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Keychains or Key rings are a practical, functional and economical solution to keep your keys together and greatly reduce the chances of losing them. It is a small object that you will attach to your keys and, in addition, will allow you to identify them so that you can avoid trying one by one until you find the right one.

In this site you will find all the characteristics and peculiarities that you will find in the key rings, the specifications that will make them useful and the qualities that will help you choose the best option for you. We accompany you in your reading!


  • Keychains are accessories that we attach to a key or a group of keys with the intention of keeping them together, identifying them or locating them more easily. They usually consist of a metal ring that goes through all the keys and a decorative or extra specific hanging element.
  • You can find keychains in a wide variety of materials, but the most common are stainless steel, plastic, leather and wood. Each of these has characteristics that you will want to know about to decide which is the best choice for your intended use.
  • Beyond the materials, other criteria will be decisive when making your purchase. It is important to know the weight of the keychain you plan to get, the number of pieces that will come in the packaging, the cleaning methodology that each material requires and the additional functions that can benefit you in other areas.

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Key rings can be found in a variety of shops, such as men’s shops, office supplies, souvenirs and the like. (Photo: lightfieldstudios/

What are keychains and what are their advantages?

Key rings are portable badges that you add to your key or group of keys in order to locate them more easily, differentiate them from others, keep them grouped together or simply to have a more convenient object to hold and carry from one place to another.

In addition to being economical and customisable, you can find them in countless sizes, models, themes and materials, which will help you choose the ones you identify with the best. Here is a list of advantages you will find by always having a keyring at hand.

  • They are lightweight
  • They help to differentiate groups of keys
  • They prevent the loss of keys
  • You can also attach them to other objects
  • Some are very fragile
  • Some materials can wear out
  • You will probably need more than one

Keychains made of stainless steel, plastic, leather or wood – what to look out for?

As we mentioned, the variety of key rings you will find is inexhaustible, so much so that we can get confused or overwhelmed if we really want to identify which material will be ideal for the key ring we want in our day to day life.

Although the list is extensive, we will detail the characteristics of the most common materials so that you can discern their qualities, peculiarities of their nature and manufacture, and thus make the best decision. We will talk about stainless steel, plastic, leather and wood key rings.

Stainless steel. Keyrings made of this material tend to have a long life, due to their resistance to external agents. They are recommended for those who handle substances that can damage it, such as chemicals, or simply for those who want a durable key ring. It can lose its shine if exposed to excessive humidity.

Plastic. They are inexpensive, lightweight and very durable as long as they are manufactured to a high standard. They can suffer damage and wear and tear if they come into contact with direct fire, rough surfaces or simply with the passage of time. Use them if you usually keep your keys on smooth surfaces, in your pocket, bag or places where they will not be damaged.

Leather. This type of keyring is very popular among men, as they tend to have a sober and elegant look. It is important to take care of it from sweat and dirt, as it can wear off its first coat of paint and lose its consistency and colour. Wear them preferably in cool or cold environments so that they can keep their appearance for longer.

Wood. These handcrafted options are often very beautiful and durable. They may be heavy due to their material. It is recommended to keep them away from direct contact with water and rustic surfaces, so they are a good option to use in that group of faucets you keep at home.

Stainless steel Plastic Leather Wood
Durability Very durable Depends on manufacture Durable Durable
Damage Excessive moisture Direct fire and weather Sweat or dirt Water and rubbing against surfaces
Weight Heavy Light Light Light Heavy

Keyrings come in a variety of materials to choose from depending on what you want to use them for (Photo: magraphics/

Purchasing criteria

Finally, we will tell you the last factors that you can take into account before buying the perfect keyring for you. You don’t need to be very specific, but you do need to know each of them so that you can guarantee a purchase that will stay with you for years to come and work perfectly for your uses.


Depending on the material, size and functions of the key rings, their weight will vary greatly. This should be taken into consideration depending on how you will use it, how often you will use it and how many keys you will add to it.

Lightweight. The lightest key rings usually weigh 2 grams. Some of the more representative ones weigh as much as 40 grams, which is still quite light. Use them when you want to add a small number of keys to it (less than 8) to avoid it suffering when you hold it. You can find this weight in plastic, leather and some wooden key rings.

Heavy. When it comes to heavier materials such as wood or stainless steel, you can find key rings from 40 grams to 150 grams or a little more. These are ideal when you have a bulky bunch of keys (10 or more) to give you the support you need.

Key rings are accessories that we attach to a key or a group of keys in order to keep them together, identify them or locate them more easily.
(Photo: wklzzz/


Thanks to the affordability of many of them, you can find them in single or multiple presentations. This way you will be able to select the best option according to your needs. We’ll tell you more about them below.

Individuals. Usually, these options are more personalised and elaborate. This is the format in which you will find the most distinguished key rings and with the longest elaboration time; also those with additional functionalities. Go for them when you need just one key ring, for example, for your new car.

Multiple. When you need different key fobs for different uses, such as identifying different sets of keys, donating some of them or simply keeping spares in case of new uses, you can opt for multiple key fob packs. These often come in a variety of colours for you to choose from.


You probably never thought about the hygienic characteristics of a key ring before buying it, but you think about how to do it when one of them accumulates dirt. Here are a few things you can take into account when choosing a keyring material whose cleaning routine suits you best.

Stainless steel. This material will stay clean for a long time, but when you want to clean it, you should do it with warm water and baking soda, to achieve an optimal result in a safe and economical way.

Plastic. Plastic is the easiest material to clean of all, as it does not require great complications or elaborate products. To do so, you only need to moisten a tissue and gently wipe the key ring until the dirt is removed.

Leather. This material should not be washed directly with soap and water, but should be moisturised frequently (once a month is a good option) to keep it shiny and clean. To do this, you can use a few drops of your usual body moisturiser.

Wood. To prevent wear and damage, don’t wash it directly with water, but instead use a little teak oil to moisturise it or simply wipe it with a dry cloth to remove any layers of dust that may be on it. This way, you will still be able to preserve its natural beta.

Help to differentiate groups of keys.
(Photo: lightfieldstudios/

Additional functions

Some key rings are created with the sole intention of being a key ring. However, the creativity of the market has led to options that not only help us to keep our keys together, but also provide us with useful functions, such as the following:

Torch. Some key rings can incorporate small battery-operated torches that can provide us with a beam of light for moments when it is necessary, such as looking into dark compartments or checking the key that we will use during the night. Buy them if you spend a lot of time in dark spaces.

Knife. There are key rings that come with small knives or blades that will be useful for different uses such as opening a can, carving or similar tasks. Use it as your car keychain to take advantage of it during any emergency that requires it.

Pen. It never hurts to have a pen handy for fleeting writings, signing an invoice or simply jotting down your ideas. We recommend you to use it in the key ring of your home or car, to keep it always with you in your pocket or bag.

Key-opener. There are key rings for those who want to celebrate in style, as they include a bottle opener so you will never let a drink in a bottle warm up again while you place one. We recommend using it at home if you usually host these gatherings, or in your car if you prefer to hold your gatherings elsewhere.

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