Last updated: 16/10/2022

Any shoe can be easily replaced by a feminine trainer, without compromising the fashion composition. Comfortable, versatile and stylish, the women’s trainer goes with any piece of clothing.

But it is important to take into consideration the occasion and the environment in which the shoes will be used before choosing between one of the different models of trainers. We will talk more about the subject in this Buying Guide.

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Women’s tennis shoes: All you need to know

Women’s tennis shoes can be worn at different times of everyday life. You can wear them to work, study, play sports or enjoy moments of leisure.

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Choose your women’s tennis shoe with our tips. Photo: taylor hernandez / Unsplash

What are the different models of women’s trainers in casual style?

We can divide women’s trainers into two categories: models for casual use and models for sporty use.

The casual women’s trainer can be used in formal or informal moments, as it matches with most pieces of clothing. There are several models of casual women’s trainers:

  • Sneaker is a very democratic model, because it matches with different styles, especially the urban style.
  • Trainers Flatform has a flat platform that ensures comfort while adding a few centimeters in your height.
  • Slip On trainer has a sober modeling and absence of laces, perfect to use with tailoring pieces.

What are the models of women’s sports trainers?

Women’s sports shoes can be used for physical exercise and sports. You can find models suitable for walking, running, exercising in the gym and others.

It is essential to choose a suitable shoe for the practice of the sport in question. In addition, it is important to analyse some of the shoe’s characteristics, such as mobility, flexibility, cushioning, among others.

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In which moments can I use a women’s tennis shoe?

You can use the casual trainer in different situations of everyday life, because the footwear goes with any part of your wardrobe, regardless of the style – basic, casual, romantic, modern or fashionista.

If you want to wear the trainer at night, whether for dinner or to go clubbing, we recommend that you choose a model with luxurious details like gemstones or glitter details. We recommend the Flatform model.

For work, we recommend a low and neutral model. You may combine the footwear with casual productions such as jeans and t-shirt, or elaborate ones such as trousers, dress, skirt or tailored shorts. We recommend the Slip On model.

In case you are going to use the trainer to practice sports, we recommend that you choose a model suitable for the sport modality, be it walking, running or weightlifting. Find a model that matches your gym clothes.


With the reading of this article, you could understand that an item that cannot be missing in the modern woman’s wardrobe is a pair of casual trainers that match formal and informal occasions.

The casual trainer is quite different from the sports trainer, a model suitable for practicing your favourite physical or sporting activity.

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