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Welcome to this new issue. We are constantly on the lookout for the best tools to make our lives easier, so today we are going to talk about the Kitchen Aid, a product that will be your best ally in the kitchen.

For those who love cooking, this is undoubtedly one of the best tools, as it not only has different functions that will make your experience using it much more fun and quicker. Today we want you to get to know each of the features that make up this marvellous product perfectly.

In addition, we want to talk to you about the different models that you can find of the kitchen aid, because although each one of them is manufactured with the best quality, they may have one or another characteristics that differentiate them, so we consider it prudent that you know each one in detail.


  • The kitchen aid is a kitchen assistant that can perform different actions during the time when preparing different recipes. It is considered to be a very useful assistant when cooking, as it makes the cooking time much more fun and even faster.
  • There are many models of kitchen aid, however, the main comparisons are made between the Kitchen aid classic, the Artisan, the mini and the professional, which can be differentiated according to their capacity, power and price, so it is important to know them perfectly.
  • As with all types of products, there are some aspects that should be taken into account before making your purchase and in the case of the kitchen aid, it is the Power, Utility, the accessories and the capacity of the bowl.

The Best Kitchen Aid: Our Picks

Buying Guide

We want you to feel confident when making your purchase and to be able to do so, the best thing you can do is to inform yourself very well about the product you want to buy, which is why today we have prepared a buying guide with everything you need to know about kitchen aids.

The kitchen aid will be your best tool when preparing your meals, as it will make it much faster to prepare them. (Photo: EVGENII ZINOVEV /

What is a Kitchen Aid?

The kitchen aid is a kitchen assistant that can perform different actions while preparing different recipes. This fabulous assistant was created in the early 1930s; the first model bore the name “K” and was designed by Egmont Arens, but at that time it had no other functions than whisking.

Nowadays, the kitchen aid not only has different functions, but also a large number of accessories that make it much easier to make different recipes, so more than a helper, it is a marvellous appliance that will make your hours in the kitchen much more fun.

What are the advantages of a Kitchen Aid?

The main advantage that this wonderful product gives us is that, as we have mentioned, as it has many functions, it can make the preparation of your meals much easier and even make the whole process less tedious and faster.

Another incredible advantage that the kitchen aid can give us is that it is really not complicated to use and once you start using it more frequently for your recipes, you will feel like a fish in water when you activate it.

  • They have several functions
  • They are easy to use
  • They make meal preparation easier
  • They require technical maintenance
  • They are expensive
  • They need to be cleaned properly

Kitchen Aid Classic, Kitchen Aid Artisan, Kitchen Aid Mini or Kitchen Aid Professional – what should you pay attention to?

Being such a popular product in the world of cooking, it is quite logical that there is a great variety of them, as each of the models, as well as having different functions, may have a single function that characterises it. Today we will tell you in detail about each one of them.

Kitchen Aid Classic: This type of model is one of the most accessible of all. It can be used to make all types of dough, although it is mainly used for baking; whether for whipping creams or preparing light doughs, such as cakes or cup cakes. It is a very easy to use design.

Kitchen Aid Artisan: This model is a little more sophisticated and its design has excellent specifications. It is highly recommended if you want to work comfortably without any complications, as once you start using it you will realise how easy it is to work with.

Kitchen Aid Mini: The KitchenAid Mini is ideal when you don’t have much space in your kitchen, as it is approximately 20% smaller and 25% lighter, so you will find it quite easy to use. It is a perfect model for processing all types of dough without any limitations.

Kitchen Aid Professional: And for those whose activities in the kitchen are more professional, we want to introduce you to this last design, which is much more sophisticated and has functions that do not present any type of limitation when preparing meals. The best of them all without a doubt.

Kitchen aid classic Kitchen aid artisan Kitchen aid mini Kitchen aid professional
Power 250W 325W 250W 575W
Capacity 4.2 litres 5 litres 3.3 litres 6.9 litres
Price Low Medium Low High

How much does a Kitchen Aid cost?

There are different prices with which we can find our ideal kitchen aid, each of them can vary according to the functions and quality of the same, so we recommend that if what you want is to use it constantly acquire one that is totally resistant and versatile.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate Kitchen Aid models

When making your purchase, we consider it very important to take into account different aspects about the product you wish to buy, as these will allow you to make your purchase a complete success and will also save you from having to spend unnecessary time.

  • Power
  • Use
  • Bowl capacity
  • Warranty


When purchasing your kitchen aid, you should evaluate the type of power it has, as this can affect when you want to make your recipes and these can be somewhat deficient.

Power for professional recipes: Many professionals often use kitchen aids as a booster to make the preparation of recipes faster. The ideal power for working with professional recipes, whether working with heavy dough or processing food, is approximately 575W.

Power for simple recipes: For simpler recipes, whether working with light doughs and processing smaller, denser foods, a power of around 250W to 300W is the most recommended, as they will work quite well and your meals will come out much more efficiently.


This is undoubtedly a very important aspect to take into account, as it will allow you to make the best choice when making your purchase. Clarifying what you want to use your kitchen aid for will help you to evaluate whether you need a professional one or one with more basic functions.

Professional use: If you want to use the kitchen aid in a more professional way, the best thing for you is to buy a better quality one, as this will allow you to make all kinds of recipes without any limitation in the functions that this product offers.

Casual use: Now, if what you are looking for is an assistant to help you in your kitchen, you can buy a simpler one that will make it easier for you to prepare your simple recipes.

Bowl capacity

When preparing our recipes we must know the exact measurements so that they turn out perfectly, the same happens with the kitchen aid, as these will work better as long as the capacity of the bowl is adequate for the preparation of your meals.

The standard capacity of a kitchen aid is approximately 5 litres, however, there are models that have a capacity of up to 7 litres, of course, the latter are generally only used professionally.


Before making your purchase, we recommend that you make sure that your product comes with a guarantee in case of any type of fault, as this will save you from uncomfortable moments or spending money unnecessarily.

There are several shops that offer a full warranty in case the product is faulty. These guarantees can offer you an exchange or a full refund of your money. We want you to have the best shopping experience, so we advise you to pay attention to this aspect.

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