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An ironing board is the perfect tool to keep your clothes neat and tidy. Whether it’s for your workplace, events or just going out, freshly ironed clothes enhance your look. Freshly ironed clothes are also very comfortable to wear. In this ironing board guide, you’ll find all the information you need to keep your clothes wrinkle-free. We have examined a variety of different models and compiled a list of the most important criteria so that you are well prepared for your purchase.


  • With ironing boards, you can keep your clothes wrinkle-free and show those around you that you care about your appearance. This will help your career enormously as you will make a much better impression on everyone.
  • There are different models of ironing boards. Table ironing boards give you more flexibility when ironing. Ironing boards for sleeves help you iron even the extremely heavy areas with ease.
  • Ironing boards can be equipped with various features to make ironing more comfortable. For example, there is a heat-reflective work surface that lets you remove wrinkles both faster and easier.

The best ironing board: reviews and recommendations

To give you a better overview, we have analysed various products in more detail and summarised the most important features for you. We hope this will help you to make your purchase decision.

Ironing boards: buying and evaluation criteria

In the following section, we have looked at what is important in an ironing board. In doing so, we have picked out the most important criteria in order to be able to take a deeper look. We have decided on the following criteria:

These buying criteria will help you make the right choice when making a purchase.


The height must be taken into account when buying an ironing board to ensure back-friendly use. If an ironing board is too small, you will have to bend down to iron, which can cause back problems.

It is only important that the ironing board is not too small so that you do not have to bend down.

It’s less of a problem if an ironing board turns out to be too big, as you can simply stand on an elevation to find the right height. However, ironing boards that are height-adjustable are ideal.

Ironing surface

A wide ironing board is much more comfortable to use. Especially large garments can be freed from creases more efficiently. It is also better for ironing beginners to use a wider ironing board. Narrow ironing boards are not necessarily bad, on the contrary. For example, trouser legs and long sleeves can be folded over the ironing board. This makes ironing much easier and also prevents the garment from slipping away and creating new creases.


An ironing board can be divided into different segments, namely the frame and the work surface. The frame is usually made of metal, but in rare cases it can also be made of plastic or wood.

Metal has stood the test of time, which is why it is used all over the world.

Plastic is light, but not very resilient and sensitive to heat. Wood, on the other hand, is very robust and noble, but very heavy. Metal has stood the test of time because it has the best qualities of both worlds. The material of the worktop is also important. It consists of two layers, the cover and the ironing surface. In most cases, the cover is made of cotton, which is particularly suitable because of its high resistance to heat. The ironing surface is usually made of metal or plastic. Both are heat-reflecting in their own way and thus improve the ironing experience.

Storage space

If you are short on space, you should also consider looking for an ironing board that is easy to store. Narrow or shorter ironing boards can help. Fold-out ironing boards also require little storage space and can be stored in a cupboard.

There are many ways to save storage space. But you don’t have to sacrifice quality.

Some ironing boards do without a frame and concentrate only on the ironing surface. Ironing boards for sleeves take up even less space because they are designed for special situations. In addition to these variants, ironing boards can also be permanently mounted on a wall. Hinges make it easy to fold up these types of ironing boards.

Ironing boards: Frequently asked questions and answers

In the following section we answer the most important questions about ironing boards. So you have

Who is an ironing board suitable for?

Ironing boards are used for wrinkled clothes. Therefore, an ironing board is suitable for you if you attach great importance to your appearance. If you work in an office or with customers, a good appearance is important.


Ironed clothes give you a well-groomed appearance. This improves your impression on other people, whether in everyday life or at work. (Image source: Nimble Made / unsplash)

But it is also an advantage to iron your clothes in your free time, for example in a disco or at a wedding.

What types of ironing boards are there?

Not all ironing boards are the same, there are different variations that have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the following table, we will go into the different models and explain them to you in detail.
Type Advantages Disadvantages
Standing ironing board can be used anywhere, height adjustable takes up a lot of storage space, can only be used standing up, expensive
Table ironing board can be used while sitting, easier care of the cover, cheap depends on a flat surface that is large enough
Sleeve ironing board extremely space-saving, specialised use not applicable for large garments
Wall-mounted ironing board very space-saving the wall blocks part of the work surface, requires a free wall for fixed mounting, height cannot be adjusted

When you think of ironing boards, you are most likely thinking of standing ironing boards. They have fold-out legs This minimalist model consists only of the ironing surface itself. To iron on it, these ironing boards have to be placed on a table, so they are ideal for working while sitting. However, unlike an ironing board with legs, they are dependent and cannot be used everywhere, so make sure you have a power socket nearby.


Ironing laundry is not an easy task. If you do a lot of ironing, you should increase the comfort level as much as possible to save your back. (Image source: congerdesign / pixabay)

A very specialised ironing board. Similar to table ironing boards, they need to be placed on a table. Sleeve ironing boards have a very narrow ironing surface and are particularly good for long sleeves and trouser legs. It is not recommended to rely on sleeve ironing boards alone, they are rather used to complement larger ironing boards. Wall-mounted ironing boards are rather unsuitable for beginners, as part of the work surface is blocked by the wall. In addition, they usually do not have a shelf for an iron, as it would otherwise put too much strain on the wall.

What does an ironing board cost?

Here you can see the individual price ranges of the different ironing boards. The prices are influenced by the functionality, the materials used and the design.
Type Price
Floor-standing ironing board approx. 40 to 140 euros
Table ironing board approx. 10 to 40 Euro
Sleeve ironing board approx. 10 to 30 Euro

The price of a standing ironing board can vary greatly due to the different materials and functions of the frame. Fine standing ironing boards can therefore reach prices of up to 140 euros. Due to their very small size, sleeve ironing boards rarely cost more than 30 euros and can be had for as little as 10 euros. Table ironing boards are an inexpensive alternative to normal ironing tables, as you save the money for a frame and only buy the work surface. Therefore, even expensive table ironing boards hardly reach higher prices than cheap standing ironing boards.

What are the alternatives to an ironing board?

Removing wrinkles from your clothes is not the sole preserve of ironing boards. We took a closer look at other methods and would like to present you with our findings:

  • Robust blanket: Can be used as an alternative ironing surface. A sturdy blanket can be placed over a table or similar surface and used as an ironing surface.
  • Steam brushes: A device that emits steam through a nozzle and has a bristle head. The principle is similar to that of an iron.
  • Tumble dryers: Tumble dryers can also remove wrinkles with the help of ice cubes.

As long as there is a flat surface, you can also use a sturdy blanket to remove wrinkles from your clothes with an iron. Note that it must be a sturdy and waterproof surface to protect the work surface. Especially wood, such as parquet floors, can be damaged by the hot steam. Steam brushes look similar to a hoover. The device heats water to steam and emits it through a hose at high pressure. The brush head has bristles that can be used to smooth out wrinkles on clothing.


Ironing has been one of man’s tasks since time immemorial. This shows how important it is to wear neat clothes. (Image source: Gerhard G. / pixabay)

A tumble dryer is known for drying clothes in a hurry, but not for removing wrinkles. However, tumble dryers can also combat wrinkles with a little trick. To do this, ice cubes are placed in the tumble dryer along with the wrinkled clothes and placed on a high heat. The ice evaporates quickly and the hot steam penetrates the textiles, removing the wrinkles in your clothes.

How do I use an ironing board?

Ironing can be a real challenge for inexperienced people. We give you a few tips on how to get your clothes wrinkle-free with ease.

  1. Wet ironing: Wrinkles are primarily caused by drying wet fabric. You can prevent nasty wrinkles by ironing your clothes before they are completely dry.
  2. Check the label: Almost all garments have a label on them with washing and ironing instructions. The ironing symbol indicates the heat allowed for ironing. The number of dots in the symbol indicates the permitted level: with one dot, the maximum level is 110 °C, with two dots it is 150 °C and with three dots it is 200 °C. If the symbol is crossed out, it must not be ironed under any circumstances.
  3. Descale your iron: To prevent limescale stains, you should descale your iron occasionally. Some models have a descaling function to do the work for you. Ideally, use distilled water to prevent limescale build-up.
  4. Sequence: For complex garments such as shirts, always iron with one system. This prevents new wrinkles from forming and helps you keep track. Start with the small areas first, large areas are more likely to form new wrinkles, so save them for last.

If you follow these little tips, ironing should be very easy in no time.

How do I repair an ironing board?

Even a sturdy ironing board can wear out and break down from frequent use

  • One of the most common problem areas is the joint that is used to open and close the standing leg. If it gets stuck, rust is usually the culprit. If the affected area is visible, it can be saved by sanding it down. To prevent rust in the first place, treat the joints with oil.
  • If your ironing board starts to squeak, the cause is also in the joint. The metal materials rub against each other. To reduce the squeaking, the affected areas should be coated with lubricating oil.
  • Wobbly ironing boards can have various causes. Often it is due to the frame; wear and tear can cause the joints to loosen and no longer engage properly. If there is nothing wrong with your ironing board, the problem is a sloping floor. In this case, you can either change the location or carry out a height adjustment.

To make your ironing board as durable as possible, you should inspect the problem areas after each use and take care of them if necessary.


Ironing boards are basic equipment in many households. With their help, you can remove wrinkles from your clothes. Wrinkle-free clothes give you a better and more well-groomed appearance, making you much more confident at work or in everyday life. Freshly ironed clothes are also comfortable to wear. Although ironing boards do not seem to have any particular depth, this is a misconception. There are different variations of ironing boards, some even for very specific purposes. You should therefore be well prepared when choosing the material and functions. Image source: 123rf / 43826446

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