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Kitchen paper is certainly familiar to most people and is used in many kitchens on a daily basis. The crucial question is where to store the kitchen rolls. A kitchen roll holder not only allows you to store kitchen paper in a specific place, but can also be used to further decorate your kitchen.

With our kitchen roll holder test 2022, we want to help you find the best product for you. You can choose between a permanently mounted or a free-standing model. To make it easier for you to decide, we have compared both types of product and summarised a lot of useful information for you.


  • You have the choice between standing kitchen roll holders and fixed kitchen roll holders. The latter often have a 3-in-1 function that also allows you to store aluminium foil and cling film and separate them in a practical way.
  • Some of the wall-mounted models have a shelf, e.g. for spices or vases. The stand-up kitchen roll holder is often equipped with a separating aid, which allows you to separate the paper with one hand.
  • They are made of materials such as plastic, but stainless steel is the most hygienic option. Wood, on the other hand, creates a beautiful rustic ambience, but is vulnerable to water and not very hygienic.

The Best Kitchen Roll Holder: Our Picks

Kitchen roll holders: buying and evaluation criteria

To help you decide on the perfect kitchen roll holder for you, we have put together the most important criteria for an optimal kitchen roll holder. The aspects you should pay particular attention to include:

Below we explain the background to the criteria in more detail.

Slip resistance and stability

The slip resistance and stability of the products are a quality feature and give an indication of how well the kitchen roll holder has been made. In addition, the materials should have been used in such a way that no components can easily break or tear off.

For standing models, a heavy weight prevents slipping.

In the case of the standing kitchen roll holder, weight plays a role in terms of slip resistance. If the model is too light, it can quickly slip or fall down when the paper is torn off. In addition, the base should have rubber, e.g. in the form of nubs, which makes the kitchen roll holder less likely to shift.

Stability is especially important for wall-mounted kitchen roll holders; depending on the type of fastening, the screws or adhesive, for example, should ensure a secure hold on the wall. In addition, the models with a shelf must also be able to withstand a weight of 5 to 15 kilograms.


Kitchen roll holders can be made of many different materials. The most common materials used are wood, metal, plastic, glass and stainless steel.

At the same time, there are significant advantages and disadvantages with the materials, which you might also want to consider when making your decision:

  • Wood: A kitchen roll holder made of wood can be visually very beautiful, but there are disadvantages, especially when it comes to hygiene. Bacteria and germs can settle more easily on the surface. In addition, wood is susceptible to water and, under certain circumstances, grease can soak into the material.
  • Plastic and glass: They are easy to clean, and in the case of plastic there is a greater variety of colours to choose from besides white. However, with glass there is an increased risk that the kitchen roll holder could break more quickly. Plastic, on the other hand, can quickly look a little cheaper if the product has not been manufactured to a high standard.
  • Stainless steel: offers the most advantages in terms of hygiene and stability. Bacteria and germs have a much harder time on the surface and the material also tolerates disinfectants. In addition, stainless steel is durable and not susceptible to water. The only drawback is that grease marks from fingers are quickly visible on the stainless steel.

The choice of material also depends on your own taste and the type of kitchen furnishing. Wooden kitchen roll holders go particularly well with a rustic kitchen, stainless steel is ideal for modern kitchens and plastic, for example, is suitable for an inconspicuous look.


Stand-up kitchen roll holders are the easiest to assemble, sometimes the rod has to be fastened to the base of the holder with a screw. Often, however, no assembly is necessary at all for these models and the product can be used immediately.

There are some differences between the permanently mounted kitchen roll holders in terms of the assembly procedure. With some models, there is a cabinet insert with which the holder can simply be slid over a cabinet or shelf. This means you don’t have to drill holes or use glue.

The wall-mounted kitchen roll holders are most often attached to the wall with special adhesives and adhesive tapes. With a good quality adhesive, the holder is thus firmly and securely attached to the wall without you having to drill.

However, some of the wall-mounted kitchen roll holders are also fixed to the wall with screws. Some might see the resulting holes on the wall as a disadvantage. At the same time, this method of fastening also provides the best possible fixation. However, you can no longer use the kitchen roll flexibly, so find the perfect place to attach it beforehand.

In general, you should also pay attention to the degree of difficulty of installation as a criterion before buying. With some models, many customers have had problems with the correct attachment. So make sure that there are good instructions for the assembly of the kitchen roll holder, this will make it much easier for you and save time.

Additional functions

Some models offer you various additional functions that can be very interesting for you. For example, kitchen roll holders are offered with a 3-in-1 function. This means that you can also store aluminium foil and cling film.

In addition, these products have a cutting device that allows you to cut the foil easily and precisely. In this case, you should make sure that the blades are of good quality and that the kitchen roll holder is equipped with a safety device so that there is no risk of injury.

There are also models that have an additional shelf. This allows you to store small plants, spices or pictures on your kitchen roll holder at the same time.

Especially the stand-up kitchen roll holders often have a device in the design that allows you to cut off the kitchen paper with just one hand.

Kitchen roll holder: Frequently asked questions and answers

Now we provide you with the answers to the most important questions about kitchen roll holders. The information is intended to support you in your purchase decision. At the same time, you will also find helpful tips on how to assemble a kitchen roll holder or even build one yourself.

What is a kitchen roll holder?

A kitchen roll holder allows you to store rolls of kitchen paper neatly and in a fixed location in your kitchen. This way, you don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for the paper and you always have it at hand.


With a simple kitchen roll holder, you can store kitchen paper neatly in your kitchen and integrate it discreetly into your kitchen look. However, there are also more eye-catching kitchen roll holders with a special design that can also be used for decoration. (Image source: unsplash / Creatv Eight)

Thanks to the holder, you can also save space in smaller kitchens by using ingenious models. In addition, some kitchen roll holders also allow you to separate the paper with just one hand.

What types of kitchen roll holders are there?

You can choose between a permanently mounted or a free-standing kitchen roll holder. In our overview, you will find the advantages and disadvantages of both models.

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Fixed kitchen roll holder Many additional functions, Space-saving, Convenient use More complicated assembly, Not flexible
Free-standing kitchen roll holder Only simple or no assembly required, Flexible use, The rolls are easier to refill Requires its own storage space, Has no additional functions

The biggest advantages of the fixed model are that the foils can also be additionally accommodated and are precisely separated by the blades. In addition, these kitchen roll holders can be attached in a space-saving way.

In contrast to the free-standing kitchen roll holder, the fixed model cannot be placed on the garden table at a barbecue, for example, and is therefore not flexible to use. In addition, the stand-up kitchen roll holder does not have to be mounted and can therefore be used immediately.

What does a kitchen roll holder cost?

You will find a wide range of prices for kitchen roll holders. The price is mainly influenced by the materials, the additional functions and the quality. The range can go from about 5 to 105 euros. However, you don’t necessarily have to pay the highest price for a good kitchen roll holder.

Both types of kitchen roll holders start at a price of around 5 euros, whereby these models are mostly made of cheap materials and very simple designs.

Type price range
Wall-mounted kitchen roll holder approx. 5 to 100 euros
Floor-standing kitchen roll holder approx. 5 to 105 euros

Good kitchen roll holders with many satisfied customer reviews can often be found in the 10 to 25 euro price segment. These models meet all requirements and have good workmanship and quality.

In the high-price segment, kitchen roll holders with a price of up to 105 euros are also available. In this case, they are special designer models or very high-quality materials have been used, such as a marble base.

What alternatives are there to a kitchen roll holder?

Kitchen rolls are, of course, not the only tools in the kitchen that can be used to wipe your mouth after a meal or when cleaning the kitchen. You can find out which alternatives there are and whether they are worthwhile by summarising the advantages and disadvantages in the following overview.

Type Description
Dispenser box Individual paper can usually be drawn from a dispenser box. However, the boxes create more waste and they are also less suitable for decorating the kitchen than the kitchen roll holders. Like the stand-up kitchen roll holder, they are not fixed in a specific place.
Napkins Napkins are a stylish alternative to kitchen paper. They look higher quality and are particularly suitable for beautifully laid tables. They are also available in many colours and with motifs.
Wiping cloths or kitchen rolls made from recycled paper Wiping cloths or kitchen rolls made from recycled paper are a more sustainable alternative to classic kitchen paper. Wiping cloths can be used especially well for cleaning in the kitchen and, unlike kitchen rolls, do not have to be thrown away after each use. However, they are not suitable for wiping your mouth after eating. The recycled kitchen rolls can be placed on a kitchen roll holder in the same way as the classic products, with the difference that they are slightly more environmentally friendly.

Kitchen rolls with a holder give you the perfect mix of benefits in use and kitchen design. If you want to be more environmentally conscious, kitchen rolls made from recycled paper or the additional use of wiping cloths when cleaning are good alternatives. For larger parties, you can use napkins for the tables.

How can I make a kitchen roll holder myself?

If you want to make your own kitchen roll holder, there are no limits to your creativity. If you want to get inspiration beforehand or are looking for instructions, you can find many good videos online.

Of course, you can also choose between different materials such as wood or stainless steel for your own kitchen roll holder. There are also many design options that allow you to create a unique kitchen roll holder in your kitchen.

You can also find more instructions and inspiration in some online blogs. For example, they show you how to make a beautiful kitchen roll holder yourself using a wire with wooden beads.


A kitchen roll holder allows you to store the kitchen paper neatly in a certain place in your kitchen. You can also use this product to further decorate your kitchen. In addition, there are models with which you can also store and precisely separate cling film and aluminium foil. You can choose between a stand-alone kitchen roll holder and a permanently mounted model.

The latter offers you more functions and is more space-saving. A stand-up kitchen roll holder can be used more flexibly and does not need to be mounted. There is a wide range of materials and designs to choose from, which you can also adapt to the look of your kitchen.

Image source: hskoken / 123rf