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The Kenwood food processor is by far the best known and most popular food processor. It can be used in many different ways, because the new induction technology allows you to cook a variety of dishes. The Kenwood food processor convinces with its simple operation.

With our big Kenwood food processor test 2022 we would like to support you in finding the best food processor for you. To do this, we have compared different Kenwood models and listed their advantages and disadvantages. This should help you to find the right Kenwood food processor.


  • Kitchen machines from Kenwood are among the most popular kitchen appliances.
  • With various Kenwood accessories, you can easily expand your food processor.
  • Kenwood food processors are available in different models. To meet your expectations, you should pay attention to different criteria such as mixing speed and power before buying.

The best Kenwood Food Processor: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Kenwood food processor

Before buying a Kenwood food processor, it would be advantageous to inform yourself in general about such a device. In this regard, we have listed useful information in the following paragraphs.

Kenwood Küchenmaschine-1

A Kenwood food processor can quickly become a blender with an accessory.
(Image source: / Brooke Lark)

What makes Kenwood food processors different from other manufacturers?

Kenwood is a British company that was founded in 1947.

Kenwood was the first company to produce kitchen machines.

In general, Kenwood produces various small kitchen appliances for private use. However, the company became known specifically for the food processor. The concept of this machine was developed by Kenwood and Kenwood was the first to produce it.

Nowadays, Kenwood is specifically known for their food processors. There are different models for this, which are then compared under the Decision point.

Are spare parts and accessories available for Kenwood food processors?

To keep your Kenwood food processor in good condition, it is advisable to replace worn parts after long use. Suitable Kenwood spare parts can be found in certain specialist shops or online. There are several suppliers on the Internet who generally provide various spare parts. Replacing old, used parts can improve the performance of the food processor.

The following different types of spare parts or accessories products are available.

Range Use
Connection This includes different connection parts.
Cover This includes various covers and attachments.
Seal This includes various sealing rings and sealing rubbers.
Blades There are different blades for different uses of the food processor.
Dough hook Depending on what you want to cook or bake, you need a different dough hook.
Mixing bowl The mixing bowl also comes in different models
Mixing bowl The mixing bowl comes in larger, smaller, more compact, etc.
Motor This includes spare parts that are located in the motor.
Pressing ball Various types of pressing balls can be found here.
Whisk Different whisks are needed for different types of dough.
Graters Graters are helpful for reducing the size of dough. Here, too, there are several models and types.
Chopper This is more about the container itself when reducing.

When buying spare parts, always look at the article number to make sure that the part fits your food processor.

What alternatives are there to the Kenwood food processor?

As an alternative to the Kenwood kitchen machine, there are comparable kitchen machines from various other suppliers. These include manufacturers such as KitchenAid, Bosch, Thermomix and Bomann.

Kenwood Küchenmaschine-2

The kitchen machine with induction technology can be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes quickly and easily.
(Image source: / Elli O.)

Decision: What types of Kenwood food processor are there and which one is right for you?

If you want to buy a Kenwood food processor, you can choose between four major product types. These are

  • Cooking Chef Gourmet
  • Titanium Chef XL
  • Chef Elite XL
  • kMix

In the following sections, we will explain in more detail how they differ and what advantages and disadvantages they have.

What is the Cooking Chef Gourmet range by Kenwood and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

The Cooking Chef Gourmet range from Kenwood is a food processor with induction technology. In addition to the new technology, the Kenwood Cooking Chef Gourmet offers the proven functions and possibilities of all Kenwood kitchen machines.

This means that you can cook a wide variety of dishes and meals. From yeast dough to crispy wok vegetables and creamy risotto. The new, innovative temperature control system provides support. The temperature range is thus 20° to 180°. For more precision in cooking, the temperature can be set to the exact degree.

Additional products for juicing, blending, pressing and much more can be purchased with this product range.

  • Great possibilities for preparing a wide variety of dishes thanks to induction technology
  • Various accessories available
  • More expensive than other Kenwood models

What is the Titanium Chef XL from Kenwood and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Titanium Chef XL, the product range from Kenwood, impresses with strong performance, accuracy and versatility. With 1,700 watts, the Titanium Chef XL kitchen machine is one of the most powerful kitchen machines of all time. A special element of this product range from Kenwood is the mixing bowl interior light.

With this food processor, it is possible to expand the model with over 25 accessories. This gives you complete freedom to be creative and let off steam in the kitchen. For example, you can mix, cut, dice, chop, grate, grind and much more.

  • Large selection of various accessories
  • Cheaper than the Cooking Chef Gourmet food processor
  • No built-in induction technology

What is the Chef Elite XL range from Kenwood and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

This range from Kenwood is the Chef Elite XL model.

Thanks to the planetary stirring system, you have perfect control over every detail.

With this, you can create a wide variety of recipes with ease. The infinitely variable speed control with pulse and fold function transforms ingredients into fluffy doughs.

This appliance is perfect for baking. In addition, the Chef Elite XL food processor can be converted into a blender, smoothie maker, pasta walker or even a meat press with special accessories. Over 25 additional accessories are also available for this purpose.

  • Large selection of various accessories
  • Even cheaper compared to the Titanium Chef XL food processor
  • No built-in induction technology

What is the Kenwood kMix range and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The kMix range from Kenwood shows how function and design can be combined. With 1,000 watts of power, the food processor has 3 mixing elements such as the K-hook, the dough hook and balloon whisk. The kMix food processor is the perfect helper for creating cake doughs, heavy bread doughs or light creams.

With its premium high-gloss finish, the kMix food processor is a sight to behold.

This food processor is a wonderful companion for experimenting with baking and cooking. Kenwood also offers various accessories to turn the food processor into a multifunctional appliance.

  • Large selection of various accessories
  • Even cheaper compared to the Chef Elite XL kitchen machine
  • No built-in induction technology

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and evaluate Kenwood kitchen machines

There are different variations of Kenwood kitchen machines. These models can be better analysed using the following criteria:

These points are shown in more detail, so that they can be better understood.


The power always depends on the particular model, because each appliance has a different power capacity. Basically, all Kenwood food processors have around 1,000 watts. This power can go up to about 1,700 watts.

Kenwood food processors such as the Chef XL Titanium and Cooking Chef Gourmet are among the more powerful models with approximately 1,500 – 1,700 watts.

Kenwood Küchenmaschine-3

Various desserts are easy to bake with a Kenwood food processor.
(Image source: / Charles Deluvio)

Appliance dimensions

When you consider what a Kenwood food processor can do, it is understandable that this appliance is somewhat larger. The purchase criterion of dimensions is simply about the size of the food processor. Because it would be good to think about whether the machine really has space before you buy it.

The dimensions describe the height, width and depth. Of course, these sizes vary for each model.


When it comes to weight, the size and dimensions of the machine are important, as are the accessories. This means that the weight can be higher or lower. Most Kenwood food processors weigh between 5 and 15 kg.

The weight of a food processor is variable – it can weigh between 5 and 15 kg.

Stirring speed

The mixing speed is divided into different levels. The mixing speed becomes faster from level to level.

Most Kenwood food processors have at least 6 speeds. A few models such as Cooking Chef Gourmet and Titanium Chef XL have 8 speeds.

Splash guard

The Kenwood splash guard is designed to ensure that ingredients do not cause annoying splashing when whisking. In addition, on models with induction technology, the splash guard can be used during cooking to trap heat and moisture in the bowl.

In other words, the splash guard can also be used as a heat shield. The guard is also intended to protect from rising steam during the cooking process when using the food processor.


Kenwood offers various accessories for the different food processors. This makes it easy for anyone to add extra functions to their food processor. For example, you can simply buy a stand mixer, a meat grinder, a pasta press or a multi-grinder.

Trivia: Interesting facts about Kenwood kitchen machines

Where is Kenwood headquartered?

Kenwood generally focuses on quality, innovation and robustness.

Kenwood is now represented in over 100 countries, making it one of the leading European brands for small electrical appliances.

Kenwood is headquartered in Havant Hampshire, United Kingdom.

What guarantee does Kenwood give me on my new food processor?

Kenwood offers a fixed 2-year warranty for their food processor. If the kitchen machine purchased was already at the point of handover or delivery, the customer has the right to a warranty. However, this expires after 2 years.

For the Titanium models, Kenwood offers the possibility to extend the legal warranty for the motor to 10 years by registering the product.

What other products does Kenwood make?

Kenwood sells a wide range of small kitchen appliances. The range includes toasters, the Triblade hand blender, kettles, stand mixers, bread makers, deep fryers, rice cookers, coffee makers and food choppers.

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