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Scissors come in various models. There are paper scissors, hair scissors, serrated scissors, flat scissors and kitchen scissors, a widely used utensil that will be today’s topic. Be very welcome!

With functions that go far beyond cutting packages, this type of scissors greatly facilitates the daily lives of cooks and can be used with the most diverse foods such as herbs, spices, meats, vegetables and pasta.

And if you are thinking about buying one of these, you have just come to the right place. In this article, we’ll give you all the information you need about kitchen scissors. At the end of reading, you will be ready to make the best buying decision. So, stay with us and find out everything!


  • Kitchen scissors should be made with resistant materials and the best blade is stainless steel because it does not rust and has a good cut.
  • There are some models of kitchen scissors, being that there are the most versatile and the specific for some ingredients such as herbs and spices.
  • It is possible to find cheap ones.

The Best Kitchen Scissors: Our Picks

Models of kitchen scissors are not lacking, but many have some different characteristics and it is to show you which are the best on the market that we have prepared this ranking with the best options. Check them out:

Buying Guide

Do you know that utensil that many people don’t give a damn about, but once used, they become a favourite? That is the kitchen scissors. Being present both at home and in restaurants, it is a real facilitator and can be used in many ways.

However, choosing one of these may not be an easy task and for those who are not professionals, there may be several doubts about this product. If you fit into one of these situations, know that in this buying guide we will answer all your questions. By the end of the reading, you’ll be au fait with the subject.

Na foto uma mulher em uma cozinha com diversos ingredientes numa bancada olhando para um livro.

Kitchen scissors can be used to cut practically all ingredients and make preparing recipes easier. (Source: Francesco Dibartolo / 123rf)

What are kitchen scissors?

The main function of accessories is to help in everyday life and an example of this is kitchen scissors, a product that facilitates the opening of packaging and also the preparation of various foods.

With a design very similar to paper scissors, this model is manufactured in a way that has a very sharp cut and can easily cut herbs, meat, pasta and many other ingredients.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of kitchen scissors?

It can be said that kitchen scissors serve as a powerful aid for cooks during the preparation of ingredients and can even be used for opening packages and bottles.

Another positive point is that it is very easy to handle and has an excellent durability, if a scissor model made of quality, rust-free materials is purchased.

In addition, its high point is practicality, since with it you can make the same cuts as a knife, but more easily.

The only two disadvantages of kitchen scissors are that very tall products can be more difficult to cut with them and the fact that because they are very sharp they must be used with care to cause injuries.

  • It is very practical
  • Easy to use
  • Has multiple ways of use
  • Facilitates daily life
  • Should be used with caution not to hurt
  • May not be suitable for tall foods

Kitchen knife or scissors: which is better?

Because both of these utensils have the main function of cutting ingredients, there may be some doubt as to which is better.

Knives are present in each and every kitchen and exist in several versions: models for meat, others for bread, vegetables and so on. They are an excellent product, but they constantly need to be sharpened and are a little less practical, always requiring a flat surface to be used.

Scissors, on the other hand, are synonymous with practicality and are very easy to use. Although they come in a few different models, practically all of them are suitable for the most diverse products, and are also very good for opening packages and can even be used on top of pans on the fire.

It only loses in the case of very high meat cuts, in which the knife becomes indispensable.

Na foto uma tesoura ao lado de um maço de couve.

Especially for herbs, leaves and spices, scissors are an excellent tool. (Source: peshkovaolga / 123rf)

How to properly care for kitchen scissors?

As much as kitchen scissors have an excellent durability, this is directly related to how you take care of it, being essential to store and clean it the right way to have it always functional.

In this sense, the first point is to store it in a place where there is no possibility of breaking its point, as this will impair its efficiency.

After use, it is essential to clean the scissors.

Next, after use, it is essential to clean the scissors, and for this the most recommended is soap and water. There are some models that can even be washed in the dishwasher, so if you have chosen one, you may as well clean it this way.

In addition, it is essential to use the kitchen scissors only for the purposes of that location, since otherwise the cut and its effectiveness may be impaired.

Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare kitchen shears options

Now that you have decided to purchase kitchen scissors it is time for us to help you make the best choice and for this you should take into consideration some factors, they are:

  • Type of scissors
  • Size and weight of the scissors
  • Material
  • Format

We will now detail each one so you don’t go wrong.

Type of scissors

If you go to a shop or visit a website looking for kitchen scissors, you will notice that there are a few models that can be purchased and it is important to choose one that perfectly suits the way you use them.

There are simple scissors, characterised by their two smooth blades. These are very functional and versatile, and can be used with all types of food and in almost any packaging.

Another option is herb and spice scissors, which have more than two blades for faster cutting. They are also great, but end up being more specific and are not a good option for those looking for a model that also cuts pasta, meat or other products.

There are also specific kitchen scissors for vegetables, which have a common blade and the other straight, giving more precision in cutting. There are also the serrated models and these are very versatile and make fast and precise cuts, with excellent sharpness.

Knowing this, you only need to define whether you want a pair of scissors that can be used in a wider or more specific way and choose your model.

Size and weight of the scissors

Another important point that you should analyse before choosing your scissors is its size and weight.

Very small scissors may end up having blades that cannot cut food of different thicknesses or heights, being more suitable only for packaging. Those that are too long may be difficult to store and handle.

Therefore, if your use is general, opt for scissors that have a medium size, around 20 centimetres in length. Also, check their weight. Those that are too light may have thin blades or have their handle made of poor quality material, so they will last less and be less efficient.


Still talking about the material of the scissors, always remember that the most recommended blade is the stainless steel one, since it has an excellent cutting durability and does not rust even when exposed to water.

Regarding the handle, it is worth thinking that if it is made with simple plastic, it cannot be exposed to heat, since it ends up melting and losing its shape. If you intend to use the scissors in places where it may be in contact with high temperatures, opt for the handles made of thermoplastic.

Na foto aspargos e morangos em cima de uma tábua de madeira com um cenário de pote e hortaliças ao fundo.

The material of the scissors is fundamental in order to achieve full cutting excellence. (Source: Eneida Nieves / Pexels)


The last factor you should analyse is the shape that the handle and the scissors themselves have in order to opt for the one that is most comfortable for you. Not every model is perfect for everyone and as this utensil may be used a lot it is essential that it adapts to the user.

So, before buying, handle the scissors, make the movements you will regularly make with them and check if you can easily use them. This is as essential as the other items we listed above.

(Featured image source: stux / Pixabay)