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A swimming pool is a great way to relieve the heat on the hottest days of summer. Intex pools are one of the best on the market and it is about them that we will talk in today’s article.

The brand has models for all needs. Whether frame, inflatable and the capacity you want, there is an Intex pool for you.


  • The capacity of a pool is measured in litres, this also changes its size and depth. Intex has pools with more than 50,000 litres.
  • The brand produces frame pools or inflatable pools, their shapes also vary between round or rectangular.
  • Buying an Intex pool can be cheap or expensive, it depends especially on the capacity you want. There are models for all budgets.

The Best Intex Pool: Our Picks

Have you decided what is the ideal capacity for your family? That is one of the main criteria you should keep in mind. Check out the different models selected to decide how many litres will best suit your family:

Buying guide: everything you need to know about the best intex pool

To have an Intex swimming pool is to have a more refreshing summer, besides being fun. And who thinks that swimming pool is a child thing, the brand has models with capacity for the whole family and even to receive friends.

Want to know more? Stay with us until the end of this Buying Guide to choose the right model for your home.

Imagem de uma família se divertindo em uma piscina.

Intex pools are suitable for everyone, since the brand manufactures models with a wide variety of capacities. (Source: rawpixel/

What are the advantages of Intex swimming pool?

Investing in an Intex pool is to ensure quality. The brand, quite renowned in the market, has highly durable models.

In addition, you can easily find an Intex pool everywhere, as it is one of the best sellers. This is a positive point to also find compatible accessories and ensure the maintenance of the pool.

Another aspect is that the models meet any need. Intex has both frame pools and inflatable pools, so you can choose the assembly method you find most suitable.

You can also buy pools with around 1,000 litres or even more than 50,000 litres. Most larger models are sold in combos with all the necessary accessories for proper use, such as pump, ladder, protection, cover, among others.

A negative aspect is that investing in a pool requires extra expenses, especially with the correct maintenance so the water is always clean. Besides, they can take up a lot of space.

  • Renowned quality brand
  • Easy to find for purchase
  • Accessories for maintenance easily found
  • Models of frame and inflatable with great variety of capacity
  • Larger models sold in combo facilitate assembly and correct use
  • Requires maintenance
  • Occupies space

Intex inflatable or frame swimming pool?

This is one of the biggest doubts when you decide to invest in a swimming pool. Both have their own aspects that offer advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, there is no best model, but the one that best meets your needs.

Starting with the inflatable pool, it is easy to assemble, since it does not have any iron structure. Its own shape, with the inflated border and volume of water, moulds the pool and makes it ready for use. Therefore, it is a less firm model.

Comparing similar capacities, it is also usually cheaper than a frame pool. Its most common shape is round, but you can also find rectangular models.

The frame model takes longer to assemble, since it has an iron structure, but it’s also firmer. For this reason, the largest pools – above 20,000 litres – are only sold in the frame option.

They can be round or rectangular and are deeper, however, they also tend to cost more.

Frame Intex swimming pool Intex inflatable pool
Format Round or rectangular Round or rectangular
Capacity in litres More than 50 thousand litres Up to 20 thousand litres
Installation Because of the iron structure may take longer Simple and fast, but may require the use of air pump

What are the different formats of Intex pools?

The choice does not end when you decide for a frame or inflatable pool, you still need to think about the best format. We have seen that the Intex pool is manufactured in two formats especially, round or rectangular. Both models have positive and negative characteristics.

Before reflecting on the qualities and negative aspects of each, you need to analyse the space you have for your pool at home. A rectangular pool, for example, will be better for taking advantage of a corner, and a round one will take up less space. This may determine your choice, since for certain sizes a specific model may “fit” better.

  • Round: This model takes up less space and therefore fits more easily into smaller environments. It’s an ideal style of pool for refreshment, since its round and compact model makes diving and swimming difficult.
  • Rectangular: The rectangular pool will require more space for assembly, but it is a model best suited if you want to take advantage of a corner in your backyard, since it will fit better. If the intention is to move around a lot, choose a rectangular pool.

Analyze your intended use and measure your available space for the Intex pool, this is the best way to get the shape right.

Did you know that Intex is present on five continents in over 100 countries? This proves its greatness and leadership in the market of inflatable products. The company is always looking for innovations to provide fun in a safe way

How to assemble an Intex pool?

The assembly will depend on the model, especially in relation to the type of pool, whether it is inflatable or with a frame. We recommend that you always follow the instructions in the assembly manual.

In short, the difference lies in the structure. The frame pool has a structure made with iron rods that should be fitted to leave the pool standing upright. With the inflatable model, it is usually enough to inflate the border, stretch the canvas well and let the water mould the pool.

Instead of giving you step-by-step instructions on how to assemble your pool, we would like to give you some precious tips that can be useful with any model, especially to ensure the safety of your Intex pool.

  • Clean the ground. This is the first step. Choose where you will put your pool and clean the area where it will be installed. Make the surface as smooth as possible, avoiding anything that may puncture your pool, especially stones.
  • Use a bottom protection. Never install your pool directly on the ground. Place a thicker and more resistant tarp or especially a pool-specific bottom protection. The thicker it is, the more safety it will provide.
  • Set up near a water source. The pool should be set up in a location that is easily accessible to the water outlet. Make sure your hose can easily reach the pool.
  • Stretch the tarpaulin well. After assembling the iron structure or inflating its border, before filling your pool with water, make sure the tarp is tightly stretched without any folds so as not to ruin the plastic of the pool.

Now is the time to fill your pool and have fun. With proper care, you will increase the useful life of a pool that can be your companion for many summers.

Menina de olhos fechados e sorrindo em uma piscina inflável.

Care can guarantee that your pool will last for many years. (Source: photobac/

How to clean an Intex pool?

First of all, you should know that pools with a capacity of 2,500 litres or more need to use a filter to maintain the water quality. Therefore, the capacity interferes in the way you clean your Intex pool.

The treated water can be used for up to three months.

Counting on a filter makes this process much easier. The treated water can be used for up to three months, practically all the time installed in the summer. For this, the filter must be used daily.

Now in smaller pools which do not have a filter, the water must be changed monthly, even with the necessary treatments with specific products.

Having or not a filter, you should use the following products to treat the water: granulated chlorine, algaecide and clarifier.

Chlorine should be applied three times a week, it is 4 grams for every thousand litres of water. Also use 5 ml of algaecide for every thousand litres once a week. After applying this product, wait 10 hours before using the pool again. And the clarifier can be used 4 ml per thousand litres whenever the water presents a greenish colour.

To ensure that the water is clean of other dirt, such as leaves and bugs, use a protective cover whenever the pool is not being used.

Finally, you can run a soft-bristled brush inside the pool once a week, this prevents the canvas from creating slime and the water from turning greenish.

Purchase Criteria: Choose the best Intex pool for your family

Eager to use your Intex pool soon? Before you choose your model, we want to leave you with some final tips that will help you choose the best option for your home and your family. Check them out:

Read each of the criteria carefully to make the best purchase.

Intended Use

Who will use the pool? You, just your children or will you invite some friends over?
Plus, do you want a pool just to sit back and relax in or do you like to have room to move around in the water?

Defining your intended use is fundamental to choosing the right pool for your home. After all, all the next criteria are defined by this intention.


This is the criterion that best deserves attention. The capacity will determine the depth of your Intex pool. There are models from 1,000 to 50,000 litres, quite a variation, isn’t it?

Remember your intention of use and how many people will use the pool. The more activities you want to do in your pool, the more litres of capacity it should have.

Mulher na beira de uma piscina de armação sorrindo.

Set the capacity in litres according to the pool’s intended use. (Source: citalliance/


The capacity in litres can even define the average size of the pool, however, this may vary according to the format.

A pool may have 2,000 litres, be round or rectangular and have different measures, so it is important to check the dimensions.

See how much space it will occupy and also its height in centimeters to have an idea of the pool’s depth.


Buying a model that already comes with accessories makes it much easier when it comes time to assemble the pool.

Combos end up being the perfect choice and a tiebreaker criterion.

This way you won’t need to keep looking for a compatible pump, an ideal ladder or the protective cover that fits easily.

In this respect, the combos turn out to be the perfect choice and a tie-breaker between the offers. Not to mention the cost-effectiveness, with the accessories coming out cheaper than if bought separately.


What is your available budget? There is no point in dreaming about a 20,000-litre pool if you can afford a 10,000-litre pool. Putting a limit on your budget makes it easier to search and filter only the models that fit your pocket.

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