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Welcome to Monederosmart! We know that the most important thing for you is to take care of your electronic products, this way you can prolong the life of the device and ensure that it works as well as possible for as long as possible. Today we want to show you the laptop sleeves that will help us to take the best care of our laptop.

We know that the selection is entirely up to you, however, we want to recommend to all our readers the best accessory for laptop care. The sleeve not only protects your laptop, but also gives it character and style while you move around or you can simply use it to prevent dust from damaging your laptop.

At Monederosmart we want to give you all the tools so that you can make a good purchase immediately without wasting time and money on a product that is not right for you. Without further ado, we will discuss all the details you need to know to choose a laptop sleeve correctly and based on your lifestyle.


  • The laptop sleeve is an accessory that protects your laptop. Whether from dust, water or even shocks. They are ideal for when we have to travel on public transport or simply if you want to prolong the look and function of your electronic equipment.
  • You can choose a traditional sleeve if you are usually at home and would like to protect your laptop from dust or occasional drops and bumps. If, on the other hand, you are often on the move and your laptop is susceptible to a lot of movement and bumps, a hard case is best to protect it for those situations.
  • The key to choosing the best laptop sleeve is to look for a durable but lightweight material that allows you to put it wherever you want. Of course it must be the right size otherwise it will be loose or too tight. To give your case an extra edge, you can consider details such as the zip or padding.

The best Laptop Sleeves: Our Picks

Buying Guide: What you need to know about laptop sleeves

In the next section we will go into the information you need to know about this product. We will discuss their advantages and disadvantages, usefulness, prices and points of sale. These are the results of our research and we want to share them with you. Don’t miss out!

A laptop sleeve can help you transport your computer while making sure nothing happens to it (Photo: rawpixel /

What is a laptop sleeve and what are its advantages?

A laptop sleeve is a type of accessory that has the function of protecting our laptop from external climatic agents such as dust or eventually a liquid. It also makes it easier for us to transport it, either by avoiding scratches, bumps or by serving as a bag at the same time. This with the purpose of helping us to keep our equipment in good conditions.

Besides being a practical accessory for the reasons mentioned above, this element can also be fashionable. You can complement your outfit or choose a design that represents your personality. They are available in many materials, designs and styles. There is sure to be one for you!

  • Variety of designs and materials
  • Helps keep the laptop clean
  • Anti-scratch and shock safety
  • Protection against water and moisture
  • Some materials tend to lose their shape
  • A separate bag is required to carry it

Laptop sleeve or backpack – what should you pay attention to?

We know that due to the variety of materials and designs that this product offers, you might confuse its qualities and choose the wrong accessory. The decision will depend on your personal needs, lifestyle and the way you use your laptop.

Classic sleeve. They are lightweight, inexpensive and easy to find. They come in a variety of materials and designs, specific to each laptop model or standard size and features. They slide on and off easily and protect the computer from external agents such as dust. However, it is not suitable for use as a bag.

Hard Case. The hard case is made of a mixture of materials. On the one hand the hard cover protects the laptop better from bumps and drops; on the other hand, the inside always has foam that absorbs shocks and keeps the laptop steady without it moving.

Classic case Hard case
Material Neoprene or fabric Fibreglass or plastic on the outside
Resistant to Water, dust, scratches and light bumps Drops, hard knocks, dust and scratches
Notable for Lightweight and easy to carry Shock absorbing
Ideal for Light protection or at home Protection during travel

Just slide the laptop in and out of the sleeve (Photo: rawpixel /

Buying criteria

Finally, we want to show you the factors you will need to consider when choosing your laptop sleeve. This could make the difference between making the perfect purchase or having to waste time and money on product exchanges or returns. Don’t worry, these little details will make everything easier for you.


Although many designs are standard, you can make sure you know the size of your screen in inches, then measure the length, width and depth of your device to choose the right size case. Also consider a little extra space if you want to store the charger or any extra batteries.

Screen Length Width Depth
15” 35 cm 25 cm 1.5 cm
13” 31 cm 22 cm 1.5 cm


When thinking about this, you should consider how you use your laptop. If you like to carry it around, you’ll want to choose a material that is more resistant to shock and weather; if on the other hand you just want it to complement your style or protect it from scratches and dust, you can look for a more basic model. Popular materials include:

Neoprene. It is the most popular because it is lightweight and water resistant. It fits all types of laptops very well and fits snugly. On the inside it is padded and is able to absorb shock. However, the fabric tends to loosen over time and becomes a little baggy. Despite this they are durable and hard wearing.

Microfibre. This material is one of the most convenient as they are highly resistant and waterproof. They are very similar to nylon and polyester. Also, they offer a wide variety of designs. Generally, it should have some extra layer of padding to absorb shocks.

Leather. They are a bit more expensive and heavier. However, their appearance is very elegant and also durable. They are usually able to add extra pockets for more space, because the material is not as elastic as others. It also needs to have another layer of padding if you want to minimise shock.

A basic sleeve perfectly protects your laptop from scratches and dust (Featured image photo: StockSnap/


In addition to the materials, you can tell the quality of your laptop sleeve by looking at the small details that make the difference. We always recommend that when evaluating these factors, think about what you need your case for primarily; to keep it protected in one place or to carry it around.

Padding. If you want your laptop sleeve to go on a trip, carry it around or just want to avoid those unexpected drops, you need to make sure it has a layer of padding or foam. This way it can absorb shocks and prevent further damage.

Fasteners. If you want to make sure your laptop sleeve is foolproof, the latches should be secure. If the case is also waterproof, the zip should be concealed to prevent leakage into the computer. A bad zip will render the case useless.

Storage. When you want to travel with your laptop from one place to another, you should think about the accessories that are essential, such as a cable, charger or extra battery. Some cases have extra compartments to store cables and even keep them plugged in.


Laptop sleeves are the perfect accessory to reflect your personality. It’s a great advantage that this accessory is available in so many designs, as you can add to your style on a daily basis. Whether you’re traditional or avant-garde, you’ll be able to sport one or more sleeves to suit your lifestyle.

Minimalist. We could say that this is the classic style of laptop sleeves. They are characterised by a single colour and are functional rather than stylish. However, these designs bring elegance and subtlety to your style. They are also available in many colours and textures to choose from.

Avant-garde. These designs are all about creativity. They can have feminine or masculine orientations, for formal or casual occasions. It is also very popular that many shops give you the option of having the laptop sleeve designed especially for you.

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