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The Kamado grill is not a simple barbecue or charcoal grill. It can show you completely new ways to expertly cook your food. Through the feature of the smoker flap, you get the opportunity to take your fellow men on a barbecue adventure and prepare a variety of delicacies for them in many different ways. With our big Kamado grill test 2023 we want to introduce you to these ceramic grills and help you choose your personal grill. In the following article, we have compiled the different types of Kamado grills and selected the most important facts for you. We have also compiled the advantages and disadvantages of a Kamado grill for you. So sit back, make yourself comfortable and have fun reading!


  • Unlike conventional grills, the temperature of the ceramic grill can be precisely determined. The typical egg shape allows the heat in the grill to circulate around your food.
  • The base and lid of the grill can be sealed airtight. You can only regulate the oxygen supply with an air slit. You can also smoke, grill, bake, cook and braise with different charcoal and wood pieces and a deflector shield.
  • The robust material makes the Kamado grill a loyal companion that you will enjoy for a long time. The grill is also easy to clean and weather-resistant.

The Best Kamado Grill: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for Kamado grills

The internet offers you many possibilities to find a Kamado grill. However, there are an almost infinite number of sites where you can find what you are looking for. This means that you have quite a large selection of grills to choose from. But you don’t have to despair, because we have put together a variety of possible criteria to help you decide on the right grill. The criteria you can use to compare grills include:


A huge difference to conventional charcoal grills is the material of the Kamado. In the lower part of the grill there is usually a ceramic bowl in which the charcoal is placed. Other types of material are terracotta or cement with lava ash. The ceramic can absorb moisture and gradually release it back into the food. The grates can be placed over the tray. A deflector stone, which is also made of ceramic, offers the possibility of direct or indirect grilling.

The ceramic walls store the heat for up to 20 hours in the grill

This mostly ceramic inner lining ensures optimum heat storage. This means that the heat can act on the food for a long time and lasts longer than in a grill made of another material such as sheet metal. The inside is also protected from the outside. A Kamado grill is therefore weatherproof and clearly less sensitive to weather-related influences. In addition, the material is easy to clean, as many models are coated with a glaze on the outside and inside. The smooth surfaces offer little adhesion for dirt and bacteria and stubborn dirt can hardly stick.

Smoker door

A big advantage of the Kamado grill is the flap, which is also lined on the inside. It can be sealed airtight with the help of insulation. In addition, most grills have a thermostat at the top of the flap. This allows you to see exactly what the temperature is inside your grill and reduce or increase it if necessary. Many grills have a sturdy wooden handle to lift the smoking flap or the lid so that you do not come into contact with the hot surfaces.


Many Kamado grills have shelves on the side of the grill that can be folded down. This can be used to store dishes or glasses as well as grilling accessories such as tongs, forks and picks. The surfaces are usually made of wood or bamboo, but can also be made of plastic.

Height and weight

There are different heights for a Kamado grill, which should be considered when buying. The height of a grill depends on whether the grill has a rack or not.

Kamado grills can be up to 130 centimetres high and weigh 140 kilograms.

As a rule, ceramic grills are between 78 and 85 centimetres high. With a frame, the height can be up to 130 centimetres. In some cases, information about the size of a grill can also be given in mini, medium, large or XLarge. This varies depending on the manufacturer. In general, Kamado grills are heavier than conventional grills because of the material. A ceramic grill weighs between 18 and 140 kilograms.

Grill surface

Depending on the size of the dome and the base of a ceramic grill, the diameter of the grill grate also varies. A grill grate on a ceramic barbecue can be between 33 and 55 centimetres in size. The grill grate can be made of a variety of materials (cast iron, stainless steel or ceramic).

The heat of the coals can be stored and transferred differently by the different grill grates.


On the one hand, there are so-called stand-alone ceramic barbecues. They can be integrated into an outdoor kitchen or combined with a barbecue table. In this way, they nestle perfectly into the worktop and can replace gas or electric cookers. On the other hand, some Kamado grills have a stable base that is sometimes called a grill cart. Some have additional castors at the bottom so that the grill can be moved to be taken on a picnic. These wheels can be locked so that the grill does not roll away.

Guide: Questions you should ask more often before buying a Kamado grill

In this section, we will answer a few more questions about the Kamado grill. We have selected questions for you, which we will answer below. Once you have read through the guide, you will know everything there is to know about Kamado grills.

What is special about Kamado grills and what advantages do they offer?

The Kamado grill originally comes from Japan and means something like “hearth” or “the place where the kettle can be placed”. After World War II, the Kamado art came to the USA and was further developed there as the Kamado BBQ. The special thing about a Kamado grill is the different ways of preparing food. With a ceramic grill, you can cook, bake, roast, grill or smoke. The ingredients and different dishes get a unique taste and an incomparable aroma due to the egg shape. The even cooking keeps them beautifully juicy.

Kamado Grill-1

You can prepare a wide variety of dishes on a Kamado grill. From classic sausages to desserts or grilled vegetables. (Image source: Andrik Langfield / unsplash)

The heat remains inside the grill due to the ceramic coating and circulates around the dishes. This way, you use less charcoal and can still prepare new food throughout the evening.

What sizes do Kamado grills have?

A Kamado grill has different sizes. The actual grill, the ceramic egg, is measured in kilograms and can weigh between approximately 30 and 140 kilograms. The size of the grill is usually given in centimetres – sometimes also in inches. Depending on the average size of the grill, the size of the dome and the base also varies.

Some manufacturers also designate the size of a grill with the terms mini, medium, large, XLarge or 2XLarge.

However, the actual sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

What types of Kamado grills are there?

There are not many different types of ceramic grills. In principle, a distinction can be made between larger and smaller grills:

Large Kamado grills

Larger Kamado grills have a larger grill. This means you can cook several dishes at the same time. However, they are also heavier and more unwieldy, so they cannot be moved around easily.

  • Large grate
  • less coal
  • heavy
  • unwieldy

Small Kamado grills

The small grills or mini Kamado grills are easier to handle and smaller. Although you are limited in the amount of food you can put on the grill, the Mini Kamado is easier to take along and can be a faithful companion on a picnic.

  • Easy to transport
  • suitable for beginners
  • small grill, expensive

However, it is difficult to say exactly what is a large grill and what is a small grill. Ultimately, it depends on what you want to do with it, how many people you want to cook for and how often you actually grill.

Who are Kamado grills suitable for?

Kamado grills are basically made for everyone. As a beginner, you have the opportunity to explore the grilling landscape with a revolutionary technology.
Pieces of meat stay tender and extremely juicy!

Because of the many different ways you can prepare your food, the Kamado grill can do more than just grill. Are you already a grill pro? Then you can let your creativity run free. Either try out a variety of classic grill dishes or take on new challenges.

How do I clean Kamado grills?

Basically, the Kamado grill is easy to clean. The grill can be coated on the outside as well as on the inside and is therefore easy to wipe clean and defies bacteria or other superficial dirt. The ceramic coating makes the grill weather resistant and so it can also be stored outdoors. Many grills have an ash drawer, i.e. a removable drawer, which simplifies cleaning. The grill grate is also easy to remove and clean.

How much do Kamado grills cost?

Price can be a disadvantage when making a purchase. Kamado grills can be a little more expensive. Depending on your needs, a grill can cost between about 130 and 5000 euros. The higher the price, the more quality and function you can expect. The materials used are already of high quality and increase the value of the barbecue. Unlike conventional barbecues, Kamado barbecues are made of weather-resistant, valuable materials such as stainless steel or ceramic and are also portable. But also the unique grilling technique and the many different recipes you can try out make the Kamado grill an investment.

Where are Kamado grills stored?

You can easily leave your Kamado grill outside, ideally under a small canopy or carport. But even without a shelter you don’t have to worry too much. The outer material of the grill is usually painted and therefore weather-resistant and robust. If you also want to make sure that nothing can happen to your barbecue, you have the option of buying a cover or weather protection cover. This protects against sun, rain and snow.

What kind of meals can I cook on Kamado grills?

The great advantages of Kamado grills are the many different dishes you can try. You can let your ideas run wild in the fresh air and try making a stone oven pizza or smoking your first salmon.
Type of preparation dishes
Barbecue traditional barbecue specialities such as sausages and meat, but also oven vegetables or vegetable skewers
Baking through a flap you can control the oxygen supply, turn the barbecue into an oven and bake pizzas, for example
Smoking with the help of wood chips or pieces of wood you can turn the barbecue into a smoker

What temperatures can Kamado grills reach?

The great advantage of a ceramic grill is not only that it can reach high temperatures, but also that it can maintain them over time. Due to the thick clay walls and the airtight flap, no air can escape. The temperature can only be determined by the ventilation slides – but precisely.

Kamado Grill-2

Something for every taste. A wide variety of dishes can be prepared on a Kamdo grill. (Image source: Edson Saldaña / unsplash)

Depending on the size of the ceramic grill, the maximum temperature varies. It can reach between 350 and 400 degrees Celsius. When preparing pizza, you can increase the temperature with the help of the oxygen supply. For dishes such as pulled pork, a lower temperature is more likely to be required.

What accessories and spare parts can I buy for Kamado grills?

To get a little more out of your Kamado grill, you can use various accessories. Weather protection covers can protect your grill from scratches and severe weather conditions. Normally, the grill is already secured by its robust material. However, scratches can often be found on grills that are transported a lot.
You can get a lot out of your barbecue with accessories

If your barbecue does not have a storage surface, you can simply buy one and attach it to the side. These surfaces can be made of wood, bamboo or plastic and offer high load-bearing capacity and easy-to-clean work surfaces. With the help of a heat shield, you can create a barrier between your food and the glowing hot coals. This allows you to cook indirectly and make cakes or breads. Light dishes such as flambeaux can also be prepared easily. If the material cracks, you can use felt replacement gaskets to seal your barbecue airtight.

Image source: NejroN / 123rf