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Whether at home, in the office or on the train. The laptop has been replacing the desktop PC for some time now and is ideally suited for mobile working. However, not every place is suitable for an ergonomic and healthy posture. The laptop table provides a remedy here, making working more comfortable.

Ergonomic, space-saving and versatile: there is a wide range of models and not every one is suitable for your needs. But don’t worry, because this guide provides you with all the necessary information, recommendations and buying criteria.


  • A laptop table is perfect for using a laptop in any area of your life. You can use it perfectly from the sofa, out of bed or while standing up.
  • Laptop tables are suitable for smaller devices. There is not enough space or satability for heavy or large items.
  • Ergonomic for a healthy posture – working comfort is improved and also enables barrier-free use.

The Best Laptop Table: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for laptop tables

Not every laptop table is suitable for you and not every model meets your personal requirements. Here you can find out what to look for and which criteria are important when buying a table:

In the next section, we will take a closer look at the purchase criteria:


When choosing a laptop table, both height and width play an important role. Here, attention should be paid above all to the required workstation and the place of use. A small notebook for quick work, for example, will find enough space on a small, less clunky model. Nevertheless, there should be enough space on the table for the laptop so that it cannot easily fall down or the computer mouse has room to fit.


The material is particularly important for maintenance and durability. A laptop table made of wood is robust, but requires more care. On the other hand, plastic or glass tables are very easy to care for, but are also more susceptible to damage if they should fall down. The material also determines the weight of the table and should be taken into account when making a purchase. For example, a wooden model is heavier than one made of plastic.

Of course, the design also plays a role. An elegant model made of glass is ideal for an office, for example, while a table made of beech is perfect for working at home.


A certain strength and resilience are important to be able to work as efficiently as possible. You should be clear about what you want to use the laptop table for and how heavy the load will be. A laptop stand with a small base, for example, is less stable and can, in the worst case, contribute to a fall of the laptop.


Not every laptop table can be adjusted or adapted in various ways. Here, too, you should know the appropriate place of use and, above all, the amount of work you want to do each day. To meet personal needs, there are models with adjustable height or inclination. Adjustability is also important for a healthy posture and way of working.

With the tilt, care should be taken that the laptop cannot fall down. Many models therefore have a non-slip mat as a base.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about laptop tables answered in detail

What else you should consider and which questions are important when buying a model:

What is a laptop table?

Laptop tables are designed for working with your laptop. They are available as standing tables or in compact versions. A general distinction is made between a bed table and a side table. The former is suitable for working on the couch or in bed and consists of table legs and a shelf with an elevation of 40 to 60 cm.

A side table has several functions and can be set up individually for the workplace. Here, the height can be adjusted so that it is also possible to work while standing.

What types of laptop tables are there?

Basically, we can speak of several variants of a laptop table: mobile laptop stands, laptop holders or side tables. A laptop stand is usually equipped with a base or castors and a swivelling arm. This allows you to work from the sofa, bed or armchair.


Laptop holders allow for an optimal height to prevent possible neck discomfort. (Image source: Hussam Abd / Unsplash)

Laptop holders do not require a base and are attached directly to the chair, the backrest or simply on the table. This type is especially space-saving. A mobile side table can be placed next to the bed or sofa. The advantage here is that you can work in several places.

What does a laptop table cost?

The price depends on the functionality of the laptop table. A mobile laptop stand is generally more expensive because it offers many different adjustment options. Prices vary between 20 euros and 150 euros, depending on the model and the variant of use.

For a better overview, we provide you with a small table.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (20 – 50 €) Small mobile tables with few adjustment functions and storage options
Medium-priced (50 – 150 €) Many adjustment options, good workmanship, high stability.

What role does size play in a laptop desk?

The size plays an important role for work use. If the table is too small, the laptop can fall off more quickly; if it is too large, it takes up unnecessary space. In general, the table should be at least the size of the laptop and have room for a mouse or work utensils if necessary.

What adjustment options are important?

Most desks can be rotated and are also adjustable in height. This is especially important for a healthy posture. Adjustment options enable ergonomic working and can relieve the back or neck.


There is a wide range of options when it comes to laptop desks. For comfortable work from home, even inexpensive, space-saving models provide pleasant comfort. If you want an individually adjustable table, laptop holders and standing desks with extra adjustment options ensure good and relaxed working during time-intensive use. Here, value should be placed on a healthy posture and way of working.

The more expensive version does not always have to be the best choice. Even in the low-price segment, there is a decent selection of laptop desks for relaxed working. It is important that you find the right offer.

(Cover photo: Grovemade / unsplash