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Induction frying pans are designed to be used on induction hobs. They have a special base that allows them to heat up quickly and evenly, without the need for any additional equipment or power source.

Induction Frying Pan: Bestsellers and current offers in the UK

The best induction frying pan in the UK: Our selection

Blackmoor 24cm Frying Pan: The Perfect Fry Every Time

The Blackmoor 24cm frying pan is a kitchen must-have. With its 24cm size, the pan can be used for frying, searing and browning just about anything including vegetables, meat and fish. The stylish, black marble effect coating will complement any kitchen and is also scratch resistant, so your pan stays looking like new for longer. The soft grip handle stays cool to the touch to ensure your comfort and safety while you are whipping up culinary delights. The non-stick coating and forged aluminium base means it is easy to clean, requires little to no oil and ensures better food release. The hybrid stone coating allows heat to conduct faster which the pan retains during the cooking process.

The Perfect Frying Pan: Thermospot

If you love to cook, then you need a Thermospot frying pan in your life. This amazing piece of technology lets you know when the pan has reached the optimum temperature to start cooking, so you’ll never under- or overcook your food again. The power resist coating promises a durable non-stick cooking performance, and the induction compatibility means that this pan will work with all kinds of cooktops. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

2 Piece Aluminium Frying Pan Set

If you’re looking for a versatile and reliable frying pan set, look no further than this 2 piece set from . Made from aluminium for quick and even heating, these non-stick pans are ideal for all hob types including induction. The durable non-stick coating means you can cook without worry about excess oils or food sticking, and they’re also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Perfect for any meal, big or small.

Granite Frying Pan: The Perfect Addition to Your Kitchen

The Granite Frying Pan is the perfect addition to any kitchen. With a non-stick and scratch resistant coating, this pan is built to last. The food slides right off the non-stick surface for optimum cooking, and it cleans easily. The pan heats quickly and evenly, making it ideal for use over low to medium heat with minimum oil or butter for healthy cooking. The ergonomic handle is specially designed for a comfortable grip and easy maneuverability, while the hanging loop makes storage simple. This pan is also induction compatible, making it suitable for all types of cooktops.

Induction Frying Pan: Frequently asked questions

What types of Induction Frying Pan are there and what determines a good product?

There are two types of Induction Frying Pans. One is the type that has a heating coil in it and one is the type where you have to put an induction plate on top of your existing stovetop. The latter can be used with any cookware, but if you want to use pots or pans made for electric stoves then we recommend getting an Induction Frying Pan with a built-in heater as well.

A good Induction Frying Pan should be made from a material that is compatible with induction cooking. It must have an even base so the heat can spread evenly across the pan’s surface and it needs to be thick enough not to warp under high temperatures. The handle of your frying pan also has a big impact on how well you will use it, as this determines whether or not you are comfortable using it for long periods of time. You need one that fits comfortably in your hand without causing any strain when lifting or moving around food while cooking.

Who should use a Induction Frying Pan?

Anyone who wants to cook with less oil and fat, or anyone looking for a healthier way of cooking.

Based on what criteria should you buy a Induction Frying Pan?

The selection of a Induction Frying Pan should depend on the user. Some people prefer large cooking pans while others like smaller ones. A few want non-stick frying pans, and some look for heavy duty induction cookware sets. It is therefore essential to consider your own preferences when buying an induction pan set so that you do not end up with one which does not meet your needs or expectations in any way whatsoever.

The weight of the product is an important factor to consider. Induction Frying Pan that are heavy in weight tend to be durable and better quality than those who are lighter in weight. Also take into consideration the material used for making your Induction Frying Pan as it can impact its durability, maintenance and overall longevity.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Induction Frying Pan?


Induction frying pans are very efficient and can save you up to 30% of your energy bill. They also heat faster than conventional electric or gas cookers, which means less time waiting for the pan to reach temperature so that you can start cooking. This is particularly useful if you’re in a hurry.


Induction frying pans are not suitable for use on gas cooktops. They also require a special induction compatible pot or pan to be used with them, which can make the cost of using one higher than other types of frypans.

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Which brands and manufacturers are represented in our review?

In our review, we present products from various manufacturers and suppliers. The list includes products from the following brands and manufacturers, among others:

  • Blackmoor
  • Tefal
  • Premier Cookware

What is the price range of the featured products?

The cheapest Induction Frying Pan in our review costs around 14 pounds and is ideal for customers who are conscious about their money. However, those who are willing to spend more money for better quality can also spend around 60 pounds for one of the more expensive products.