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A laptop has been an integral part of everyone’s life for a long time. The first portable computer (laptop) existed in 1975, weighing 25 kg, which is why there is little talk of portability. Because of the different types and protection of laptop bags, they have become a must-have for many people. That’s why we took a look at the different models and compared them. In the following, you will find out what you should look for when buying a laptop bag to find the right model for you.


  • A laptop bag ensures that your laptop is always well padded and thus protected during frequent transports. Next to your own care, your laptop bag is the most important accessory to guarantee protection.
  • Even if you think that you can transport your laptop with any other normal bag, you should not do without protection and the associated padding for your laptop.
  • Basically, you can buy your laptop bag in all electronics stores and online. You can find all kinds of laptop bags in shops and online.

The Best Laptop bag: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for laptop bags

To help you find the right laptop bag, we have summarised the most important buying criteria for you. These criteria should make it easier for you to compare the different laptop bags so that your decision will be easier. The criteria to facilitate the comparison of laptop bags include:

Below you will find another explanation of the buying criteria we listed.


Laptop bags are available in many different materials. Depending on your personal preference, you can buy the bags in all shapes. Most fabric laptop bags are made of nylon or oxford to guarantee durability. However, there are also bags made of leather, felt or even neoprene. In addition to fabric bags, you can also opt for a hard case laptop bag.


The size of the laptop bag is crucial when buying a laptop bag, because you want to buy a bag that fits your laptop. You should refer to the size of your screen and always keep this in mind when looking for a laptop bag. It would be annoying if this is not the case. There are laptop bags in all different sizes. It’s best to choose a slightly larger bag so that your laptop fits in perfectly.

Carrying case or sleeve

First of all, a brief explanation of the sleeve. A sleeve is nothing more than a laptop bag without a strap. This brings us to the next purchase criterion. There are carrying cases and there are sleeve cases. If you prefer to put your laptop in a sleeve, there are of course all different types and colours. Here you should keep in mind that you will often put it in another handbag or backpack for easy transport. With laptop bags you have this factor in. A laptop bag that has straps or handles is easier to carry. There is also a backpack variant as a carrying bag.

Accessories & compartments

Laptop bags are available in different designs. Most of them have one or more compartments to store accessories. There are compartments for your charging cable, headphones or even a tablet. Others only have a small accessory pocket where only a charging cable or a notepad can be stored.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about laptop bags answered in detail

In the next section, we will answer the most important questions about laptop bags. To give you a more detailed and deeper insight.

Who is a laptop bag suitable for?

Once you own a laptop bag, it will become your companion. A laptop bag is suitable for anyone who wants to protect their laptop or transport it easily.


You can use many different types of bags to transport your laptop. However, there is not always enough protection, which is why you have to pay attention to good padding. (Image source: neonbrand/ Unspalsh)

Whether as a backpack, shoulder bag or sleeve case, there is something for everyone.

What types of laptop bags are there?

A distinction is made between backpacks, sleeve cases and normal shoulder bags. These differ again in design, material and sizes. Your personal preference is the deciding factor. Regardless of which version you choose, you should make sure that it is well padded to offer your laptop excellent protection. Ultimately, it depends on the type of use. If you take your laptop everywhere and it is older and heavier, I would recommend a backpack. For short trips, a shoulder bag will suffice for heavier devices.

How much does a laptop bag cost?

The price of a laptop bag varies greatly depending on the material, type or brand. The price can vary greatly from low to high. You will also find a large selection.

Price range Available products
Low-priced 14 – 25 €) Sleeve cases are usually in this price range. However, you can also find shoulder bags for your laptop in the low-price range
Medium-priced 25 – 70 €) Here you will find high-quality backpacks with lots of storage space and other extras
High-priced 70 – 250 €) This price range includes laptop bags made of real leather or other particularly extravagant fabrics/materials

As you can see, you already have a good and large selection from a low price range. You’re sure to like it. For “extra wishes”, e.g. in terms of material, you have to reckon with a higher price range and spend more money.

Are there alternatives to laptop bags?

There is no real alternative to a laptop bag. Of course, you can put it in any backpack or normal bag, as long as it fits. But you don’t have the protection of the padding and the support. In addition, your laptop can be damaged in the bag as it is not protected. The only alternative to buying a laptop bag is to sew one yourself. You can find many tutorial videos on the internet (e.g. YouTube). Most of them are about sleeves made of felt.


To ensure a practical, stylish and protective transport for your laptop, a laptop bag is the optimal choice for your device. Due to the padding or lining of a laptop bag, they offer the perfect protection. In addition, there are so many different design options that there is something for everyone.

In addition to the protection that laptop bags offer, their accessory compartments, which are included with every bag, are simply practical. They are therefore not only suitable for transport and protection, but also serve as additional storage options. When deciding, you should listen to your personal wishes, but also pay attention to good padding in order to maintain the main function of the laptop bag.

(Cover photo: bert brrr / unsplash)