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A kitchen trolley, or also known as a serving trolley, is a very practical element in the household. It is a small, additional shelf on wheels that can be used in many ways. You may be familiar with a kitchen trolley from large kitchens in hotels or restaurants as well as from aeroplanes or hospitals, but it is also very useful in private households. It offers the possibility of another worktop as well as storage space.

Most kitchen trolleys have wheels and can therefore be used to transport various things. To prevent the kitchen trolley from rolling away, the wheels are usually lockable. In many households, a kitchen trolley is now part of the standard furnishings and matches the look of the other pieces of furniture. It is not only used in the kitchen, but often also in the bathroom, in the garden or in the workshop.


  • A kitchen trolley is a transportable element that on the one hand offers a lot of storage space and on the other hand can expand the workplace in the kitchen, in the workshop or in the garden.
  • Basically, you can find different types, shapes and models that differ mainly in functionality, size and design.
  • Nowadays, a vintage kitchen trolley is often used as a piece of furniture or as a decoration and eye-catcher in the living room and therefore also counts as an antique.

The Best Kitchen Trolley: Our Picks

Kitchen trolleys: Buying and evaluation criteria

To help you be better informed before you buy a kitchen trolley, we have picked out the most important criteria for you here. You should pay attention to the following criteria and use them to evaluate and compare kitchen trolleys:

Below you will find detailed information about the individual criteria.


Before you buy a kitchen trolley, you should take a closer look at the size of your kitchen. If you have a small kitchen or less space for a kitchen trolley, then you should definitely pay attention to the size. Large models offer a lot of storage space, but may not fit in your kitchen.

Furthermore, the kitchen trolley should be big enough to fit through the doors in your home. So that everything doesn’t have to be on the table when you eat, a kitchen trolley is ideal for placing side dishes or sauces and salads on it, for example. So if it’s too small for a few bowls and plates, you might miss this function.

Load-bearing capacity

Of course, a kitchen trolley made of glass is very attractive, but they cannot bear much weight. These models are rather delicate pieces of jewellery that you want to show off, but they do not necessarily serve as storage space.

To ensure that your kitchen trolley lasts a long time, it should be both resilient and stable.

On the one hand, pay attention to the maximum carrying weight and also to the material it is made of. It should at least be strong enough to hold a full pot without breaking into several pieces.


Before buying, think about what you would like to store in the kitchen trolley. Drawers can hold many small items, such as bottle openers, corkscrews or napkins. One or more hooks for tea towels in the kitchen or towels in the bathroom can also be useful. Baskets can be useful for various food items, tea towels or toiletries.

Wheels for pushing and transporting are an absolute must-have in many respects. If a kitchen trolley has no wheels or castors, a normal shelf is also the same.

Material and design

Especially if you want to use your kitchen trolley indoors, you should make sure that it is not only practical but also looks good. The layout is also worth considering. The kitchen trolley can consist of just three shelves hanging on top of each other, but it can also have extras such as drawers, removable trays or bottle holders.

There are kitchen trolleys made of stainless steel, but this is mainly used in large kitchens and restaurants. Other materials such as wood or plastic are more popular for domestic kitchens. Of course, it should also match your kitchen and the rest of your furnishings. If your interior is more rustic, then a wooden kitchen trolley in rustic or vintage style is recommended. If you have a more modern kitchen, a plastic kitchen trolley in a modern style would also be suitable.

Cleaning and care

Whether in the kitchen, bathroom or workshop – a kitchen trolley is usually exposed to many different stresses, such as grease, dust, water, heat and bacteria. It is therefore important that your kitchen trolley is easy to clean and maintain. In commercial kitchens, you are more likely to find a kitchen trolley made of stainless steel, as these are usually cleaned with harsh detergents. Stainless steel can withstand various disinfectants. However, there are also special care products for wood or plastic.

Consider in advance where your kitchen trolley will be used most of the time and what kind of stress it will be exposed to. Then you can choose the best material and the products with which you can clean it best.

Kitchen trolleys: Frequently asked questions and answers

Here you will find important questions that we have selected and answered. You should deal with them before you buy a kitchen trolley. Afterwards you will know all the important information about kitchen trolleys.

Who is a kitchen trolley suitable for?

If there is not enough storage space, work surface or shelves in your home, a kitchen trolley is suitable for everyone. The desire for an additional small appliance is often great, but there is not enough space.


A kitchen trolley is an important element in a household kitchen.
(Image source: Benjamin Manley / unsplash)

A kitchen trolley is the little something in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom, garden or workshop. Most kitchen trolleys are versatile and can therefore also move from the kitchen to the living room to find a suitable place in each case.

What types of kitchen trolleys are there?

There are many different names and types of kitchen trolleys on the market. We have selected a small selection for you:

  • Serving trolley
  • Trolley
  • Bar trolley
  • Digestif trolley
  • Dining trolley (on trains or planes)

A kitchen trolley is not only used in private households, but also in large kitchens in restaurants, hotels and on planes and trains. Furthermore, you will find kitchen trolleys in hospitals and canteens.

Basically, you can assume that each type has the same task and is mainly used to transport various things or fulfils its function as storage space or shelf.

What does a kitchen trolley cost?

Price range Available products
Low-priced (10 – 25 €) Mostly simple construction, few functions, often unstable
Medium-priced (25 – 150 €) The most popular kitchen trolleys, some functions, various styles and designs
High-priced (150 € and more) expensive material and noble design, used more as a piece of jewellery or antique and not necessarily as a functional device

Our ranking shows that ideal kitchen trolleys are already available in the medium price range, which also offer some functions and are sufficient for most households.

What do you need to consider when buying a kitchen trolley?

A kitchen trolley is a multifunctional element and usually an important part of any household. They serve as storage space, additional work surface in the kitchen or also as a means of transporting dishes with food, glasses or the like from the kitchen to the dining or living room. Another function is as a side table in the living room or bedroom and as a shelf in the bathroom.

With this in mind, you should pay attention to the purpose for which you need the kitchen trolley and which functions it should be able to perform.


Food and kitchen utensils fit well on a kitchen trolley.
(Image source: Annie Spratt / unsplash)

How do you clean a kitchen trolley?

Cleaning a kitchen trolley depends on the material. A wooden kitchen trolley requires different cleaning, with special wood cleaning products, than a plastic kitchen trolley. If it is used in a large kitchen and is made of stainless steel, this material is generally very resistant and can also be cleaned with strong cleaning agents and disinfectants.

Most kitchen trolleys are easy to dismantle so that you can clean the individual parts. First think about the stresses your kitchen trolley will be exposed to and then decide on the material.


A kitchen trolley is highly recommended to facilitate work in the kitchen and during service. Thanks to the mounted wheels, it is easy to transport food, drinks or other items.

When buying a kitchen trolley, you should always keep in mind what you need it for or what you intend to do with it. Important points here are the design as well as the functionality and the load-bearing capacity. Other important purchase criteria are the size and the material and the associated cleaning.

Kitchen trolleys in the lower price segment are often visually unimpressive, but practical, with few functions and usually not very stable. The most popular kitchen trolleys are in the medium price segment, where the price-performance ratio also harmonises best.

Here, there is already a choice of different designs and styles. Expensive kitchen trolleys are usually used as ornaments or showpieces. Basically, it is up to you and your wishes and ideas which kitchen trolley you choose.

Image source: Białasiewicz / 123rf