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Welcome to our big keyboard sheet music test 2022. Here we present all the keyboard sheet music we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

In this way, we would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best keyboard sheet music for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should be aware of when buying keyboard sheet music.


  • For all music enthusiasts for whom learning programmes or online tutorials are not enough, investing in keyboard sheet music is definitely beneficial. Keyboard sheet music is usually offered in different difficulty levels.
  • So, regardless of whether you are a beginner or already very advanced in piano playing, you will always find the right sheet music. Depending on the occasion and purpose, certain keyboard sheet music is best suited for you.
  • For example, there are music books for beginners (for adults or children), as well as genre-specific sheet music, such as jazz or pop sheet music.

The Best Keyboard Notes: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying keyboard sheet music

What are the differences between piano and keyboard sheet music?

In contrast to classical piano sheet music, keyboard sheet music leaves more room for interpretation. This is because usually only the main melody is presented in classical notation; in addition, the corresponding chords are notated in the appropriate place.

Often there is an overview at the front of the booklet of how to finger these chords or of which notes the chords consist. In many booklets, a drawing of the piano keys is used to illustrate this – so that one can actually play to the music without being able to read notes in the actual sense.

Of course, the notation of keyboard notes has certain advantages and disadvantages in contrast to completely arranged piano pieces.

Piano sheet music keyboard sheet music
What is to be played is completely formulated notation leaves a lot of room for interpretation
Lengthy learning process learning successes can be expected in a short time
Professionals should play sheet music keyboard sheet music is often more suitable for beginners, as professionals can also easily hear the information given

Do I already have to be able to read music?

Not necessarily. There are also many keyboard booklets that aim to be a reference book for absolute beginners.

Pay attention to this criterion when buying your keyboard sheet music. By the way: learning to read music is not as complex as it seems. There are many tutorials on the internet that will help you learn this skill in no time!

If your goal is not to be able to play complex piano sonatas fluently, the absolute basics will suffice in most situations – and they can be learned quickly.

For whom is the purchase of keyboard sheet music suitable?

Keyboard sheet music is definitely suitable for every beginner who wants to learn how to play the keyboard. However, if you want to make music professionally, you should also look at real piano sheet music, as reading music can be an important skill – even if it has lost importance in contemporary music.

For people who have been playing music for a long time, it is also highly recommended not to get the chords to their favourite pieces from a keyboard booklet, but to try out whether you can hear the chords from the pieces. This is how you train your ear and become a better musician. Nevertheless, keyboard sheet music can be an advantage here, too, if you want to check your assessments, for example.

Keyboard music books are the ideal choice for beginner musicians who are looking for an introduction to the world of music and music reading. Later, one can buy more complex piano pieces in sheet music form or accompany music by ear.

Which keyboard sheet music is useful always depends on one’s own level of knowledge and previous musical knowledge. (Image source: / stevepb)

Who creates keyboard sheet music?

This varies depending on where you get your keyboard sheet music. Especially on the internet you can (unfortunately) find a lot of wrong sheet music or chords for well-known pieces. Of course, most of these scores are free, but if they are wrong, you don’t get much out of it. On the internet, it’s often not really clear who creates the sheet music.

That is why it is sometimes advisable to support the composer by buying a book of sheet music. These booklets are usually written by people who really know what they are doing; this way you avoid the danger of getting the wrong chords for pieces, or of the melody being written imprecisely or incorrectly.

Which keyboard sheet music is suitable for beginners?

That depends on your age and your own wishes. If you are an absolute beginner, you should of course make sure that your future keyboard book is also written for absolute beginners. However, it is worth buying a music theory book in addition to the keyboard book, as these often go into much more depth than pure keyboard music books.

After all, as a beginner, you often want to learn to play the keyboard quickly and effectively, and you want to make sure that you buy the best possible book.

The sobering realisation: you will only become good at playing the keyboard if you invest a lot of time in your hobby. So try to think “outside the box” early on and maybe write your own songs or play certain pieces differently, or simply accompany a piece by ear.

You will only be able to improve your playing if you study the material intensively yourself. A good keyboard booklet can help you on this journey. There are many different teaching methods in this context, which work well or badly depending on the perceptive faculty and the person.

If possible, you should talk to a music teacher about this and get advice before buying. This will help you get started in the best possible way. Otherwise, you should read customer reviews on the internet and take them to heart.

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate keyboard sheet music


Without a doubt, the size of your music book is a very important criterion.

The size can be differentiated according to several criteria:

  • Number of songs
  • Extent of the theoretical part
  • Number of pages

Pay attention not only to the number of songs, but also to what kind of songs are offered. For simple folk songs, you can often find the right sheet music quickly, easily and free of charge on the internet.

The situation is different with sheet music for current pop/rock hits. For these are protected by copyright, and so the author of the book has to pay royalties to the artist. So if a book contains 100 current pop songs, the quality is higher than with 100 folk songs.

Often these books are also “stretched” by folk songs, so that superficially the book has more content. Remember: the sheet music of folk songs can also be found very easily and free of charge on the internet.

But there is no doubt that folk songs are also suitable for learning the keyboard. But there is also something satisfying about being able to play and interpret the songs of your favourite artists.

Especially if you are a beginner, pay attention to the size of the theory section. How many pages are devoted to theory? What content is covered? What are the customers’ opinions on the part?

The number of pages is only suitable as a superficial criterion for assessing the scope, as the font size and page format can distort this indicator. Of course, the quality of the content should be more important than its size!

Level of difficulty

Notebooks often also indicate how difficult the content is to understand. A distinction is usually made between very easy, easy, moderately difficult, demanding and very demanding.

But not every book manufacturer adheres to this scheme! Just study the description of the respective article and it should become clear quite quickly for whom the booklet is best suited. Also consider genre differences – notebooks with pop sheet music are the easiest notebooks, while mostly jazz notebooks are not for complete beginners.

Genre and purpose

Depending on the occasion and situation, there is a need for sheet music for the keyboard. Of course, you can find keyboard sheet music for various genres. But especially in the jazz/blues genre, the boundaries to “normal” piano sheet music are blurred.

Age recommendation

There are indeed differences between the various age groups. These are mostly in the presentation and conception.

Especially with keyboard schools, you should be careful when looking for the right introductory music. These are often geared more to the age of children and young people. The learning concept is adapted accordingly. For adults, this should be taken into account. In the subsequent volumes, however, this character usually diminishes.

Image source: / Lorenzo Spoleti