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Nowadays, almost everyone has a routine full of commitments, right? For college, work, gym and leisure time, having a Kipling backpack is a practical and functional option. Kipling is one of the preferred brands among the young public.

On its differentials we can highlight the casual design, the organization of the internal space, the different sizes and the durability of the piece. If you’re looking to invest in a Kipling backpack, but are undecided about which model to choose, keep reading, because in today’s article we’ll help you find the ideal Kipling backpack for you.


  • You can find Kipling backpack models in the following categories: Gym, Day to Day, School, Weekend, Outings, Work and Travel, divided into more than 30 collections.
  • With the arrival of the new millennium, Kipling went through a reformulation to conquer the adult public. Currently, you can find backpack models made of leather and with metal or plastic key rings.
  • Kipling’s monkeys arrived in Brazil in 1997. Since then, our country has established itself as one of the company’s most important hubs, second only to the United States and Italy.

The Best Kipling Backpack: Our Picks

Buying Guide

If you are looking for a backpack to accompany you to college, work, gym and leisure time, the Kipling backpack is an excellent alternative. You will find a wide variety of models in different categories, collections, sizes, colours and price ranges. Want to know more? Continue reading this Buying Guide.

Imagem de um grupo de pessoas usando mochilas.

The Kipling backpack is a companion for all hours. (Source: Felix Rosting / Unsplash)

What’s different about the Kipling backpack?

The Kipling backpack is made of light, resistant and durable material – in some cases, water resistant – it has ample internal space, divided into compartments and pockets that facilitate organization. Most models have adjustable and padded straps, which make it easier to carry the backpack, even when it is heavy. In some models, the back is also padded. The backpack can be plain – Kipling’s colour palette is huge, you’ll find from neutral tones to vibrant ones – or printed. What they all have in common is the monkey keychain.

  • Besides the ample internal space, the backpack has compartments and pockets
  • There are models for children, youth and adults
  • The durability of the product surprises
  • Padded and adjustable straps
  • These backpacks are expensive
  • Almost all models are made in nylon

What is the best Kipling backpack for school?

To go to school, the child needs a resistant and spacious backpack, because in addition to school supplies, he or she will need to take a snack to eat between classes. Tip: You can also invest in a Kipling lunch box.

  • Carmine: This medium-sized school backpack features ample internal space, padded compartment to put tablet or notebook and top pocket to keep the smartphone, with headphone output.
  • Echo: This model is versatile, as it can be used as a backpack or as a roller bag. The backpack has a main compartment, two front pockets and a side pocket for bottles.
  • Fundamental: This backpack is light, wide and spacious. It has a main compartment, closed by laces and covered by a flap with Velcro closure. It has a single front pocket.
  • Hahnee: This backpack is spacious and functional. The internal compartment is divided into three parts, gives to save materials, accommodate gadgets and store personal items. The handles are padded.
  • Seoul Go: This backpack has as a differential water resistance. Another interesting feature is the larger number of pockets and compartments, to facilitate the organization of school supplies and school bag.
  • Gouldi, Stelba and College Up: These models have ample internal space, compartment for notebook, smartphone and other gadgets. The front pocket has dividers to keep documents, pens and keys.
Kipling products have extended warranty for three months after the legal warranty period, totaling six months of coverage from the date of purchase

I’m in college, is it possible to find a Kipling backpack to fit my profile?

If you’re in college or graduate school, you need to invest in a functional, spacious and versatile backpack. Our suggestion is the Kipling Clas Seoul backpack, a classic model of the brand. This backpack is spacious and has a special compartment to put your notebook. On the outside, it has a large pocket with organizers. It also has a pocket near the hand strap to put your smartphone.

Imagem de uma universitária com uma mochila Kipling.

da: The backpack Kipling Clas Seoul is ideal for college students. (Source: Disclosure / Kiplin)

What is the best Kipling backpack for work?

If you need a backpack to go to work, know that the brand has some models for those who need space to carry a bit of everything and face a hectic work routine.

  • Deeda: This model has two main compartments, one of which is padded, ideal for storing a notebook. This compartment also has organizer pockets to put cables, documents, wallet and necessaire. In the second compartment, you can put folders and documents that need to be organized in order and cannot crumple.
  • Osho: If you value organization, this model is the best option, because it has several pockets and compartments. This model also has a handle that can be fitted on the trolley of your suitcase.
  • Tsuki: If you are looking for a more modern model – with a classic touch – bet on the Tsuki backpack. This model is versatile, serves to go to work, gym, travel and outings.
  • Komori S: This 2 in 1 model can go from backpack to bag, because it has adaptable compartments and removable straps. This model is also ideal for travelling.
  • Tamiko: This backpack is the best choice for those who need a large, functional and organized bag. If you need a compartment to keep your notebook, choose the Yantis.

Which Kipling backpack models are ideal for travelling?

The Kipling backpack can also accompany you on trips, weekend trips and even serve as a handbag, if you are travelling by plane. Those who prefer a medium-sized model can bet on the Izir backpack, which has a capacity of 22 litres, numerous compartments, organiser pockets and two adjustment buckles.

Imagem de uma mochila.

Some Kipling backpack models are ideal for trips. (Source: Josiah Weiss/ Unsplash)

If you prefer a more stripped model, you can bet on the Joetsu backpack, which has closure by adjustable cord and flap with velcro closure. This model is decorated with metal trims on the handles. If you need a large backpack, bet on the Redro, a functional model, with capacity for 45 litres and cool design.

I want a Kipling backpack for the gym, which model should I choose?

If you work out a lot, you need a Kipling backpack that can accommodate your workout necessities like a water bottle, towel and clean clothes. Our gym backpack suggestions are:

  • Supertaboo: With zip and drawstring handles, this model is ideal for those looking for a casual backpack. Its differential is the front pocket, which gives easy access to the most important items.
  • Etoko and Morie: They are versatile and can be used both as a backpack and as a handbag (Etoko) or shoulder bag (Morie). Despite their similarities, these models have totally different designs.

Which Kipling backpack is ideal for everyday life?

To face the weekly routine, you need a versatile backpack, with space to store your laptop, study or work material, necessaire with personal hygiene items, lunch box, among others. You can choose a smaller backpack like the Experience S, with internal organisers and a compartment to put a tablet. Another excellent option is the City Pack S backpack. If you prefer a model with the sophistication of a bag and backpack features, our suggestion is the On a Roll model, which can be used for walking, working or travelling.
Did you know that the monkey was chosen as Kipling’s mascot because it symbolizes fun and irreverence, symbols of the brand?! In the beginning, the monkey only appeared in the logo, later it became a plush keychain. Nowadays, the little monkeys have gained new versions, in metal or plastic

Classic Niman Fold and Art Backpack are 2 in 1 models, which can be converted into a bag. When opened, it has all the functionality of a backpack. When closed, it turns into a bag with an adjustable and removable strap that can be used in transversal or shoulder.

Which Kipling backpack is suitable for young children?

If you want to buy a Kipling backpack for your baby’s first days at school, invest in the Faster or Hippo models. With a fun print, these models have a capacity of 7L, enough to store a bottle, dummy, two or three nappies, a clean change of clothes and items requested by the school.

For girls up to five years old, we suggest the Heart and Sienna models, which have padded adjustable straps, pockets – heart-shaped in the case of the Heart model – and waterproof lining (Sienna). For the bigger ones, the Seoul Switch model is the ideal option. With four functional compartments and a front pocket that can be removed or reversed (if you prefer a model without this feature, choose the Seoul UP).

How much does a Kipling backpack cost?

To answer this question, we divided the products by price range. Despite being expensive, the Kipling backpack has an advantageous cost-benefit, because the prices compensate for the quality and durability of the products.

  • $250 to $450: Supertaboo and Siena
  • $500 to $550: Joetsu, On a Roll, Seoul Up, Stelba, City Pack, Gouldi, Fundamental and Heart.
  • $600 to $800: Seoul Go, Art Backpack, Carmine, Bright, Etoko, Experience, Izir and Classic Niman Fold.
  • $850 to $1000: Komori S, Morie, Osho, Redro, Seoul Switch, Tamiko, Yantis, College Up and Hahnee.
  • Above $1,000: Tsuki and Echo.

Buying criteria: Factors to compare Kipling backpack models

As you could notice throughout this Buying Guide, there is a wide variety of Kipling backpack models, so which one to choose? We have selected some features that will help you define the ideal model for your needs:

  • Capacity
  • Weight
  • Category
  • Colour and print

We will explain each of these items throughout the section.


You can find the Kipling backpack in three sizes: small, medium and large. Each model has a certain capacity that should be respected, no matter how spacious and resistant the Kipling backpack is.

  • Small backpack: Capacity 7 to 14L.
  • Medium Backpack: capacity 13 to 32L.
  • Large Backpack: Capacity 16 to 45L.

Imagem de uma pessoa segurando uma mochila.

You can find the Kipling backpack in different sizes. (Source: Scott Webb / Unsplash)


Also note the weight of the empty backpack. This measure varies from 400g to 2Kg and is available on the product datasheet. It is important to check, because you can only carry a backpack with up to 10% of your body weight. But it’s worth remembering, you’ll have to add up the weight of the backpack with the weight of the items you’ll put inside.


Before buying a Kipling backpack, define what your needs are. Do you want a backpack for everyday use? Need a model to go to school or college? Or to work? Will you use it as a gym bag? Do you intend to use it on trips? By answering these questions you will get to the ideal model. Ah, remember that you can find Kipling backpack 2 in 1, which means it can be used both as a backpack and as a bag.

Colour and print

The vibrant colours and fun prints have been part of Kipling’s identity since the brand was launched. Each year, a new collection is unveiled and new colours become the brand’s bet. The colour palette of the models launched in the summer is composed of warm, vibrant colours, with reddish and orange tones. In the fall, the sober colours invaded the Kipling backpacks.

(Source of the highlighted image: Disclosure / Kipling)