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Chips are a must-have at any party and invite your guests to stay. If you have a choice between normal chips and kettle chips, you should always opt for kettle chips. Kettle chips are sliced unpeeled and are about three times thicker than regular chips.

Whether kettle chips are really healthier is not so easy to answer. But the fact is that sunflower oil is used in the production of kettle chips. They are also produced much more slowly and gently. Work up an appetite? Let’s start with our guide.


  • Kettle chips are made by using the whole potato, unpeeled. They are thoroughly washed and cut into large, thick slices. They are slowly baked in the kettle, stirring constantly, until golden brown and seasoned.
  • Kettle chips are baked and not deep-fried like usual chips. Although kettle chips absorb more fat due to their thickness, they are usually baked in sunflower oil and are therefore better for the body.
  • There are countless varieties and flavours of kettle chips. From sea salt, paprika, chilli to sour cream and BBQ. There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to flavours and there is sure to be something for every taste bud.

The Best Kettle Chips: Our Picks

For this resource, we’ve taken a look at the whole range of kettle chips to help you make the right buying decisions. We are sure that we have thought of everyone in our selection and that there will be something for all tastes.

Buying and evaluation criteria for kettle chips

We have already tried out all types of kettle chips for you and now know exactly what you should look for when buying. To make your purchase easier, we will help you with the following buying criteria.

You should pay attention to these four criteria so that you don’t make a mistake with your purchase. We’ll explain exactly what they are.


Since there are many different flavours of kettle chips, it will certainly not be easy for you to decide at first. It is especially difficult if you are also expecting guests.

It’s a good idea to think about which kettle chips you want to buy when you’re writing your shopping list at home. To include your guests, you can also think about which chips they would like to serve.


When buying kettle chips, you should also take a look at the ingredients. Good kettle chips use sunflower oil, and it should say so. Avoid artificial flavourings and preservatives at all costs.

Also look out for intolerances, as gluten or lactose can also be found in kettle chips. In most cases, the chips are vegetarian or even vegan. But here, too, it is worth taking a quick look.


When it comes to the quantity, you should pay attention to the net weight of the kettle chips on the one hand and the purchase quantity you will need for the number of guests on the other. The net weight is important because the packaging is often filled with air and can therefore be deceptive. Normally, a bag contains 125 grams.

For the right amount to buy, you can follow a rule of thumb. Divide the number of people by two plus one extra bag. For ten people, this means five bags of crisps plus one bag as a reserve.

Shelf life

In most cases, kettle chips have a shelf life of up to six months, but the fat in the chips can go rancid very quickly. For this reason, it is better to buy chips as needed rather than stocking up in large quantities.

Once you have opened the chips, you should eat them within 3 days, otherwise they will change consistency and also lose flavour. However, there are many other foods that are suitable for stockpiling.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about kettle chips answered in detail

In this chapter we want to answer the most frequently asked questions about kettle chips. You probably also have one or two other questions that we would like to clarify.

What types of kettle chips are there?

There is only one way to make kettle chips. This is a very gentle process, which helps to give the chips more flavour.

Gemüsechips auf pinken Hintergrund.

Vegetable chips are a healthy alternative to traditional crisps and are also lower in calories. (Image source: Foodism360 / Unsplash)

In addition to crisps, there are also vegetable chips that are kettle baked. While there is only one way to make them, there are countless varieties. There are no limits to your imagination here. You will find everything from sea salt to curry mango. But one thing is for sure, all spices are delicious.

How much do kettle chips cost?

The prices for kettle chips vary greatly. They are available at both low and high prices.

Price range Products available
Low-priced €0.80 – €1.50 Own brands, mostly only in standard flavours
Medium-priced €1.50 – €2.50 More choice of varieties, better ingredients
High-priced €2.50 – €3.50 High-quality premium chips, in nice packaging

Even in the low-price category you can buy delicious kettle chips, but you should pay attention to the ingredients. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong, because they all taste delicious.

How are kettle chips made?

First, the kettle chips are cut into thick slices without peeling. The slices are about three times thicker than normal chips. After they are cut, they are baked in separate containers and not deep-fried. The temperatures also differ, being slightly lower for kettle chips. In addition, sunflower oil is used in most cases.

Are kettle chips healthy?

Conventional chips are deep-fried at 180° Celsius in a deep fryer with up to 20,000 litres of oil. Kettle chips, on the other hand, are produced gently and slowly. They are baked in a kettle at a maximum of 150 degrees in 2000 litres of sunflower oil. For this reason, they are considered healthier.

LateNightStreaming RedaktionKlassiker für einen Filmeabend
Kettle chips are a somewhat healthier alternative and go very well with a classic movie night.


By the way, you can also easily make kettle chips in the garden in a kettle grill. Super tasty and also a little bit healthier than from a bag.


Kettle chips are a super delicious alternative to conventional chips and other snacks. They are considered healthier than regular chips and are available in many different varieties. Plus, with kettle chips you’ll wow your guests and be a welcome addition to any party.

When buying kettle chips, check the ingredients and make sure you don’t put any artificial flavourings in your shopping trolley. Remember that cheap kettle chips do not automatically taste less good. Now that you know all the facts about kettle chips, you’re ready for an evening on the couch. Enjoy it.

(Cover photo: Emiliano Vittoriosi / Unsplash)