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Today we are going to talk about ice picks. This little household tool may not be a part of many households, but if your goal is to whip up drinks, it becomes quite necessary!

Having an ice crusher is important for making special drinks or frozen scratch cards and other frozen treats. You can do the preparation in a more rustic way or really get into the shape and size of the stones used.

Therefore, it is important to choose a model that is consistent with your intentions. We will present below models, purchase criteria, important information and several other tips on how to get it right when buying an ice crusher!


  • An ice crusher can be a working tool if you make drinks or refreshing foods to sell, but it can also be used at home if you consume these things on a daily basis.
  • There are two different types of ice crushers: the hand crank ones, which are very handy, but don’t allow for creativity in the shape of the ice, and the impact ones.
  • In the case of the impact ones, we will focus on the fork-shaped ones. They are the best of their kind and the easiest to handle.

The Best Ice Pick: Our Picks

It may even seem like a professional use item, but even at home the ice pick is very useful. To put the ice stone in a small bottle, for example, you need to break or crush the ice. Whatever your need, we have listed some of the best models on the market for you:

Buying guide: everything you need to know about the best ice pick

For making scratch cards and other drinks, the ice chipper is essential. If you are looking for one of these, it is time to bring you the fundamental details for your purchase. All the doubts you may possess about which model of ice chipper to purchase will be discussed.
Pay attention to the explanations and become an expert on the subject, then buy the right ice chipper for your need!

Imagem mostra uma raspadinha em um pote, pronta para ser consumida

Producing scratch is one of the main reasons to have an ice chipper. (Source: Dr_Gomz/Pixabay)

What is an ice pick and what are its uses?

As the name implies, this is a utensil that serves to crush ice. Its use can be homemade, with the intention of eventually prepare drinks or frozen desserts, or even professional.

In a bar or in events, you may wish to have ice in specific formats. That’s where the need for a product like this comes in.

The use is usually quite easy. It all depends on the complexity of the service you intend to do with the ice and what you expect as an end result. Precisely for this reason, there are two quite different models of ice crushers available.

Crank or fork-shaped ice pick?

Each of these types of ice crushers has its advantages and disadvantages. If your intention is a quick, home use, either one will do. However, the crank models will require less effort.

The practicality – and ease – of use of the hand crank models is very useful for those who are short of time. If you prefer the fork, you will have more difficulties and will need more practice to achieve the desired result.

On the other hand, it is with the fork that you will achieve specific ice shapes. It will require a great deal of manual skill, but with calm and patience, the development will take place.

Also with calm and patience, you will get much smaller pieces of ice, which can be very useful for scratch cards and other foods that require a lot of pieces of the stones to be broken up.

Crank ice pick Fork-shaped ice pick
Ease of use Easier to handle More laborious handling
Format of ice Standardized ice Possibility to customize the ice
Size Occupies more space Occupies less space
Size of ice Difficult to produce very small ice Produces ice in very small size

Purchase Criteria: What to consider when choosing the ideal ice pick

Apart from the difference between crank and fork, there are other issues that may be key to your choice. We have selected some of them that deserve some deeper comments:

Let’s go to the explanation of each of these items so you can be absolutely sure of what you are going to do at the time of purchase!


Hand crank ice chippers can be found in a few different types of materials. The most common ones are stainless steel, reinforced acrylic and glass.

It is recommended to opt for those that are more sturdy and durable. If the use is domestic, you will not need it often, but if it is commercial, the activity will be constant.

Therefore, the stainless steel and reinforced acrylic models are more recommended in these cases. The fact of resisting falls will be important. On the other hand, your option may be purely aesthetic, and in this case the preference may be for glass.

For fork-shaped choppers, the ideal is to choose a stainless steel model with a wooden handle. This will bring both durability and easy handling.

Dimensions and weight

If you choose a fork-shaped chopper, it will be slightly larger than a cutlery and will not take up practically any space.

Most choppers are quite compact: no more than 20 cm in height, length or width. However, you may eventually find something that is bulkier.

In that case, pay attention to the space you have for storage. Is it worth having a tool that produces the same result but takes up more space?

The weight can also be important for handling reasons. Ideally, a chopper should not exceed 1kg.

Size of the ice produced

Depending on what your intention with the ice chipper is, the size of the particles after the crushing process is something to take into account. Is it possible to make a scratch card with all models?

If the idea is to produce very small particles, perhaps the fork should be the option. But there are also specifications on the size achieved by the crank models.

Some of them are not suitable for scratchcards. Most have a set size, so check the product description before you buy!

Imagem mostra um copo preenchido com bebida e pedras de gelo

Ice chippers make the act of producing homemade drinks easy. (Source: Prem Pal Singh/ Pexels)


On crank models, another specification is the capacity of the reservoir. Some models hold up to 1 litre, which helps if large-scale production is required.

Do you intend to make drinks just for you, at home? In this case, it is not so important, since not much ice will be used. But if there are several glasses to be filled at once, it is good that the reservoir supports a large quantity.


You may want the option of having a disposer that is not just for ice. There are some models on the market that can also be used with other things, especially food. Good examples are garlic and herbs.

In this type of model, you always need to pay close attention to washing. Not letting the taste or smell get impregnated helps when it’s time to go back to the ice. You certainly don’t want your drink or zest to taste like garlic, right?

In the case of fork-shaped models, some have other uses such as bottle openers or corkscrews. However, these models are harder to find.

(Source of the image: Riccardo Andolfo/ Unsplash)