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Welcome to MONEDEROsmart, today we are going to talk about L’oréal shampoo, an essential product for hair care.

The shampoo is an indispensable cosmetic, it is the one that removes impurities from the hair and leaves it lighter and ready to receive the next care, such as hydration and nutrition. As it is such an everyday item, it is important to choose the ideal product. Therefore, we will show you the best L’oréal shampoos below, and also explain how to make the right choice for your hair.


  • Each L’oréal shampoo is suitable for one hair type.
  • For a satisfactory result, it is important to wash your hair in the right way.
  • The temperature of the water interferes with the aesthetics of the hair.

The best L’oréal Shampoo: Our Picks

There are several types of L’oréal shampoos, after all this is a brand that has a wide range of products. Therefore, we will show you below some of the best options of this product. Check them out!

Buying guide

There are so many types of shampoos that it is often difficult to understand the characteristics of this product.

Therefore, from now on we will show you the main features of L’oréal shampoo. Check it out!

Imagem de uma moça com a cabeça dentro de um lavatório de salão de beleza com os cabelos ensaboados

Understand the characteristics of shampoo (Source:

What is the difference between L’oréal shampoos and other brands?

L’oréal is a renowned brand that constantly invests in research in order to develop more and more effective products for hair treatment. Many people know the brand by its most popular products, such as Elseve, Garnier or Niely Gold.

However, the L’oréal group has a wide portfolio of international brands which includes Kérastase and Redken. Although it is a reference when it comes to hair treatment, after all there are options for all types of hair and needs, the brand also has cosmetic lines for the skin, makeup and more.

L’oréal Shampoo Other shampoos
Product options Wide range of products Portfolio with fewer shampoos
Research structure It constantly develops researches to launch new effective products for hair care Most of them do not have a structure to conduct deeper research
Public recognition It is a reference in the beauty subject Most of the other brands are little known to the public

How to apply L’oréal shampoo correctly?

When washing the hair it is important not to rub the scalp aggressively, but to wash the hair gently. This ensures that the sebaceous gland is not stimulated, preventing the scalp from producing excess sebum.

In addition, dermatologists also recommend giving a gentle massage to the root/scalp. This stimulates blood circulation, helping in the growth and cell renewal.

What is the ideal temperature for washing the hair?

Another important point is the temperature of the water. It happens that very hot water dries your hair, increases oiliness and may even cause dermatitis and seborrhea. On the other hand, cold water tends not to completely degrease your strands.

However, cold water is welcome after your strands are completely clean. This is because, a jet of water at this temperature helps to close the cuticles, thus ensuring extra shine to your hair. That’s why, in case it’s not winter, you can choose to remove the conditioner with water at a lower temperature.

How much shampoo should I use to wash my hair?

It may seem simple to determine the right amount of shampoo, but many girls end up getting confused at this moment. This is because the amount varies according to the texture and length of the hair. And only those who have applied the wrong amount know how this influences the aesthetics and quality of the wire.

If you use too little shampoo, your hair will not be as clean as it should be, but if you overdo it, it is very likely that it will be dry. Since both options are not pleasant, the ideal is to use the equivalent of a teaspoon if you have fine or short hair and the equivalent of a walnut if you have thicker or longer hair.

How often do I need to change shampoo?

You may have heard some people saying that using a product for a long time on the hair ends up losing its effect, right? Well, this information has no scientific proof, on the contrary, some brands say that using a certain product for a long time actually boosts the results, since the benefits accumulate.

Therefore, the loss of effectiveness of the shampoo on the hair is not related to the fact that the hair is addicted to the product, but to external changes, such as hormonal oscillation, hair breakage, lack of hydration and accumulation of products, such as finishers. In other words, the product does not stop working, what happens is that over time the need for your hair changes.

Therefore, when you notice that your hair needs more hydration, opt for a moisturizing shampoo. The deep cleansing shampoo, on its turn, should be used when your hair has an accumulation of products, but be careful, this shampoo should only be used once in a while, at most twice a month.

Is it correct to use shampoos and conditioners of different brands?

The shampoos and conditioners should combine the actions between them, so it is simpler to associate products of the same brand. After all, they are developed from the beginning to act together. Therefore, the ideal is to use both products not only from the same brand, but also from the same line.

However, it is not forbidden to use shampoos and conditioners of different brands, just be careful that they talk to each other. For example, if you use a shampoo for oily hair, choose a conditioner that does not weigh down your strands. However, if your hair needs nourishment, both products should have oils in their composition.

Imagem com dois frascos amarelos de shampoos sob uma superfície branca

The effect of the conditioner should complement the action of the shampoo (Source: Topntp26/

Purchase criteria: What to consider before buying your L’oréal shampoo

There are a few points that should be considered before making the purchase of a L’oréal shampoo. This is because, each type of hair needs a type of care.

From now on, we will show you what these points are, so you will know how to make the right choice.

We will explain each item in more detail below, since each of them has important information for your choice.

Hair type

The first point to be analyzed before buying a shampoo is your hair type. After all, if you have dry hair and choose a shampoo for oily hair, the result will be even drier hair. If you have oily hair and opt for a nourishing shampoo composed of several vegetable oils, you will end up with heavy and oily hair.

In addition, it is also important to check if the shampoo is suitable for straight, wavy, curly or curly hair. After all, each of them, being dry or oily, have different needs. Therefore, always check the indication on the label.

It is essential to buy a shampoo that is suitable for your hair type (Source: parilovv/


In general, pearly shampoos tend to be more moisturizing and clear shampoos eliminate oiliness and clean deeply. So the first option is indicated for dry hair and the second for oily hair.

But as every rule there are exceptions, try not only to pay attention to this criterion, but also look at the product label.
Shampoos that contain vegetable oils such as argan and coconut have a nourishing action, so they are meant for dry hair. In general, the hair that most need these ingredients are types 3 and 4, in other words, curly and frizzy hair. This is because curly hair dries out easily, especially at the ends, which causes frizz and breakage.

On the other hand, hair types 1 and 2, i.e., straight and wavy hair, end up being too heavy with nourishing shampoos, especially if they are thin. Therefore, if your hair needs hydration, opt for shampoos with pantenol and vitamins in the composition. If it’s oily, opt for one composed of seaweed and plant extracts that fight the excess of sebum.

Benefits offered

In addition to cleaning, many shampoos provide extra benefits, such as matting effect, anti-dandruff, hair loss and there are also those indicated for those who have just had chemical hair procedures

Therefore, if you fit into any of these groups, pay attention not only to your hair type when buying a L’oréal shampoo, but also to the extra care it offers.


Another important point to analyze is the fragrance, after all, getting an unwanted smell on your hair is not pleasant at all. Many people are very sensitive to sweet aromas, for example, while others are passionate about them.

There are still those who prefer citric scents, as they have a very refreshing aroma. In any case, it is important to check the packaging or the brand’s website for this information, so you won’t get any unwanted surprises.


The cost-benefit is also an item to be analyzed when you choose your L’oréal shampoo, since it is not always possible to spend a lot on cosmetics.

Since it is a brand that has a wide portfolio, it will not be difficult to find a product that offers great benefits and still has a value that fits in your pocket.

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