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Whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter, women’s ankle boots are not only practical but also a fashion accessory that is always welcome. Thanks to their variety, you can combine the most diverse shapes and colours with the most diverse outfits and always stay on the safe side. Flat, heeled, lined, pointed or round. These are just a few examples of the many different shapes of ankle boots.

In our big ladies’ ankle boot guide 2023 we have put together some buying and evaluation criteria for you, as well as product recommendations. Our guide also answers many questions about women’s ankle boots. In this way, we would like to support you so that you can make a well-founded purchase decision. We are glad that we can help you.


  • Unlike normal boots, which often go up to the knees, ankle boots are the shortened form up to the ankles. They combine beauty and elegance with stability, because unlike high heels or ballerinas, women’s ankle boots promise a secure hold.
  • Always an elegant appearance with a high heel, comfortable walking on flat heels or a warm pair of shoes for the winter? Ladies’ ankle boots are characterised by their variety. Their differences in colour and shape mean they can be worn with a wide variety of outfits.
  • You can get your new dream ankle boots in any shoe shop or online. You can use specialised online retailers for clothing and shoes or even Amazon.

The Best Ladies Ankle Boots: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for ladies ankle boots

We have now summarised and explained some buying and evaluation criteria for you. You can use them to guide your purchase decision and buy your next dream ankle boots.

Of course, these are only a few of many individual decision-making criteria. We have listed the most important ones here and described them in more detail below.

Shoe size

You have found your dream shoes. Then you try them on for the first time and realise: they are too small.

Shoes that are too small are not only uncomfortable. They also affect your posture.

Who doesn’t know this problem? When buying shoes of any kind, the shoe size always comes first, of course. After all, the new garment has to fit perfectly and be comfortable. So before you buy your new ankle boots, it’s important to know your shoe size. Then you can check whether the new shoes are also available in your size. In a shoe shop, you can simply ask a salesperson. In most online shops, you can change the size directly in the selection or in the shopping basket.


Speaking of comfort, it all depends on the footbed. There are many different types of footbeds, and you should always adapt them to your individual needs. Some examples are air-cushioned cork, memory foam or the orthopaedic footbed, which serves more medical purposes. A good footbed is especially important for women’s high-heeled ankle boots, as high-heeled shoes do not create a natural posture. In this version, you do not walk naturally and do not roll, for example. This puts a lot of strain on your feet and back.

With a footbed that is optimally adapted to your needs, you can avoid back and joint problems and improve your posture.


Another important criterion is the material of the shoes. We have to differentiate between surface material, sole and inner material. The inner material mainly determines the comfort of the ankle boots. Your previous experience should be the most important factor in your choice.

Before buying, you should know which material you feel most comfortable in. The sole and surface material are more related to appearance. Rubber, textile, polyester or (synthetic) leather are the most common materials. Textile and leather promise a very elegant and high-quality look, while polyester and rubber are very easy to clean.

Height of ankle boots

Last but not least, the height of the ankle boots is an important criterion. In this category, your personal preferences are particularly important. In addition, the occasion for wearing the ankle boots can be the main factor. Since there are many different heel heights, you should be clear in advance which direction you want to go. Do you prefer flat, comfortable ankle boots or ones with a high heel that naturally convey elegance and high quality? The occasion is so important because a certain level of comfort is important. For example, if you are walking long distances, high-heeled ankle boots are not really comfortable for most people.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about ladies ankle boots answered in detail

Now it’s time for the most important questions about women’s ankle boots. We have tried to answer them for you. Here you can find out a lot of interesting facts about the different styles and even the costs. We also have some facts about cleaning and trends.

What is special about ladies ankle boots and what advantages do they offer?

Besides flat shoes and knee-high boots, ankle boots are also available. They usually go up to the ankles, the region just above the ankles. What is particularly special about women’s ankle boots is the variety of colours and shapes. From flat to high, from plain to extravagant: there is something for everyone here.

Damen Stiefeletten-1

Ladies’ ankle boots with high heels are particularly elegant. They are a must-have for the right occasions (Image source: Apostolos Vamvouras / unsplash)

Ladies high-heeled ankle boots in particular offer a very good chance to appear elegant. Nevertheless, they suit almost every occasion. In general, ankle boots can be combined with the most versatile outfits. Dress, skirt, trousers, jeans, blouse, top and the ankle boots always fit. Women’s ankle boots also keep your feet warm in winter, because most flat ankle boots are also available lined.

What types of ladies ankle boots are there?

Basically, you can distinguish between two types of women’s ankle boots. On the one hand, there is the flat version. They are very comfortable and a popular accessory, especially in autumn and winter. On the other hand, there are the more elegant and visually more sophisticated women’s ankle boots with high heels.
Product type Short description
Flat ladies’ ankle boots In the flat version, there is either no heel or a very small heel. It is often only up to 3 cm high. This makes these shoes very comfortable and you always have a firm grip on your feet.
Women’s high heel ankle boots The high heel ankle boots have a heel up to 10 cm high. This makes them extremely elegant. They are often visually very high quality, with (synthetic) leather or suede usually used as the surface material.

In the following, we have described the individual product variants in detail and summarised the most important points in pro/con boxes. In general, we advise you to always listen to your personal taste and put your preferences first when making a purchase decision.

Flache Damen Stiefeletten
Flat women’s ankle boots are characterised by the fact that they have no heel or a very small heel. They often have a rubber or silicone sole and a particularly soft footbed. If you are looking for comfortable shoes, flat women’s ankle boots are just the thing for you. Especially in the cold season, flat ankle boots are very popular, as they are often also available lined. This means you always have warm shoes in which you can comfortably cover even long distances. With a polyester or textile surface, they are also very easy to clean and minor stains should no longer be a problem.

  • Very comfortable
  • also suitable for longer distances
  • often also available lined in winter
  • Not necessarily suitable for every occasion
  • synthetic fabrics are often used
Damen Stiefeletten mit hohem Absatz
Are you looking for elegant shoes that are suitable for almost any occasion and on which you can walk for longer? Then you can’t go wrong with women’s ankle boots with a high heel. Whether it’s the office, a party or a coffee with your friends, they always fit and can be combined with almost any outfit. The heels come in different heights. It’s best to decide which one to buy based on your individual walking style. Because walking on high shoes needs to be practised! If you don’t have a lot of experience with walking on high heels, it can be advantageous to start with a smaller heel.

  • Suitable for many different occasions
  • especially elegant in leather or suede look
  • Walking on high heels can be difficult
  • If you don”t have the right footbed, it can quickly become uncomfortable

The occasion can also be a key factor in your purchase decision. Where do you want to wear your new ankle boots? The following applies: flat ankle boots are more suitable for everyday wear and those with high heels for more elegant events.

How much do ladies ankle boots cost?

As with other items of clothing or fashion accessories, the price range for women’s ankle boots is very wide. Depending on the manufacturer, ankle boots can cost up to €2,000. In the lower price category, the small boots start at around €15.

Here, too, the principle applies: expensive does not equal better and cheap does not equal worse.

In this price comparison, we have also explicitly included sustainable ankle boots in the search. They are about as expensive as the “normal” version. The price range is much narrower here because there are not so many well-known manufacturers in this category. In the table below we have listed all the average price ranges.

Product type Average price range
Flat women’s ankle boots 15 to 1050 euros
Women’s ankle boots with high heel 15 to 1100 euros
Sustainable women’s ankle boots 20 to 500 euros

Often, high prices are related to the name of the brand. Prices are then measured less by textile processing, type of fabric, etc., but by brand value. You should always look first at the quality of the shoes and only secondarily at the brand itself.

Are there ecological and sustainable ladies ankle boots?

Sustainability and ecologically produced clothing is extremely important for us and our environment. Especially in textile production, many chemicals and toxins are used, some of which are released unfiltered into the environment (e.g. lakes and rivers). You have the chance to change this through your buying behaviour. There are also many different brands of women’s ankle boots that offer sustainable and ecological shoes.

Damen Stiefeletten-2

With sustainable women’s ankle boots, you now have the chance to do your part against environmental pollution. Various seals provide information about materials and production methods. (Image source: Max Conrad / unsplash)

If you’re looking for eco-friendly shoes, these are certainly the top choices. They produce their articles with natural rubber, recycled synthetic leather or even organic cotton.

How do I clean my ladies ankle boots?

Especially in the colder seasons, your new ankle boots tend to get wet and dirty. Often there is the problem of how to clean shoes properly. In the following we have put together a small checklist for cleaning. It is important to note that this list is intended for fabric shoes. For example, you should never clean leather ankle boots with water.

  1. Brushing ankle boots: Most shoe brushes have a soft rubber side and a harder side with bristles. First, brush the ankle boots with the rubber side. This roughens the material. Then brush with the bristle side to remove coarse dirt.
  2. Clean ankle boots with a rough, damp sponge: Once the shoes have been brushed off, wipe them with a slightly damp sponge (preferably with a rough surface). There are also cleaners for many materials and colours. If the ankle boots are very dirty, you can also apply this to the sponge.
  3. Allow the boots to dry: The third step is to let the ankle boots dry again. The best way to do this is to crumple up an old newspaper and stuff it into the boots. This will draw some of the moisture out of the material of the shoes and they won’t lose their shape.

But the most important thing is to waterproof your new ankle boots before wearing them for the first time. There are reliable sprays from various manufacturers that you can buy in shoe shops or online. This creates a protective layer around the surface material and makes the ankle boots less susceptible to water and dirt.

Which retro ladies ankle boots are still in fashion today?

In general, there has been a trend towards retro styles (mainly from the 1970s/80s) in the fashion industry for several years. Whether giant collars, bell-bottoms, midriffs or even shoulder pads, everything is celebrating its comeback. So are the women’s ankle boots of the flower power decade.
You can bring a touch of flower power to your outfits with retro ankle boots.

They are often characterised by bright colours and sometimes patterns. Despite the colourful finish, however, they can be worn with almost anything and offer a successful change from today’s standard colours like black, white, blue or grey. So to all fans of the 70s: you can take your old ankle boots out of the wardrobe again. They still fit today!

Image source: Domschky / 123rf