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Ironing boards help you to make everyday housework much easier. Ironing clothes is usually not one of your favourite activities, but with the right accessories and the perfect ironing board, ironing can be fun!

This great ironing board guide will help you find the best ironing board for you. We will introduce you to the best ironing boards, compare different types and list the advantages and disadvantages of each. This should make your purchase decision easier. We also answer all your questions about ironing boards.


  • Ironing boards are suitable for all those who want to make their household work easier. Especially if you want to keep your clothes tidy and wrinkle-free, you should definitely get an ironing board.
  • There are several factors to consider when buying an ironing board. These usually include height adjustability, dimensions, weight and additional extras.
  • Before buying an ironing board, you should consider important questions such as the types, the price and other questions we answer here.

The Best Ironing Board: Our Picks

When ironing, it is especially important to have the right ironing board. If you have not enjoyed ironing so far, this may be because you have not yet found the right ironing equipment for you.

In order to navigate through the large selection of brands and manufacturers, we have evaluated the most popular ironing board tests. In the following, we present the editors’ favourites and go into the special features of each product.

Ironing Board: Buying and Evaluation Criteria

In the next section, we will show you which aspects you can use to decide between the many different ironing boards in order to find the right one for you.

The criteria you can use to compare the ironing boards with each other include:

Height adjustability

One of the most important things to consider when buying an ironing board is the height. An ironing board that is not adjustable to your personal height can cause back pain and tension of all kinds, making housework even more strenuous.

The height of every type of ironing board can be adjusted.

However, the individual steps and height dimensions differ depending on the model. When buying an ironing board, you should always make sure that the height is continuously adjustable so that you can find your perfect height.

There are no standards for how high the ironing board should be. It is important that you do not have to bend down. Therefore, the ironing board should be at about belly button height.

Dimensions and weight

The dimensions of the ironing board and its weight are among the most important criteria for buying an ironing board. Normally, the ironing board is set up and dismantled again and again during use.

Only rarely is the ironing board left in one place all the time. Therefore, it is important that the ironing board is not too heavy, otherwise it can become quite exhausting in the long run.

A large ironing board usually weighs more than a small one, but offers more ironing surface. You should think about what is more comfortable for you before buying.

Ironing board cover

The purchase of an ironing board usually includes the cover. However, you should make sure that the cover is as robust as possible and made of high-quality cotton.

The most important criterion for an ironing board cover is its heat resistance.

The resistance of the individual models should be indicated so that you can compare them with each other.

A good ironing board cover should be machine washable and durable. Also pay attention to the thickness of the upholstery cover, which is usually given in mm.

Load capacity

The more securely an ironing board stands on the floor, the more it can be loaded. With very simple and poorly made ironing boards, you will notice that they wobble quickly with heavy textiles. Therefore, the load capacity is also a decisive evaluation criterion in ironing board tests.

Ironing surface

The size of the ironing board depends on which textiles you have to iron regularly. For larger textiles such as bed linen or table linen, it is advisable to get an ironing surface that is as wide as possible, at least 160 cm by 45 cm.

Small ironing boards are usually sufficient for small households.

If you don’t want to use an extra sleeve ironing board, make sure that the ironing board’s pull-up side meets your requirements.

Boards measuring 120cm x 40cm are best suited for single households. In addition to the ironing surface, there should also be a shelf for the hot iron. Ironing boards without a shelf are not very comfortable to use.

Ironing Boards: Frequently asked Questions and Answers

In this section we answer all your questions about ironing boards. This will make your purchase decision easier and enable you to choose the right ironing board for you. We list different types and give you the necessary knowledge about ironing boards.

Who is an ironing board for?

Next to the iron, an ironing board is the most important tool you need to iron your clothes. The ironing surface is usually made of metal and is usually covered with a thick foam or molleton layer with a fabric cover.

The ironing board is usually fixed to a metal frame and can be easily folded and stored away. For this purpose, most are equipped with a simple lever that can also be used to adjust the height of the table.

Additional functions and accessories vary depending on the model and type. An ironing board is suitable for all those who have to iron their laundry in everyday life and prefer folding-free clothes and textiles.


Buying an ironing board is worthwhile in any case. Before you buy an ironing board, make sure you know all the criteria and questions about ironing boards. Once you have found the perfect ironing board for you, housework is only half as bad. (Image source: lightfieldstudios/ 123rf)

Both single households and families are usually dependent on an ironing board. But also larger companies, hotels or households where more and more large tablecloths or other things have to be ironed use ironing boards.

What types of ironing boards are there?

If you want to buy an ironing board, there are different types to choose from. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Compare the different models and find the one that suits you best.

Stand ironing board

A simple standing ironing board is sufficient for most households. Stand ironing boards have a simple set of features. This usually consists of a folding pole, the ironing surface and the storage area. These factors are decisive for a light and flexible standing board. Most of the time, the simple standing ironing boards can be purchased at a low price.

  • inexpensive
  • foldable
  • space-saving
  • simple
  • adjustable height
  • storage surface
  • few accessories
  • sometimes lack of shelf space
  • no use of steam irons

Most simple standing boards lack additional equipment or accessories. An integrated socket and a cable holder can only be found in rare cases. If you already have a steam iron at home, you should make sure that the ironing board is also suitable for it.

Ironing systems

Ironing systems usually consist of an ironing board and a steam iron. They are therefore also called complete systems and usually work with an integrated suction and blower function. With most ironing systems, this can be changed at the touch of a button.

Water tanks are usually attached to the ironing board frame. These can also be removed, depending on the model. When it comes to the iron, this is not a simple one like the usual ironing boards. A professional iron is needed here. The professional iron soleplate emits ultra-fine steam and is particularly powerful.

  • Suction, blower, exhaust function
  • professional steam iron
  • special ironing board covers
  • convenient accessories
  • expensive initial purchase
  • requires more space
  • heavy weight

While these full-featured ironing boards include plenty of beneficial extras and irresistible accessories, the prices are correspondingly high. An initial purchase is much more expensive than a regular ironing board, and they tend to be much heavier too. What you ultimately value more is up to you.

Wall-mounted ironing board

The advantages of a wall-mounted ironing board are obvious. A wall-mounted ironing board saves a lot of space in the home and is also extremely flexible. A wall-mounted ironing board is particularly suitable if you often have smaller items to iron and have to open and close the board again and again.

Since the ironing board can simply be pulled out, it can be stored away again in no time after the housework. Wall-mounted ironing boards are particularly inexpensive and can also be purchased in different sizes.

  • space-saving
  • flexible
  • stowable
  • simple
  • different sizes
  • inexpensive
  • self-installation
  • few accessories
  • sometimes lack of storage space
  • rarely steam iron

One disadvantage of wall-mounted ironing boards can be that, like simple stand-up ironing boards, they do not have particularly excellent equipment. They may lack a shelf or be too small for a steam iron.

Active ironing board

An active ironing board is one of the more price-intensive ironing boards, as it works with suction, inflation and heating functions. However, the suction and exhaust functions of the ironing board make your work and everyday ironing much easier. It prevents the laundry from getting wet when steam is generated. This makes it much easier to iron particularly light fabrics.

In addition to this special function, an active board also has all the other classic functions of an ironing board, such as height adjustability, ironing surface, steam iron rest, etc.

  • more effective ironing
  • use of steam iron
  • quick drying
  • fixing of garments
  • Noise development
  • More price-intensive

However, active ironing boards always consist of suction and inflation functions. The heating function is a nice extra that some ironing boards have and is not integrated in all models. One disadvantage, however, can be the loud noise of the function.

Steam ironing board

In general, steam ironing is considered the fastest and safest method of getting wrinkles out of textiles. The hot steam penetrates deep into the fabric, making it easier to smooth the fibres afterwards. For families and households that regularly have large amounts of laundry, it is usually worth buying an ironing board for a steam ironing station.

  • fast ironing
  • steam iron
  • higher stability
  • automatic drainage of condensation water
  • many accessories
  • stepless height adjustment
  • More expensive
  • more complicated to use
  • heavier weight
  • causes moisture in the room air

The disadvantage of a steam ironing board is usually its price intensity.


Ironing is part of almost everyone’s housework. It is therefore all the more important that you think about which ironing board is best for you. The ideal ironing board makes your work easier and makes it a walk in the park! (Image source: nito500 / 123rf)

Due to the full equipment, a steam ironing board is usually more expensive than a simple ironing board. The extra equipment also usually means that the board is heavier and therefore not as easy to handle.

What does an ironing board cost?

An ironing board can be purchased for as little as 40 pounds. These are usually somewhat cheaper entry-level models without extraordinary features. Although there are models in this price range that also offer different accessories, the quality of the products may suffer.

However, for novice householders or small single households, these models are sufficient in most cases. If you run a larger household or use your ironing board often, it makes sense to invest in a more expensive model with enough extras. Here you will find models in the price range between 100. Luxury models, such as an active ironing board, are available for 125 pounds and up.

What are the alternatives to an ironing board?

When looking at alternatives to an ironing board, it is important to note that the material is heat-resistant. A good alternative, especially for travelling, are ironing blankets. These are heat-resistant mats that you use on a straight surface.

There are also so-called ironing dummies. This is an automatic ironing machine that you put on your garment and tighten. At the push of a button, the ironing process starts and replaces the function of the iron.

In a pinch, you can iron a garment on the floor or on a heat-resistant, fireproof surface. However, it is difficult to iron without creases and you also have to kneel on the floor


Buying an ironing board is suitable for every household. Whether you run a single household or a household with a large family, an ironing board is simply a must! You are sure to find the right ironing board for you among all the models and types. With it, you can dispose of your pile of laundry in no time and you’ll look great in your wrinkle-free clothes!

Photo source: Ragiboglu/ 123rf