary greatly. Therefore, it is important that the price-performance ratio is right.

More expensive magnetic eyelashes over 60 euros may sometimes be made of mink hair, but there are no reasons to prefer them to cheaper models.

The set does not always include the same number of eyelashes along with accessories such as tweezers or applicator, and the storage box is usually a nice extra, but should only have a minor impact on the price.

Types of magnetic eyelashes Set (accessories) Price
Magnetic clamp lashes storage box, applicator and at least 2 lash wreaths per eye 4-60 Euro
Magnetic eyeliner and lashes storage box, applicator, magnetic eyeliner+one lash wreath per eye from 10 Euro
Magnetic eyeliner without set from 5 euros

What are the alternatives to magnetic eyelashes?

The most obvious alternative to magnetic eyelashes are sticky fake lashes, but other ways to give your lashes more expression are mascara and eyelash serum.

Alternatives you can apply yourself

  • Sticky lashes
  • Mascara
  • Eyelash serum

Adhesive fake lashes have the disadvantage that they only work with glue. Many customers find this unpleasant, especially because residue can get caught in their own eyelashes after each use. Some adhesives contain harmful substances that can go into the eye and are particularly badly tolerated by allergy sufferers and contact lens wearers. Magnetic eyelashes can also be used 10 times longer than adhesive eyelashes.

Mascara (also called mascara) helps you get the most out of your own lashes. It gives them more curl and colour and makes them look darker and more voluminous.

Lash serum can stimulate the growth of your own lashes, which can add a few more lashes to your lash line after a start-up period of 4 weeks. This method is suitable for the patient who want to get more out of their own lashes.

Alternatives that require an expert

  • Artificial eyelash extensions
  • Eyelash lamination with keratin
  • Eyelash transplantation

Artificial eyelash extensions are the closest thing to “fake lashes”. In a beauty salon, “lash extensions” are applied to your own eyelashes. The extensions last 4-8 weeks, but must also be refilled in between. After that, they fall out again along with your own eyelashes.

During lash lamination, your own lashes are coated with a protective layer of keratin, vitamins and minerals, which strengthens and nourishes the lashes from the inside. This treatment has the effect of making them look thicker. However, improper treatment can damage the eyelashes.

Eyelash transplantation is a method with permanent results, but it costs over 1000 euros. Under local anaesthesia, the patient’s own hairs and follicles are implanted from the scalp. As these are natural hairs, they grow back quickly and have to be shortened to eyelash length every 10 days.

Alternative What happens Durability Price
Adhesive eyelashes An artificial eyelash comb is glued to the lash line 10-12 hours 3-20 Euro
Mascara Lashes are not permanently tinted up to 24 hours 3-20 Euro
Eyelash serum The growth of the own eyelashes is stimulated by (hormonal) ingredients First effects after 4 weeks with 4 months of use 10-50 Euro
Artificial eyelash extension A beautician sticks “lash extensions” on the own eyelashes fall off together with real eyelashes after 4-8 weeks 100-400 Euro (plus monthly refill 100 Euro)
Lash lamination lashes are curved upwards with silicone pads and gel. Then “laminated” with keratin and vitamins, i.e. coated and sealed 6 weeks 60-100 euros (plus 100 euros per further treatment)
Eyelash transplantation hair follicles are implanted individually as new eyelashes Permanent 1000-3500 Euro

Decision: What types of magnetic eyelashes are there and which one is right for you?

Basically, we can divide magnetic eyelashes into two types. They are applied in different ways. Magnetic clamp eyelashes are clamped onto your own eyelashes, while the second type of magnetic eyelashes stick to the eyelid with the help of magnetic eyeliners.

  • magnetic clamp eyelashes
  • magnetic eyeliner with eyelashes

What are the advantages and disadvantages of magnetic eyelashes with clamping principle?

With the clamp principle, two magnetic eyelash bands are attached above and below the natural eyelashes. The natural eyelashes are enclosed by the artificial eyelashes.

At first it can be very tedious to place the magnetic lashes exactly at the upper lash line and at the same time bring the other lash strip in from below until the parts snap together. It can take a little longer to get a routine, but you don’t need any glue for the clamping technique and you can easily remove the lashes without any residue or pain.

You can apply the lash band along the entire length of your lash line, or you can cut it into smaller sections to accentuate the outer edge of your eyelid.

  • No glue
  • Reusable
  • Various effects
  • More hygienic than adhesive lashes
  • Lots of practice to apply them quickly
  • Can slip off
  • No swimming/sauna possible

What are the pros and cons of magnetic eyeliner lashes?

With magnetic eyeliner, you draw a normal eyeliner line above your own lash line. The closer you apply it to the root of the lashes, the more beautiful the result will look because it will be a smooth transition. Then let it dry well. For a better hold of the magnetic lashes, apply a second coat of eyeliner. Then place the lash strip on the magnetic eyeliner with the applicator or tweezers. If the magnetic lash band is too long, you can shorten it by a few millimetres with scissors.

  • No glue
  • Easy to apply
  • Waterproof eyeliner
  • Also for people with very few eyelashes
  • Slips easily
  • Eyeliner needs to be redone more often
  • Non-waterproof lashes

Buying criteria: You can compare and evaluate magnetic eyelashes based on these factors


Magnetic eyelashes can be made of synthetic fibres, human hair or mink hair.

Synthetic fibres (especially artificial silk) are most commonly used because they can be produced synthetically. They are very light, which makes them very comfortable to wear. With synthetic fibre eyelashes, it is especially important to make sure that they are well-made and made of high-quality synthetic fibres, otherwise they look too artificial and are more suitable for Halloween parties.


For everyday use, fewer eyelashes are more, but for fancy parties it can be more.
(Image source: unsplash/Sharon McCutcheon)

Length of magnetic eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes can vary in length. They can range from very short (1 cm) to very long (1.9 cm). Most are about 1.3 cm long, which completely covers your own lashes.

The length you should choose depends on your personal taste and the length of your natural lashes. Magnetic lashes should not be shorter than your own lashes. If they are a few millimetres too long for you, you can always shorten them to a suitable length yourself.

Number of magnetic lashes

The desired effect also depends on the number (and length) of the individual lashes on the magnetic strip.

The more lashes on the magnetic strip, the more dramatic and glamorous the look. However, too many can quickly create an artificial impression.

With fewer lashes, the look is more natural and can also be worn discreetly in everyday life.

Amount of magnets

Depending on the design, between 1-5 magnets are attached to an eyelash band. Eyelash bands with one magnet fail most customer reviews because they only hold on the centre of the eyelid and the rest can lift off the sides. This not only looks unsightly, but also cannot be cut in the middle.

Three magnets are more practical, two at the edge and one in the middle, so that the shape of the eyelid, which is curved, is best met.

Magnetic eyelashes with five magnets can fit the shape of the eye best and also hold reliably. If you want to cut them, you can divide them into five sections.

Scope of delivery

It is not only the quantity of lashes that differentiates the sets, but also the general scope of delivery.

Some sets include accessories such as tweezers and applicators to help you apply the magnetic lashes. A storage box with a folding mirror is also very practical.

Facts worth knowing about magnetic eyelashes

Are there any tips and tricks for magnetic eyelashes?

Before you apply the magnetic eyelashes, you can definitely apply your make-up.

  • Use mascara

Mascara helps magnetic lashes stay on better because they are harder to slip off. If you apply darker mascara to your own lashes, the transition to the artificial lashes will look more natural.

  • Use eyeliner

A well-placed eyeliner or eyeliner line makes the transition to the magnetic lashes look smoother and the lash band can be concealed better.

How long do magnetic lashes last?

Magnetic lashes should last all day on your eyelid and are reusable several times. With proper care, they will last you longer.

On average, they should be able to be worn up to 35-50 times before they are no longer usable.

You can extend their life significantly by returning them to the storage box after each use and gently cleaning the magnets with a damp cloth.

Can I sleep with magnetic eyelashes?

No, the magnetic eyelashes are not suitable for sleeping because they can be bent.

It is very likely that they will not be on your eyelid the next morning.

Are magnetic eyelashes waterproof?

No, magnetic eyelashes are not waterproof. You cannot go swimming with them or they will go swimming.

When it is stated that magnetic eyelashes are waterproof, this information refers to the eyeliner, but even in this case the magnetic eyelashes will float in the water once you are submerged. You can wear the eyeliner without the lashes, but they shouldn’t flake if they come into contact with water or sweat.

Can I use magnetic eyelashes without eyelashes?

If you no longer have eyelashes, the magnetic eyeliner is suitable for holding the artificial lash line in place.

Draw an eyeliner line just above your lash line and place the artificial lash line with integrated magnets on the line of the magnetic eyeliner. The lashes will be attracted to the eyeliner and should last all day.

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