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Beauty is something that you, like everyone else, possess. Those flattering attributes that you’re always looking to highlight, whether it’s your piercing eyes, your stunning lips or your upturned nose, and to highlight them, you use make-up.

Make-up itself is not just about covering up details, those imperfections you don’t want to be seen, it’s more than that, it’s an art, and as such, it can’t be applied with just any product, it must be one that doesn’t damage your skin and highlights your natural beauty, that’s what MAC cosmetics do!

It is understandable that within the MAC catalogue it is easy to get lost, and although they are some of the best products on the market, you have to know how to choose according to your needs. That’s why we’ve decided to write this article that will teach you everything you need to know to choose the right MAC cosmetics.


  • MAC cosmetics are one of the most important lines of makeup worldwide. They offer an impressive catalogue of products, which adapts to all types of customers, in order to highlight their attributes with a professional finish, without damaging their skin.
  • One of MAC’s strong points are their lipsticks, which are presented in stick and liquid format. You should take into account factors such as durability and price to decide which one is right for you. While liquid lipsticks are long-lasting but expensive, stick lipsticks don’t last as long, but are more affordable.
  • Factors such as your eye colour, skin tone and even level of wear are important in deciding which MAC cosmetics to choose, because while they have a very high range of products, not all of them will suit you. The great thing about MAC is that they have cosmetics available to suit all styles.

The best MAC cosmetics: Our picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about MAC Cosmetics

After seeing the rankings, you can get a clearer and more accurate idea of what MAC Cosmetics have to offer, as well as the high quality of the products they carry. However, it’s important that you know all the things to consider when buying products, and we’ll explain them below.

MAC cosmetics guarantee you the quality you need, in order to take care of your skin while looking incredibly radiant. (Photo: kaboompics /

What are MAC cosmetics and what are their advantages?

MAC cosmetics are a professional line of make-up and beauty products. They are characterised by an excellent quality of products, as well as offering a high variety, defining themselves as a company that “celebrates diversity and individuality”.

One of the biggest advantages of these products is that the quality level is incredibly high, which is why they are used by professional make-up artists. Because they see make-up as an art, they offer the best, so that the product suits your personality and takes care of your skin while looking flawless.

It is normal that, like any product on the market, there are advantages and disadvantages that you should take into consideration before considering purchasing it. Because of this, we offer you a list that will make this task easier for you.

  • Cares for the skin
  • Long-lasting
  • Pleasant scent
  • Expensive
  • Requires a lot of make-up remover due to durability
  • Fragile to falls

MAC Lipstick and Liquid Lipsticks – What should you look out for?

When it comes to lipsticks, there is a latent doubt that you should clarify, and that is that, although the quality of the lipsticks is incredible, which one is more suitable, the stick or the liquid ones? Certainly, when it comes to MAC cosmetics, product quality issues are not a concern, so the difference lies in your need.

MAC stick lipsticks. This lipstick format is well known, and it’s the one you’ve seen all your life, even the simple movement of lifting the lipstick stick is a symbol of glamour and femininity. This presentation is great for an outing, especially for those who don’t wear a lot of make-up.

They offer an excellent variety in shades and finishes, and tend to be cheaper than liquids; however, in terms of durability, they fall a little short, as they usually fall off over time, and need to be touched up frequently.

MAC Liquid Lipsticks. These lipsticks are the new trend, especially for those who wear make-up frequently or use it for work. If that’s you, then this is the right presentation for you. Not only is it safer to carry around, as there’s no risk of splitting or melting (like a stick), but it lasts longer.

Because they are wet, they adhere more strongly to the lips, allowing your lipstick to last all night, and even the next day. Because of this, they are more difficult to remove than lipsticks, forcing you to use make-up remover. The most typical accident that happens with this type of lipstick is that you sleep with it on and stain your pillow.

MAC stick lipsticks MAC liquid lipsticks
Fragility The stick splits and melts easily The only risk is spillage.
Durability Must be touched up during use Can last until the next day
Price They are accessible Their price is high compared to stick lipsticks
Cleanliness No make-up remover needed, they come off easily Make-up remover needed to remove

What is #MacGlow and #MacRed?

One thing MAC cosmetics is known for is trend-setting. By engaging in innovation in the beauty field, MAC is one of the companies that determine the new models that will define the coveted makeup look for the season.

Currently there are two lines of this powerful brand, which determined the most popular makeup tools, these are known as #MacGlow and #MacRed.

#MacGlow: This is the special line of MAC cosmetics for illuminating and contouring the face. It offers a wide variety of products in both sections, which will allow you to achieve the best finishes in your make-up.

The use of contouring and illuminators has been growing over time in make-up, as, when used well, they manage to focus attention on the key points of the face, as well as accentuate details such as the thinness of the face, the profile of the nose, and highlight even more the lips and eyes thanks to the illumination of the T-zone.

#MacRed. For MAC cosmetics, red is more than just a colour. Red is a way to give life and sensuality to your face, that’s why this line offers different shades, so you can choose the one that goes perfectly with your skin tone.

The variety of tones goes hand in hand with its inclusive ideology, and is that a deep red is not going to look good on all skin tones, so this line is perfect if you’re a fan of this colour. In addition to this, it offers lipsticks and liquid lipsticks, with and without matte effect, so that you can easily choose the ideal lipstick.

Did you know… in 1994 MAC Cosmetics started raising funds for HIV/AIDS patients? That’s how the famous MAC AIDS FUND was born, with representatives such as Lady Gaga, Elton John and drag icon “RuPaul”?

How much does MAC cosmetics cost?

It is common for prices to vary according to the product, as the prices of lipsticks are not the same as those of shadows, foundations, eyeliners or illuminators. But if there’s one thing MAC has, it’s that the price is a little high. However, it is not for less, considering that it is one of the best and most famous brands in the world.

Buying criteria

Make-up can be a complex thing, and although the MAC brand guarantees nourishing and hypoallergenic products, you should still be critical when choosing, as the idea is to highlight your attributes, not damage them.

As you know, make-up is a double-edged sword, and can rejuvenate, vitalise and refresh you, but it can also have the opposite effect. Because of this, we will present you 4 elementary factors that you should take into account when buying.

Colours and shades

It is important to understand that not all colours suit you, or will match your skin to give you an organic finish. There is a fine line in make-up, which can make you look great or ageing, and we know you want the former.

Brown skin. Because you have a “natural tan”, you should try to highlight your attributes, without your make-up getting lost in your skin tones, so the highlighting is your forte. You need to brighten your face, especially as the years go by, as these skins tend to fade or “dull”.

Caucasian skin. You must take into account the colour of your eyes to highlight it with the shadows. Dark colours will obviously stand out more. You must be careful with the colour of your lipstick, so that it doesn’t create a visual effect that makes your teeth look yellowish. You can use anything from natural colours to a bright red.

Coloured skins. These skins are privileged, because you can use bright and vivid colours without looking exaggerated. If this is your skin type, then you are not prone to sun damage, as it is very resistant.

The use of highlighter should be appropriate, so that it looks natural with your skin tone, making you stand out. This skin has many versions, depending on your ethnicity or descent. Darker make-up can also work, but remember not to overdo it, as it will hide rather than highlight.

Asian skin. Among all the features, you should highlight two elemental features: your slanted eyes and cheekbones, this is because they are very prominent physical features in the Asian population, so they are your focal points on the face.

Usually natural make-up, soft shades and eyeliner are good choices. Likewise, they have many versions according to where they come from so you should consider this when choosing colours.

The huge catalogue of MAC Cosmetics will allow you to buy the ideal make-up for you and your face. (Photo: Free-Photos /

Eye colour

Make-up depends a lot on the colour of your eyes, especially if that is the feature you want to highlight. To generate a harmonious effect on your face make-up, the eyes are essential, so you should know which colours suit you according to this factor, to achieve a stunning effect.

Blue eyes. The perfect tones for this eye colour are orange, golden, peach, pink or brown. The idea of the make-up is to complement the colour and highlight it, as the eyeshadows are meant to show off your eyes.

For this same reason, blue or green tones don’t work, as they dull the colour of your eyes. The detail of mascara is important, as it adds drama and intensity to your make-up. MAC’s X9 Eyeshadow Palette “Amber Times Nine” is a good choice in this case.

Green eyes: This eye colour goes perfectly with violet or mauve shades, and even pink tones. Some touches of yellow can also help to bring out the beauty of this colour. If you mix this with mascara, the effect will be sensational.

Stay away from blues – this colour detracts from the power and presence of your look, and you’re clearly looking for the opposite effect. A palette that might work for you is MAC’s “Purple Times Nine” eyeshadow palette, which comes in nine shades that you can play with.

Brown eyes: Your look can be versatile, as depending on your skin tone or the clothes you wear, you can try different shades; however, a good way to highlight your brown eyes is with gold, pink, brown and purple tones. The MAC x15 “In The Flesh” palette is a good option.

Wear level

One aspect to consider is the level of frequency with which you wear your make-up. Remember that MAC brand prices are proportional to their quality, but they have a huge spectrum of products, and many times you can buy simple, not so expensive palettes and lipsticks.

Sporadic make-up. If you make up for important events only, and that in the day to day you go with a simple touch-up, the best thing is that you use small palettes of 4 to 9 colours, since with that will be more than enough, and you will be able to create an incredible style. The same goes for lipsticks, which will work as a lipstick.

Professional make-up. if you work in the make-up field, or you are a model, or you need to do extraordinary make-up frequently, then you should see this as an investment. MAC cosmetics are long-lasting and high quality, so they are perfect for professionals.

In these cases, liquid lipsticks, 15-colour palettes, special editions, mascaras and eyeliners, highlighters and contouring are vital for you. Durability, a wide range of colours and finishes, as well as tools that help define and perfect the look are your allies.

Style and personality

You must define what you want to highlight the most, whether it is the lips or the eyes, as this will define the style. Depending on where you emphasise, the rest of the face should have a simpler finish. Remember that the most important thing about make-up is that you feel good in it.

Emphasis on the lips. When the main point is your lips, strong colours would go there. MAC retro matte lipsticks, Shiny Pretty Things or Sheen Supreme are good choices.
It all depends on your skin tone, as this will define whether or not you can try bolder combinations. Eyes are usually kept simple, so that the focus is on your lips.

Emphasis on the eyes. If your main attraction is in your eyes, mascara, eyeliner and highlighter are key to stand out, along with the obvious eye shadow. In these cases, blush and lipstick should be soft. Palettes will depend on the colour of your eyes.
MAC has 4 basic series with a variety of colours: Navy,

Purple, Amber and Burgundy. With these palettes you can start, as the variety they have covers every basic style that favours different eye colours.

Nudes or plain. Finally, the nude style, nude or simple, is the one used when you want to look natural, covering a little bit the imperfections and giving more brightness to your face. The palettes and lipsticks used are very neutral and versatile, and you can look amazing without too many strong colours.

MAC Cosmetics has a 12-shade eyeshadow palette called “Art Library: Nude Model” that has the perfect finishes for a natural make-up look. Mineralize Blush helps to create this effect, and lipsticks such as Cremesheen Nude and Dazzleglass also complement this neutral look.

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