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The space in the kitchen is usually getting smaller and more and more products are being added. Many people tend to hoard products and lose track of them. Objects especially get lost in the depths of drawer cupboards. To keep an overview in the kitchen, kitchen shelves can be helpful. They offer additional storage space and in many cases are also nice to look at.

Kitchen shelves are available in many different designs. For example, small shelves for the wall can be used for spices. So that every last bit of storage space can be used, there are also kitchen shelves that can help. For our product comparison, we have picked out various kitchen shelves and examined them more closely.


  • Kitchen shelving can make the most of any space. Kitchen shelves keep things tidy and prevent them from getting lost in the clutter.
  • Important buying criteria for kitchen shelves are the possibility to mount them on the wall, an integrated worktop, a narrow shelf, a standing shelf and mounting without drilling.
  • Due to the different models, there are also differences in the price of kitchen shelves. The type of kitchen shelf plays a major role here.

The Best Kitchen Shelf: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for kitchen shelves

To help you find the perfect kitchen shelf for you, we have now worked out some buying criteria. With these criteria, you can easily compare which kitchen shelf fits your needs. Criteria that could be helpful for your search for a kitchen shelf are:

In the following, the listed purchase criteria are explained in more detail. This will give you a first rough overview of the topic of kitchen shelves and help you to know what to look for when buying a shelf.

Kitchen shelf for the wall

You would like to use your free space on the wall? Then a wall shelf is perfect for you. It offers you additional storage space. Due to the individual adaptability of wall shelves, they can be hung wherever you want. The stored objects are usually at eye level and can be reached easily. In addition, objects are not forgotten and neglected this way. This type of kitchen shelf is mostly used for spices. They are directly at hand and sorted.

Integrated worktop

If it is important to you that you get extra space to work, you should especially look for kitchen shelves with an integrated worktop. This kitchen shelf not only offers you the possibility to store all your kitchen utensils, but also to use it functionally. You can also use the worktop for cooking or place larger objects, such as a microwave, on it.


If you have little space in the kitchen, a narrow kitchen shelf is just the thing. It fits perfectly into the smallest niches and makes perfect use of the remaining space. These kitchen shelves are usually equipped with castors. This means that the shelf can be moved around as needed. It ensures that you can use objects at any time. It also ensures that you don’t forget any products.

Standing or hanging

A standing shelf can be especially helpful if there is not enough space on the walls. A kitchen shelf that stands in the room offers a lot of space and storage possibilities. In case you have many objects that need to be stored, a standing shelf is the purchase criterion you should look for. Standing shelves are available in many different sizes. This way you can find the right shelf for your kitchen. There are small shelves with less space, but also very high shelves in which you can store very large things.

Mounting without drilling

If it is important to you not to damage your wall, you should make sure that the shelf is mounted without drilling. Of course, this criterion is only relevant for shelves that are mounted on the wall. It is advantageous if you are only renting a flat. Also, if you want to redecorate often. This gives you the possibility to move your shelf as often as possible on the wall and to change the height without damaging your wall.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about kitchen shelves answered in detail

Now the most important questions about kitchen shelves will be answered. It will help you to get a better overview of this topic. We will also explain the different price categories and which material is particularly suitable for kitchen shelves.

What is a kitchen shelf?

The function of a kitchen shelf is to store kitchen utensils and objects. It consists of shelves on which the objects can be placed and stored. However, a kitchen shelf does not only have to consist of shelves, but can also offer hanging options. There are different types of kitchen shelves, which are explained below.

What types of kitchen shelves?

Kitchen shelves can be bought in different designs. There are kitchen shelves that hang on the wall and are especially suitable for spices or for hanging cooking utensils. Furthermore, there are standing kitchen shelves made of metal that are plugged together.


Kitchen shelves can also be very plain and serve as decoration on the wall. (Image source: unsplash / Becca Tapert)

With these kitchen shelves, the height of the shelves can be adjusted individually. They are particularly suitable for very heavy items. There are also kitchen shelves with multiple functions. These are usually shelves with wooden shelves and hanging options as well.

What does a kitchen shelf cost?

The price of kitchen shelves depends, among other things, on their size, but of course also on the design or type. The table shows that kitchen shelves can be bought at a very low price. These are usually simple shelves or shelves for the wall.

If you need more storage space and a stable shelf, you can go for the medium-priced kitchen shelves, which are usually made of metal. Finally, shelves for the kitchen can also have higher prices. These shelves are usually multifunctional talents with lots of storage space and the possibility to hang things.

Which wood is suitable for a kitchen shelf?

In case you don’t want a metal kitchen shelf and you like wood better, you should pay attention to what material the shelf is made of. Very heavy items are often stored on a kitchen shelf. For this reason, it is important that the wood of a kitchen shelf is very solid. Oak is often very suitable for this. Oak is very resilient and strong. In addition, oak is supposed to last a long time and the kitchen shelf can be used for a very long time. Finally, the wood of an oak is not only practical, but it also gives the shelf a beautiful and special look.


To create more order in the kitchen, it is very helpful to use a kitchen shelf. Especially because of the variety of shelf types, everyone can find the perfect kitchen shelf for them. When buying your shelf, you should pay attention to how it fits into your kitchen. If it is important to you that your kitchen shelf has a worktop or is not made of metal, then it is best to make sure that it is made of oak.

Kitchen shelves do not only serve the purpose of keeping the kitchen tidy. Many models also look very nice and if you find a suitable shelf for your kitchen, it will also enhance its appearance. If you live in a rented flat, it may be particularly important for you to have a kitchen shelf without drilling. There are alternatives for hanging a wall shelf, such as suction cup hooks. Furthermore, it might be more helpful to buy a standing shelf. If you have very little space, it is best to choose a narrow niche shelf.

Because it fits perfectly into narrow areas, every space in the kitchen can be used optimally. The price of kitchen shelves cannot simply be generalised. Due to the different designs and sizes, there are also differences in price. For this reason, it is possible for everyone to find a suitable kitchen shelf at a price that suits their budget.

Image source: unsplash / William