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An inflatable armchair can be used for many different purposes. Both indoors and outdoors, such an armchair is ideal. The seating comfort depends greatly on the type of material and the ergonomic shape. And especially the easy transport distinguishes inflatable armchairs and thus makes them the perfect travel companion.

In this inflatable chair guide, we will explain what you should look for when buying such a chair and which different types there are. After this article, you should know what it takes to find the perfect chair for you.


  • An inflatable armchair is versatile and is suitable for young and old alike, as well as for indoors or outdoors in the pool.
  • The comfort of inflatable chairs depends strongly on criteria such as easy transport, quick inflation, ergonomic shape and comfortable material.
  • There are already many different models on the market in a wide variety of shapes and colours. And chairs with additional gadgets such as drink holders or LED lighting are also available.

The Best Inflatable Chair: Our Picks

Inflatable armchairs: buying and evaluation criteria

If you have decided to buy an inflatable armchair, you should inform yourself about some criteria beforehand.

In the following section, we describe the individual criteria in more detail.


When choosing the material for your future inflatable chair, you should make sure that it is robust and can withstand a lot. The thickness of the material can give you good information. And depending on whether you want to relax in it in the water or indoors, you should also take this aspect into account.

Most chairs are made of vinyl

Most armchairs available on the market are made of vinyl. This is characterised by the fact that it offers a high level of seating comfort and is relatively robust.

Inflatable chairs for indoors are often characterised by a flocked surface. This simply offers a higher seating comfort. However, for inflatable chairs that you want to use in the water, a smooth surface is more suitable.


The weight plays a big role if you want to transport the inflatable chair. The most common models weigh about 1.5 kg, but they can also weigh up to 4 kg. The weight depends mainly on the thickness of the material and whether additional features such as handles are attached to help you stand up.

Inflatable chairs usually weigh around 1.5 kg and are therefore perfect for transporting.

Easy transport is made possible when the weight is low and the chair can be stored easily and space-saving when uninflated. Especially for inflatable chairs that you want to take to the lake or swimming pool, you should consider this aspect, as otherwise it can become tedious.

Quick inflation and deflation

Especially with inflatable chairs that you want to take with you and transport, quick inflation and deflation is very important. You should check the models to see which opening is available and how the chair can be inflated. A good air pump will help here.

Many chairs also consist of different parts that can be inflated individually. Often the backrest, the seat and the armrests are inflated separately, but this should not be a major problem.


In addition to the criteria already mentioned, you should of course also pay attention to the shape of your chair. The models are offered in a wide variety of shapes, so there should be something for everyone.

The shape can either resemble a beanbag chair or a reclining backrest reminiscent of a deck chair. Inflatable armchairs for indoors usually have a stable back and armrest and thus mimic a typical armchair.

Inflatable armchairs: frequently asked questions and answers

In this section, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about inflatable chairs. After this part, you should know about the different types, the costs and the alternatives and be better able to choose an inflatable chair.

Who is an inflatable armchair suitable for?

An inflatable armchair can be used in many ways and is therefore suitable for many. Whether young or old and whether for indoors or outdoors, there is an armchair for every need in the large selection.

The chairs are suitable for babies, children and for everyone up to old age.

Inflatable armchairs are suitable as armchairs for babies to learn how to sit. The design is adapted so that there is a high level of seating comfort and that babies cannot fall out. But there is also a large selection for slightly older children and in many different designs. And inflatable sofas are perfect for the whole family.

On the other hand, the armchairs are suitable either for indoors, as armchairs for relaxing for young and old, but also for outdoors. If you want to enjoy a little more comfort in the pool than on a normal air mattress, an inflatable armchair is perfect, as it offers a little more seating comfort thanks to its ergonomic design.

What types of inflatable chairs are there?

When it comes to inflatable armchairs, you can distinguish between many different models and types. In the following section, we describe the most common models in a little more detail.

Inflatable chair for the pool

The inflatable pool chair is probably the most common model on the market. This type is similar to a conventional air mattress, but offers a little more comfort. It is particularly characterised by its ergonomic design, which promises a very high level of seating comfort.

aufblasbarer Sessel-1

Inflatable chairs are especially suitable for relaxing in the water, but they are also perfect for indoors.
(Image source: puhhha/ 123rf)

Depending on whether the armchair has several air chambers, you can determine the strength and position of the backrest yourself, by using more or less air, and thus adapt the armchair to your individual needs. Many chairs also have two handles on the armrests to make it easier to get up from the chair.

Inflatable armchair for indoors

An inflatable chair for indoors differs from an inflatable chair for the pool mainly in terms of material. Whereas a pool chair has a smooth surface, the surface of indoor chairs is usually flocked, which makes the chair more skin-friendly and breathable.

These models are also distinguished by the fact that the shape is not semi-recumbent, as is the case with pool chairs, but offers a well-supporting backrest. Such armchairs are therefore suitable for relaxing at home and also for the children’s room.

Airbag armchair

An airbag armchair does not need to be inflated. The air bag usually consists of two chambers, which are separately filled with air and then closed with a roll closure and a buckle.

The bag is moved through the air with quick swings and thus filled with sufficient air. The best time to inflate is on a windy day, but inflating should not be a problem on calm days either.

An advantage of the air bag chair is above all the space-saving storage and the low weight, which makes the transport of the chair very easy and uncomplicated, as it finds room in every bag.

Inflatable armchair for several people

Inflatable armchairs are not only available as single models, but also for several people. Especially for indoors, there are models such as inflatable sofas that are suitable for the whole family and can often also be converted into a bed.

The quick inflation allows for space-saving transport and is therefore ideal for travelling and can thus serve as an additional sleeping option on holidays. There are already many models on the market, ranging from a simple two-seater to a large family couch.

What does an inflatable armchair cost?

Depending on the type of chair, inflatable chairs have a wide price range. The table below will give you a quick overview of the price range of the most popular models.

Type Price range
Inflatable chair for the pool 20 – 30€
Inflatable chair for indoors 30 – 40€
Airbag chair 20 – 30€
Inflatable chair for several people 40 – 50€

Depending on the robustness of the material and additional functions, the price can vary somewhat.

What are the alternatives to an inflatable chair?

There are several alternatives to an inflatable armchair, but they differ somewhat from the typical inflatable armchairs we present here. Below we provide you with a couple of choices that you could also decide between.

Type advantages disadvantages
Air mattress easy to find, cheap, suitable for pool no ergonomic seat design
Pool hammock cheap, suitable for pool, space-saving only a few models available
Beanbag comfortable, suitable for indoors, ideal for children not inflatable, more expensive

The air mattress is probably the simplest alternative to an inflatable armchair. In principle, the way an air mattress and an inflatable armchair work is the same. However, the two types differ in seating comfort. Air mattresses are flat and suitable for lying on, whereas an armchair has a supportive backrest and usually armrests.

aufblasbarer Sessel-2

Besides an inflatable armchair, there are also alternatives such as an air mattress, a pool hammock or a beanbag.
(Image source: Formaggio/ 123rf)

A pool hammock is particularly convincing because it is cheaper. It is also very space-saving, which makes it easy to transport, and inflating and deflating it is very quick. The hammock has two air cushions, one at the neck and one at the feet, which are connected with a wide piece of mesh and thus serve for sitting.

Another alternative is the beanbag, which above all offers a high degree of comfort. It is not inflatable, which precludes easy transport, but beanbags are ideal for indoors. A beanbag is particularly suitable for relaxing or for the children’s room and is available in many different shapes and colours.

Are there self-inflating armchairs?

Most inflatable armchairs are easy to inflate yourself with an air pump. However, if you prefer a little more luxury, there are also some models that do the work for you.

Some models on the market have an electric pump that can do the work for you.

Such models are equipped with an electric pump and the chair is easily filled with air without any effort on your part. To release the air, the valve is opened again and the chair can be stored in a space-saving way.


The comfort of an inflatable chair depends on a variety of criteria. Before buying, you should definitely think about what you would like to use the chair for. The material, the shape or possible additional functions often differ greatly between the different models. Especially if the chair is to be used outdoors on uneven ground, you should pay attention to the robustness of the material.

What makes such an armchair special is that it can be transported in such a space-saving way and is therefore perfect to take along. In conclusion, it can be said that an inflatable chair is a great purchase and is a source of great enthusiasm for young and old. Whether on holiday in the pool or relaxing at home, an inflatable chair is definitely worth the money.

Photo source: Galitckaia/ 123rf