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How times change – back then you still showed off with the Gameboy and today you play with a tablet. The small practical devices are more preferred than laptops because of the quick access to information.

Tablets are not only interesting for adults, but have now become an important gadget for children. For this reason, extra tablets have recently been produced for children as well. They can explore the world of modern technology in a playful way.

With our kids tablet test 2023 we want to help you find the best kids tablet for you. We have compared tablets from the age of 12 months and kids tablets from the age of three and listed the respective advantages and disadvantages. This should make your purchase decision as easy as possible.

The most important facts

  • With the kids tablet, you can enable your child to discover and explore the new digital media world with the help of different apps, interesting audio games and various video material.
  • The kids tablet can not only be used for playful activities, but also offer children the opportunity to acquire knowledge in a new way and thus develop themselves further.
  • With appropriate parental controls and screen time, you can ensure that the new media are used in a way that is appropriate for children and that, despite the measures taken, provides a lot of fun and enjoyment.

The Best Kids Tablet: Our Picks

Kids tablets are now strongly represented on the market. However, not all kids tablets are convincing in terms of quality and child-friendliness. We have picked out the best ones below to help you make your choice.

Kids tablets: buying and evaluation criteria

In the following, we will show you which criteria you can use to decide between the many kids tablets. The criteria you can use to compare the tablets with each other include:

In the following paragraphs, we will explain to you what is important in the individual criteria and what you should pay attention to.

Child-friendliness and warranty

When buying a kids tablet, it is important that you pay attention to the child-friendliness and warranty. Since children see a tablet as a toy and not as an easily breakable object, you must make sure that the product is robust and well protected.

To preserve the life of the tablet, we recommend a protective cover.

It should not only protect the tablet from falls, but also provide a good grip. Also make sure that your kids tablet has a scratch-resistant display and can withstand a lot.

Most manufacturers are well acquainted with the handling of kids tablets and therefore offer a time-limited guarantee where the tablet can be replaced free of charge in case of damage and the learning fun can continue.


A further and important criterion is the display size of your kids tablet. Most manufacturers offer their tablets with HD (High Definition). Models with HD offer high resolution and provide good picture quality, which is less tiring on the eye.

Make sure the screen displays a clear picture and does not have dark spots or flickering.

The screen size also plays an important role. The display should be neither too large nor too small. Large screens are clearer and easier to use, while smaller displays are easier for children’s hands to operate. The display size for kids tablets ranges from seven to ten inches. It’s up to you to decide which size you think is right for your child.

Internal memory

On average, kids tablets have between 16 and 32 GB of memory. Some models have the option of expanding the storage space up to 400 GB with an external SD card.

Of course, it depends on the use of the tablet how much memory your child needs. With an enormous amount of photos, books, videos, music or apps, you shouldn’t skimp on storage capacity. Therefore, we think that 16 to 32 GB is quite sufficient.

Internet connection

For most people, internet access is an important criterion when deciding what to buy. A children’s tablet is recommended if you like to take control of the tablet. Most safety functions are controlled via apps that are only possible with internet access.

Wi-Fi is also recommended for downloading apps that your child will enjoy playing with.

Here you can already check whether the downloaded apps can also be used without WLAN. This allows your child to use the tablet on long car journeys, for example, without any restrictions. Some models also offer the option of using a SIM card, so that your children’s tablet remains connected while on the move. It’s up to you whether you need WLAN or not.

Camera resolution

Kids’ tablets do not follow the trend towards better cameras. The main and front cameras offer the same resolution and deliver only average picture quality. Children’s tablets usually offer a low resolution of between two and three megapixels.

If your child still enjoys taking pictures or shooting videos, this is perfectly adequate. Think carefully about whether you want a children’s tablet with a camera, because many parents deliberately decide against it to avoid abuse. However, if you want to encourage your child to take photos, you can consider getting a camera for children.

Kids tablets: Frequently asked questions and answers

In the following, we would like to answer the most important questions about children’s tablets. We have selected the questions for you and will answer them shortly. After reading the guide, you will know all the essential background information about children’s tablets.

What is a kids tablet?

The purpose of a kids tablet is to help children learn how to use technology and the internet responsibly at an early age. The robust and easy-to-use tablets are now preferred.

Even at an early age, it is important to build skills that will be useful later in life. Tablets help young children develop their creativity and fine motor skills. For slightly older children, they are very helpful in school activities such as doing homework or studying.

Kinder Tablet

When choosing a tablet, it is important to consider the age and needs of the children. (Image source: Jelleke Vanooteghem/ Unsplash)

To find the right tablet for your child, there is a wide variety of tablets. Depending on the type and function, a kids tablet is suitable for children as young as 12 months and as old as two years.

These tablets are play tablets and do not have the same function as the traditional tablet. However, you still have to distinguish between a kids tablet for children from one year and a tablet for children from three years.

Make sure that the tablet is handled well and safely

As technology advances, children’s tablets have functions similar to those of a normal tablet and can therefore be used by children from the age of four to ten. What you really need to look out for when buying a kids tablet is how it is used.

Avoid excessive use of tablets, smartphones or television. An overdose of (digital) media can have a negative impact on your child’s development. This can lead to language development disorders, lack of concentration and sleep disorders. Therefore, limit the use to less than one hour.

For slightly older children who like to read, it may already make sense to buy an e-book reader, such as the Kindle e-book reader. This will not only save you the space that books would take up on the shelf, but will also encourage your child to read.

What types of kids tablets are there and which one is suitable for my child?

If you want to give your children a treat and buy a kids tablet, there are two types to choose from: Android tablets and Fire OS. We have compiled the most important advantages and disadvantages of the listed types below:

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Android tablets Widely used product, easy to use for young and old, compatible with other Android devices Battery life decreases over time, performance depends on model
Fire OS tablets Advantageous for Amazon users, secure handling, integrated shop and browser Limited possibilities when installing apps, not suitable for Android and Google users

If you are familiar with Windows devices, then the Android tablet is also easy for you to use. One advantage of this model is the many free apps you can find in the Google Play Store. Here you can quickly and easily make safety settings and thus protect your child.

Fire OS tablets are very similar to Android tablets. Despite some similarities, the Amazon model differs from the classic Android tablet. The tablet is optimised purely for Amazon. The internet browser is called Browser Amazon Silk and has Amazon’s own app store integrated. Because it is an Amazon product, the famous Alexa voice assistant cannot be missing.

What alternatives are there to a kids tablet?

Alternatives to a kids tablet include writing tablets or conventional tablets. Each of the models has its own advantages and disadvantages. In the following section, we will give you a brief overview of the alternatives to a children’s tablet.

  • Writing Tablet: The Writing Tablet, also called a Boogie Board, works like a notepad. Your child can write or draw on the surface of the tablet. With the touch of a button, you can erase the content and continue using it. The Writing Tablet can also be seen as sustainable, as you don’t need pens or paper and it is easy to use.
  • Regular tablet: Another alternative is a regular tablet. You can buy a simple tablet and install it for your child in a child-friendly and safe way. You can download apps that are relevant for your child from the App Store. School children can also make better use of the tablet for school purposes.

Each of the tablet models has certain advantages that are not to be sneezed at. Nevertheless, the modern children’s tablets have proven to be the best for young children. Besides other types of tablets, there is also the option of buying a children’s laptop.

How can I control my kids internet and media use on a kids tablet?

Every parent should be aware that children grow up not only with toys but also with technology. Children like to play with tablets and thus discover a new, colourful world.

However, some children are not aware that there can be many dangers behind a small, harmless-looking screen. To ensure that the use of the tablet remains safe, a parental control is recommended.

Kinder Tablet

Parents should not let their children play with the tablet unsupervised, but always keep them under control. (Image source: Alexander Dummer/ Unsplash)

After most kids tablets have a security function installed, ill-considered clicks on cost traps or on inappropriate content can be prevented.

Parental controls give parents the ability to control and manage the content their little ones access.

Most tablets can be connected to the smartphone to monitor the use of the child’s tablet.

Meanwhile, some models can use artificial intelligence to alert parents to inappropriate, non-age-related content, but also cyberbullying. In this case, the parents are notified via the smartphone and can react accordingly.

How can the usage time of the kids tablet be changed?

With the latest technology, you can also keep an eye on your children’s usage time. This allows children not to exceed the level of screen use. Especially with young children, care should be taken about how long the device is used. It is important that children have enough time for other activities as well.

Watch screen time. Excessive use is harmful to your child.

You also need to set a limit on how long and how often your child can use the tablet. With screen time, this is quite easy, because when the set usage time is over, the tablet switches itself off, signalling the end of use.

Since these are young children, control and observation are essential with such devices.


With a children’s tablet, you are inviting your children into a new world of digital media use that will be useful in later life. With the help of child-friendly tablets, children can playfully expand their horizons with games, audio books, videos or learning apps. Tablets come in many varieties and, depending on the model, are suitable for children as young as 12 months.

The so-called toy tablets are not like normal tablets, but have buttons in the form of apps. With these, the child can learn new letters and songs. In contrast to the tablets, there are others that children as young as three can use and that offer more functions.

With a children’s tablet, your children can not only play, but also learn something. Child protection and limited screen time are highly recommended. In this way, you can not only protect your children, but also ensure that they can use the tablet in a child-friendly way.

Picture source: Georgerudy / 123rf