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When furnishing a new kitchen, there are many aspects to consider. Apart from the decoration and the selection of various kitchen elements, the important decision of the seating area with a corresponding kitchen bench is also part of it. The combination of dining table, chairs and bench in the kitchen is a popular and cosy option for many households.

A kitchen bench according to your individual design, material and colour can become a real eye-catcher in the kitchen and thus turn the kitchen into your favourite place. That’s why we have compared different models and show you how to find the right model for you and what you should look out for when buying.


  • The varied range in terms of design, material, colour and size means that everyone can find a suitable kitchen bench to suit their personal preferences
  • Additional features, such as the possibility of extending the bench, using the inner storage space or being able to slide the bench under the table during the day, make a kitchen bench very flexible
  • Regardless of the number of people in the household, age or flat or house size, kitchen benches are chosen as a popular seating option

The Best Kitchen Benches: Our Picks

Do you want to buy a kitchen bench? In the following, we would like to show you which criteria you can use to compare and evaluate kitchen benches. This will make it easier for you to decide whether a certain product is suitable for you or not.

Buying and evaluation criteria for a kitchen bench

So that you are not overwhelmed when buying a kitchen bench, we have listed the most important buying criteria. These are as follows:

In the following, we explain what to look for in these criteria so that you can make a well-informed decision.


Kitchen benches are offered in a wide range of sizes. Size implies both the length and the width of the bench. With this criterion, it is important to know whether you want a bench that is more for two or even more people and how much space is available in the kitchen.

In general, a seating area of 50 to 55 cm per person should be estimated. Thus, for a bench intended for two people, a bench length of 100 to 140 cm applies, for up to three people a bench length of 140 to 160 cm and for up to four people a bench length of 180 to 200 cm.


A kitchen bench can be made of many different materials. When buying a kitchen bench, you should bear in mind that it has to withstand daily weight loads. In addition, the removal of dirt from all materials is not equally simple.

Materials such as wood, metal or rattan weave provide a robust seating option. A kitchen bench made of leather, velvet or other fabrics are more eye-catching and more difficult to clean.


The weight of the kitchen bench depends on the material it is made of. A kitchen bench made of solid wood weighs more, but provides sufficient stability. If this is an important criterion, then the connection with the material is decisive here.

If the bench will be subjected to a lot of weight, then choosing a robust bench made of wood or metal would make sense. Light plastic benches should then be avoided, as they are quickly broken by heavy weight loads.


The functionality of the kitchen bench depends on your personal preferences. A kitchen bench can be used solely as a seat at thedining table or it can offer storage space at the same time. In addition to the table decoration, it can also function as a decoration.

Backrests are an important criterion for cosy seating. They offer comfort, stability and safety when sitting. This is very practical for children and older people.


Since there are many different designs, it can sometimes be difficult to decide. Especially when it comes to kitchen benches, which should not only fulfil their function, but are also meant to be eye-catchers.

It can make sense to think about which design would go well with the interior design of the kitchen or living room. It is also incredibly important to pay attention to the workmanship in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about kitchen benches answered in detail

In this section, we explain the most frequently asked questions about kitchen benches so that you are sufficiently informed when you want to buy a kitchen bench.

Who is a kitchen bench suitable for?

Alongside chairs, kitchen benches are a practical seating alternative for the kitchen and living room and are particularly suitable for people who want to create seating for several people in a small space. Benches are not exclusively found in restaurants and outdoor areas these days, but are used a lot in the home next to the kitchen table to create a cosy atmosphere of togetherness.

Kitchen benches make for a cosy get-together at the dining table. Sitting close together strengthens the sense of community. (Image source: Hans Braxmeier / Pixabay)

What types of kitchen benches are there?

There are many different types of kitchen bench, which differ especially in design, size and material. In addition to a conventional free-standing kitchen bench, there are also corner benches, wall benches, kitchen benches with and without backrests, and some with storage space or other storage options.

Which type is ultimately suitable for you depends on your individual taste, the space you have available in the kitchen and the desired functionality. A corner bench, for example, is particularly suitable for small rooms where space is to be used efficiently. A wall bench, on the other hand, can be combined well with chairs to create a cosy dining area in the kitchen.

What does a kitchen bench cost?

The price of a kitchen bench depends on the size, material, design and brand of a kitchen bench. The different prices can be divided into low, medium and higher price segments. The following table is intended to help you get an overview of all price categories:

Price class Available products
Low-priced (33 – 55€) Simple design made of simple materials
Medium-priced (55 – 150€) Wide selection of different models
High-priced (150€ and more) High-quality materials in noble design


To be able to offer enough seating and create an atmosphere of closeness and harmony at the dining table, kitchen benches are a wonderful option. Due to many different design options and materials, they can be integrated well into the kitchen furnishings and are a beautiful eye-catcher in the kitchen.

In addition to aesthetics, kitchen benches are a practical option for using living space efficiently, especially in small kitchens where seating is desired. Your personal preferences are decisive for the purchase decision.

(Cover photo: Spencer Davis / Unsplash)