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Welcome to the Wellness Guide! Today we’re going to talk about a classic game, but with a more than current theme: Lego Batman. Inspired by the superhero movies, Lego offers a huge variety of games to please everyone. In this article you will learn more about the benefits of Lego Batman, the most popular themes and also find out what factors you should check before buying the ideal Lego for your child.


  • Lego Batman uses and abuses references, scenarios and characters from the famous comic book that became a success in cinemas.
  • In addition to the assembly game, Lego also offers a version for video games.
  • We will show you the advantages and disadvantages of buying this game for children.

The Best Lego Batman: Our Picks

Buying Guide

There are many adventure stories in which Batman and his friends get involved. For this reason, Lego offers various options: from the simplest building blocks to the most complex, with cars, spaceships and character figures. To clear up all your doubts about Lego Batman, from the available themes to the prices and where to buy, we have created this Buying Guide with all the most important information.

What makes Lego Batman different?

Batman is one of the favourite heroes of kids who read the comics or watch the DC Comics films and cartoons. After all, Bruce Wayne, who is the true identity of Batman, uses his cleverness, intelligence and skills to face great villains and protect his city, Gotham City. Not for nothing, Lego, which contains different superhero themes in its catalogue of building blocks, has also invested in Lego Batman. After all, the story of Batman is a great way to spark the creativity and imagination of kids.

Lego Batman bonecos e veículo.

Lego Batman can include vehicles of the superheroes. (Source: Ekaterina Minaeva / 123rf)

And the fun gets even better when children can use their motor and cognitive skills to create scenes and adventures of Batman, his friends and villains, with Lego pieces.

There are games with different scenarios and stories.

Therefore, Lego Batman has a wide variety of assembly game options. There are games with different scenarios and stories, besides the characters that accompany Batman. And, in addition to the building blocks, Lego Batman also that comes with accessories that make up the game such as, for example, cars, planes, ships, sharks and more.

Which Lego Batman movies inspired the assembly kits?

In general, toys recreate scenes from famous movies. With Lego it is no different. But the brand has gone a step further and based its toys on its own movies. That’s because Lego also has a large list of movies inspired by the most famous superheroes, including Lego Batman.
Both Lego movies and games feature the adventures of Batman, his friends and villains.

And that’s the idea: watch a Lego Batman movie and then create villains, good guys and adventures with Lego blocks. So, both the movies and the Lego games feature adventures of Batman, his friends and villains, such as Joker, Riddler, Harlequin and Alfred. For you to know more about the stories and adventures of the Batman, check out some of the Lego Batman movies whose episodes you will find in the assembly games below:

Lego Batman – The Movie

In this 2013 film, Batman and Robin team up in a comic adventure, parodying superhero movies, to stop the villains Lex Luthor and Joker, who want to destroy the brick city of Gotham and annihilate Superman.

A LEGO Adventure

This film, from 2014, tells the story of Emmet, a mini Lego figure who is mistakenly identified as the person who can save the world. As companions in this adventure, he will have Vitruvius, Lucy and Batman. A second instalment of the film has been released in 2019 in ‘A Lego Adventure 2’.

Lego Justice League – Attack of the Legion of Evil!

In 2015’s ‘Attack of the Legion of Evil, Lex Luthor, angered by the formation of the Justice League, forms the Legion of Evil and there begin epic confrontations with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman who fight to save the world. In 2016, the films ‘Lego Justice League – Cosmic Combat’ and ‘Lego Justice League – Rebellion in Gotham’ were also released.

Lego Batman: The Movie

In this 2017 film, Batman discovers that he has accidentally adopted an orphaned boy, who becomes none other than Robin. The formed duo must then fight crime and arrest the Joker.

LEGO DC: Batman – Family Affair

Released in 2019, the film deals with mysterious invitations that Batman, Batgirl, Robin and other DC superheroes receive. However, family values must remain stronger when Batman and his team encounter the villain Red Hood, who is obsessed with destroying the Bat family and all of Gotham City.

What are the differences between the Lego Batman assembly and the video game?

In addition to the movies and the building blocks, Lego also has its own series of video games. The Lego Batman games follow the same idea as the building blocks: they are action-adventure games. But here you need to get a console compatible with the game, which can be PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii and PCs.
Did you know that the US NGO Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood included the video game Lego Batman among the five nominees for its award for the most oppressive and destructive toy for children?

For the entity, the game has ceased to be a creative toy and has become a children’s commercial symbol, giving children only the option of which weapons they should use

Lego Batman: The Videogame’, for example, is an action-adventure videogame based on the escape of three groups of villains who escape from Arkham Asylum, giving Batman and Robin the responsibility of capturing them. Other very famous video games are ‘Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes’ and ‘Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham’. Despite keeping the inspiration in the stories of the movies, the fact is that, in the case of Lego Batman, there are differences between video games and building blocks. To illustrate these differences we have created the following table:

Lego Batman assembly Lego Batman game
Advantages Stimulates motor skills, logical reasoning and social interaction Stimulates quick thinking and problem solving
Disadvantages Violent, Children sit for long periods and no socialization
Condition to play Compatible console

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Lego Batman?

There are numerous advantages that children will have when playing with Lego Batman building blocks. To begin with, Lego Batman allows them to create numerous scenarios and adventures based on the Lego films. Furthermore, with the pieces, it is possible to involve and create moments of fun with the whole family. Another advantage is that Lego Batman has a wide variety of numbers of pieces, difficulty levels and the kits even include mini-figures with heroes and villains who fight alongside Batman.

Menino brincando com Lego Batman.

Lego Batman stimulates learning. (Source: Lego /

On the other hand, the Lego Batman can be quite an expensive toy depending on the model you choose. And, like it or not, the themes, while always dealing with the fight of good against evil, revolve around fighting, weapons and war. Below, you can see some of the advantages and disadvantages of Lego Batman:

  • Variety of scenarios and stories
  • Different degrees of difficulty
  • Includes mini figures
  • Stimulates motor skills and creativity
  • High price
  • Can have a violent theme

Purchase criteria: What to consider before choosing Lego Batman

After better understanding about the universe of Lego Batman assembly games it’s time to know how to choose the best option among so many on sale. For this, you need to consider some factors, both in relation to the toy and to the child. Check out the main factors that you should observe:

  • Kits
  • Number of pieces
  • Mini figures
  • Age group

Below, we will explain to you each of these factors so that you buy the ideal Lego Batman.


If you are going to buy the Lego Batman kits, we recommend that you look at what pieces are included. As we have seen, each kit will represent a Batman scene or adventure. Therefore, you can opt for kits that have vehicles, spaceships, animals, weapons, among others. Besides, each package usually includes one or more mini character figures.

Quantity of pieces

Besides the type of piece, we suggest you also check the quantity. In general, the greater the number of pieces, the more complex will be the assembly of the scenarios. And this can be positive, to instigate and challenge children. But, depending on their age, kits with many pieces may frustrate the little ones if they cannot assemble the scenarios.

Lego Batman can have anywhere from 60 to over 3,000 pieces.

This factor varies greatly depending on the Lego Batman. Generally, Lego Batman can have anywhere from 60 to over 3,000 pieces. In addition, the amount of pieces also usually makes the price of Lego Batman more expensive.

Mini figures

As we have seen, it is common for kits to include mini figures like Batman, for example. But, not always the figures are those that the child most wants. To solve this problem, Lego offers the mini figures to be purchased separately. What can also serve to increase the collection of Lego Batman, or for those who do not want to buy the whole kit.

Mini figuras lego Batman.

The mini figures are an important part of the Lego Batman assembly game. (Source: Ekaterina Minaeva / 123rf)

In total, there are 20 superhero dolls that make up the play as, for example, Robin, Batgirl, Alfred, Joker, Harlequin, Riddler and Mr. Cold, Alfred , Killer Moth, among others.

Age range

Also check the recommended age for each Lego Batman. This information is important because many of the games are not suitable for children under three years old. This is because some contain small parts that can generate risks for small children. Other more complex games, for example, may even be suitable only for children over 12 years.

(Image source: Ekaterina Minaeva / 123rf)