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The most important utensil in your kitchen is the tap. There are now taps for the kitchen in every conceivable shape and colour and made of all kinds of materials. Additional functions make the decision for the right tap even more difficult.

This guide presents the basic differences. It shows criteria that will make your decision easier. You will find answers to the most frequently asked questions and a selection of different taps. For the product comparison, we have selected different models with different functions.


  • The water tap in the kitchen is essential, it provides fresh water for cooking, cleaning or washing up at any time.
  • The decisive factor for choosing a tap should be the connection in the house or flat and thus the choice for high or low pressure.
  • You are completely free to decide on the design, material or equipment and can choose according to your taste.

The best Kitchen Tap: Our Picks

Here we would like to introduce you to some taps. Different functions and materials are highlighted. This should serve as a guide to give you a first impression of different models and price categories.

Buying and evaluation criteria for kitchen taps

The kitchen is the central point of our everyday life. We cook, stir and wash. The perfect water tap is always there. Therefore, the choice for the right tap is not always easy. This guide is intended to make the decision easier and to present the most important purchasing criteria. The criteria include:

Water pressure

A distinction is made between high pressure and low pressure. Put simply, there is high pressure in relatively new houses or flats. The hot water comes into every room through the central water supply. Low pressure is usually found in older houses. The hot water comes into every room through a boiler.

If the tap is connected to the central water supply, a high-pressure connection is used, which has two connection hoses.

If the hot water comes from the boiler, you need a low-pressure connection, which has three connection hoses.


Since taps are in constant use, they should be robust and easy to clean. However, they must be of such high quality that they do not release any harmful substances into the drinking water.

Taps made of stainless steel or chrome perform best in this respect. However, there are also taps made of plastic.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel taps are easy to clean, hygienic and 100% lead-free. They are available in a matt, shiny or brushed finish. They are somewhat more expensive, but durable and hard-wearing.


Brass taps are inexpensive and robust. With a chrome coating, they are also durable and easy to clean. However, particularly cheap brass taps can sometimes be poorly made. It is therefore important that you look for good quality when buying. The tap should also comply with the standards.


Plastic taps are cheap and easy to clean. You have the widest choice of colours. The disadvantage of plastic, however, is that it has a very short lifespan.


Taps offer various functions that can make your work in the kitchen easier.

Function Description
Extendable rinsing spray Provides a larger action radius.
Rotating/swivelling Rotating or swivelling the tap makes it easier to fill pots.
Hot water Delivers boiling water directly from the tap. Ideal for cooks or hobby cooks.
LED function Indicates the temperature by changing colour, thus protecting against burns.
Sparkling water Delivers sparkling water directly from the tap for drinking. No more lugging around water boxes.

Which extra functions you really need depends on your personal preferences. Many functions are helpful in everyday life. You should weigh up which functions are particularly important to you and which you could do without.


Taps can vary in size. Depending on where they are to be installed or on personal preferences, they are available in heights between 15 and 40 cm.

Type of shower

There are different types of shower that make it easier to clean different utensils. They can usually be switched to rain shower or water jet at the touch of a button. The rain shower is usually suitable for gentle cleaning of fruit and vegetables. The water jet, on the other hand, is used to quickly fill pots or for cleaning.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about kitchen taps answered in detail

This guide is intended to clarify your last questions and uncertainties.

What types of kitchen taps are there?

A distinction is made between single-lever mixers, two-handle mixers and sensor mixers.

Single-lever mixer

Here you control the water pressure and temperature with just one lever. This precise control allows you to save water and energy.

The tap not only fulfils many functions, it should also fit into your kitchen. A modern tap in black design is timeless and gives your kitchen an elegant touch. (Image source: Kaboompics / Pexels)

One disadvantage of this type is that even when the water is cold, hot water is often still mixed in.

Two-handle mixer

Here there are two handles for hot and cold water. By operating these handles, you can mix the temperature yourself. Compared to the single-lever mixer, you only have the option of cold water. However, the disadvantages of this type are the imprecise control of the water temperature and water wastage.


The sensor is clean and hygienic because it does not need to be touched. This makes it particularly hygienic and less prone to fingerprints or stains. However, the disadvantage here is that the sensor is always activated when you put your hand in the sensor field.

How much does a kitchen tap cost?

There are many different types of taps. Cheap models start at 15-20€. Professional taps can go into the three- to four-digit range. Here we have listed the average prices that you can find in normal kitchens:

Price range Available products
Low-priced (20 – 80 €) Mostly simple taps, few functions
Medium-priced (80 – 200 €) Higher quality, also already with various functions
High-priced (from 2000 €) Very high quality, mostly with hot water or soda function, including further functions

The prices of water taps can vary greatly. It always depends on what functions you want or what quality your tap should have. With cheap taps, you should make sure that they do not contaminate the drinking water.

What types of installation are there for kitchen taps?

A distinction is made between standing installation, wall installation and front window installation.


The tap is recessed at the edge of the sink or in the worktop. The connections run under the worktop. Here you are flexible in your choice of tap and have a wider choice of models.


The tap is recessed into the wall. The connections are also in the wall. This connection is ideal for small kitchens. However, you don’t have as much choice here and are less flexible when it comes to the tap.

Front window installation

This type of installation is used when the tap and the sink are in front of a window. When the window needs to be opened, a special tap can be lifted out of its anchorage and placed next to it. This way, the height of your tap can be reduced by 2-4 cm.

How do you properly care for and clean a tap?

When cleaning and caring for a tap, you should avoid using acidic products or hard sponges. A soft cloth and a little soapy water or, for example, stainless steel cleaner is sufficient for cleaning. Wipe the surfaces with it, rinse thoroughly and dry. Drying prevents water stains.

You can use special descaling agents to remove limescale. Common household remedies are acetic acid or citric acid. This can be used to clean the front part of the tap. If the water contains a lot of limescale, it is advisable to dismantle and rinse the tap about once a year.


Europeans consume an average of 190 litres per day, so the choice of tap should be well thought out. Water taps come in many different designs. From simple, inexpensive variants to expensive professional versions.

When buying a tap, you should always bear in mind which functions you really need and what quality you expect. Above all, you should consider the type of printing you have in your kitchen.

You can decide on all other features according to your preferences. From different designs to a wide range of functions, everything is available nowadays. This not only makes your kitchen an eye-catcher, but also makes your daily work easier.

(Cover photo: j Shin / Unsplash)