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A letterbox is a container hidden in the woods or on private property. The owner of the box will provide you with clues to find it and then give you something called “a stamp” which proves that you found their box, so they can keep track of who has been there. You may also be asked to leave your own stamp for other people to see when they visit later.

Letterbox: Bestsellers and current offers in the UK

The best letterbox in the UK: Our selection

Draughts Begone: The Perfect Winter Letter Box

This internal draught excluder is the perfect way to keep your home warm and snug this winter. The integrated brushes help prevent draughts, plus an internal water seal prevents water leaks as it stops water getting into the door or panel. The anti-snap flap opens a full 180 degree for easy access and to prevent it from snapping off when opened too far. The adjustable sleeve means the letter box can be adjusted to fit doors between 40mm to 80mm in thickness – making it suitable for most upvc, composite & timber doors. Finally, our letter box comes with screws and wall plugs so you can easily install it yourself in just a few minutes.

Durable Door Frame

This is a high quality, durable door frame that will last for years. It is made of all metal and is suitable for mid-rails and composite doors 40-80mm thick. It has a weather seal gasket and nylon brushes to keep the elements out. The door opens to 180deg with cushioned closing action to prevent damage.

Yale YLP44-06/34-CP Letterplate

The Yale YLP44-06/34-CP Letterplate in Gold is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your home. Suitable for PVCu and composite doors, it ensures clear access for posting mail. The external foam seal increases weather protection and internal brushes reduce air filtration and prevent heat loss. The letterbox has a UV stable finish, meaning harmful UV rays won’t fade the colour over time, and is corrosion resistant. With an adjustable telescopic sleeve and fixings included, it’s easy to fit.

Sleek Contour Mailbox with Powder-Coated Steel

This mailbox is the perfect balance between aesthetics and function. It has a sleek contour and is made with powder-coated steel for quality protection. The 3 matte viewing windows allow you to see if there is mail inside, and the nameplate is convenient if you want to put your name on it. The round-the-clock security feature keeps rain from getting inside the lock, and the 2 keys help keep your private information safe from prying or theft. The cinch to install feature makes it easy to hang this chic letter box near your front door or porch, ready to corral incoming mail.

Letterbox: Frequently asked questions

What types of Letterbox are there and what determines a good product?

There are two types of Letterboxes, the traditional letterbox and a newer type called an Earthcache. The difference between them is that in order to log an earthcache you must collect some information about your visit (such as GPS coordinates or other data) which can be submitted online for review by the owner/creator of the cache. In addition, many earthcaches have additional requirements such as collecting something at their location (a rock from a particular mountain peak perhaps), making notes on what you find there, etc.

A good Letterbox is one that has been placed in a location where it will be enjoyed by many people. It should also have some sort of theme or story to go along with the hunt. The box itself should be well constructed, and there shouldn’t be any damage done to the area around it (like broken branches). Finally, if you’re going to use an existing container for your letterbox, make sure you clean up after yourself.

Who should use a Letterbox?

Anyone who wants to keep their home safe and secure. The Letterbox is a great deterrent for burglars, as it makes them think twice before attempting entry into your property. It also provides peace of mind when you are away from the house or out at work that no one will be able to gain access without alerting you with an SMS message on your mobile phone.

Based on what criteria should you buy a Letterbox?

The most important criteria are the size of your collection and how many movies you watch per week. If you have a large collection, then it is worth buying one that has more than two shelves. Also, if you watch several movies in a single day or night (e.g., on weekends), then consider getting an extra shelf for each Letterbox to hold all those discs until they can be watched again later during the week. Finally, make sure that whatever Letterbox model(s) fit into your budget.

The first thing to look out for when comparing a Letterbox is the quality of the material. If you want something that will last, then it’s best not to go with anything less than aluminum or steel. You also need to check if there are any holes in the box and whether they have been sealed properly so as not let water seep into your home through them. It would be better still if you could find one which has no holes at all since this means that rainwater won’t get inside even during heavy rains.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Letterbox?


A Letterbox is a great way to get your message out there. It’s simple, cheap and effective. You can use them for almost anything from promoting an event or product to getting the word out about something you care about. They are also very easy to set up so they’re perfect for people who want their own campaign but don’t have time or money.


It is very difficult to find a Letterbox that will be suitable for all ages. If you make it too easy, then the older kids won’t have any fun and if you make it too hard, younger children may not enjoy themselves. Also some people don’t like having to walk through mud or over rocks in order to reach their box.

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