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Light curtains consist of light-giving LED lights in the form of a curtain. These can be attached to walls or other pieces of furniture for decoration and create a cosy atmosphere. The difference to the conventional light chain is that the lights hang down in individual strands, like a curtain.

Here in the big light curtain guide, we want to help you find the light curtain that suits you. We describe the features that distinguish the different light curtains and show you how to recognise a high-quality light curtain. We also give you tips and recommendations for installation and repair.


  • Light curtains consist of light-giving LED lights in the form of a curtain
  • Light curtains are available in many different designs. Depending on the occasion you want to hang a curtain of lights, you can find almost anything to brighten up the ambience.
  • When buying your light curtains, look for the IP rating. This tells you something about how resistant your device is to foreign bodies and contact and how waterproof the housing is.

The Best Light Curtain: Our Picks

Light curtains: Buying and evaluation criteria

In the following, we will show you how to decide between the different light curtains based on various features.

Based on these criteria, you can compare the different light curtains with each other:

In the following paragraphs, we will explain to you what is important about the individual features:


Safety comes first for products that are powered by electricity.

If you want to use your light curtain as a decorative element outdoors or in the bathroom, you should pay attention to the IP protection class when buying.

This indicates the protection class of an electrical device. IP stands for International Protection. The first digit says something about the resistance of your device to foreign bodies and contact. The second digit tells you how waterproof the housing of your device is. You can often find light curtains with IP protection ratings IP44, IP65 and IP68. These have different resistances to foreign bodies and water:

IP rating protection
IP44 protection against splashing water from all directions, protection against foreign bodies from 1 millimetre
IP65 protection against jets of water from any direction, protection against dust ingress (dust-tight), complete protection against contact
IP68 protection against permanent submersion, protection against dust ingress (dust-tight), complete protection against contact

The higher the IP rating, the higher the protection. If you want to use your light curtain outdoors, make sure that the second digit is as high as possible. A light curtain with IP68 protection can be used outdoors in any case. A light curtain with IP65 should be protected from too much moisture. The connections of the devices should always be protected from water!

Power consumption and brightness

If you want a light curtain that is as bright as possible, you don’t need to use watts as a guide. This is because they say nothing about brightness, but only describe power consumption, which does not necessarily have anything to do with brightness. To compare the brightness of different light curtains, look at the lumens indicated

To save energy during use, make sure you don’t leave your fairy lights on overnight. It is best to unplug them when they are not in use. If you use a power strip, you can make it easy. Many power strips have a button that allows you to unplug all devices from the mains with one click.


Light curtains differ in weight. Depending on the width, length, diameter of the hanging elements and decor, they vary in weight.

Most light curtains weigh between 90 and 300 grams.

Therefore, it is best to think about where you want to mount your light curtain and what weight the selected spot can bear before buying.

Shapes and sizes

Light curtains are available in many different designs. Depending on the occasion for which you want to hang a light curtain, you can find almost anything to enhance the ambience.

You can also find them in different lengths and widths. If you want to attach your light curtain to a specific element, such as a window or bed, it’s best to measure it with a tape measure before buying. Then buy the light curtain that matches these measurements.

Additional functions

Some light curtains have additional functions. These can include the following:

  • Remote control: Some light curtains come with a remote control. This is especially handy if your power socket is not freely accessible.
  • Brightness setting: Light curtains often allow you to set different brightness levels to illuminate your room. This allows you to easily change the atmosphere of your surroundings. This function is usually controlled by a remote control.
  • Timer: With some light curtains it is possible to set a timer. This switches itself on or off after a certain number of hours.

Light curtains: Frequently asked questions and answers

In the following paragraphs we would like to answer some frequently asked questions about light curtains.

Who is a light curtain suitable for?

A light curtain is a light-giving decorative element in the form of a curtain. This mood maker can be attached to various objects and can often be used both indoors and outdoors. A light curtain is suitable for those who want just that.


Light curtains can create a cosy atmosphere in your home.
(Image source: 张 嘴 / unsplash)

The use of light curtains is also popular at events, such as weddings or birthday parties. This is because it is easy to transport and an easy way to create a cosy atmosphere.

What types of light curtains are there?

If you want to buy a light curtain, you should decide whether it should be powered by batteries or a connection, depending on the intended use.

Both alternatives have advantages and disadvantages:

Type advantages disadvantages
Light curtain with socket connection with USB connection reasonably flexible when used outside the home, a charging possibility must be found
Battery-powered light curtain particularly flexible batteries must be replaced regularly

While a light curtain with a socket connection is very suitable indoors, a charging possibility must be found for this one when used outdoors. A battery-operated light curtain is more practical for use outdoors, but the batteries have to be changed regularly.


Depending on the intended use, either a battery-operated light curtain or one with a socket connection is more suitable.
(Image source: Victoria Heath / unsplash)

So when choosing your curtain of lights, think about the place where you will mainly use it.

How much does a curtain of lights cost?

Depending on the size and functions of the light curtain, the price can vary.

Type price
Battery-operated light curtain approx. 10-20 euros
Light curtain with socket connection approx.10-30 euros

Most light curtains can be found in a price range between 10 and 30 euros.

To find the light curtain with the best price-performance ratio, it is best to compare different ones from online platforms or shops. In the next paragraph, we will show you where you can find a light curtain.

What are the alternatives to a light curtain?

Alternatives to a light curtain are the light chain or candle:

Type Description
String of lights Flexible mouldable chain with LEDs that can be of different lengths.
Candles Light source without power consumption. Fire in the home should always be watched out for.

The difference between a string of lights and a curtain of lights is that a string of lights is a single long chain, whereas a curtain of lights has many separate strands of lights hanging from it. Candles also give off a nice warm light. However, special care must be taken with them at home.


The fairy lights are a popular alternative to the curtain of lights.
(Image source: Silvio Bergamo / unsplash)

Each alternative has its advantages and disadvantages. However, due to their flexibility and design, the curtain of lights is the favourite for us.

How do I attach a light curtain?

Many light curtains come with hooks for attachment. You can simply attach them according to the instructions. If you want to attach your light curtain to the curtain rod, you can also simply take normal curtain hooks and attach your light curtain to them.

How do I repair a light curtain?

If your light curtain suddenly doesn’t light up anymore, you can try the following: If you have a light curtain that is operated with electricity from the socket, you should first disconnect it from the power supply.

Many light curtains have a USB connection. If your light curtain no longer works, it could be that it is dirty and your light curtain is therefore not supplied with power. Clean it carefully and plug your light curtain back into the mains.

If only individual lights are affected, replace them according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Light curtains consist of light-giving LED lights in the form of a curtain. These hang down in many individual strands. When buying a light curtain, there are a few things to consider. You should keep an eye on safety, power consumption, brightness, weight, sizes and additional functions.

You can buy light curtains on various online platforms and attach them at home with hooks. Often, curtain lights can be repaired with a simple cleaning of the connection or replacement of the lights. If you follow our tips, you’re sure to find the perfect light curtain for your needs soon.

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