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Hunting knives are designed to be used for hunting and skinning animals. They have a blade that is typically between 3”-6” long, with the handle being about 4-5 inches in length. The blades on these types of knives are usually very thin so they can easily cut through animal hides without tearing them up too much. These blades also tend to be extremely sharp so you don’t need to apply as much pressure when cutting into an animal’s hide or meat.

Hunting Knife: Bestsellers and current offers in the UK

The best hunting knife in the UK: Our selection

15 in 1 Camping Survival Equipment

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The reesibi 15 in 1 camping accessories survival equipment with 5 in 1 paracord survival bracelets is the perfect multi-tool for home and outdoors. Made of full-body black antioxidant stainless steel, it is thicker and sharper than similar multitools. The camping essentials are also more durable and premium strong for comfortable grip during heavy cutting. The foldable axe tool size is long 6.5 inch, great pocket multitool. Sturdy pocket holds the equipment well, and 2 extra little rubber strips protect the blade to avoid potential injury.

The Perfect All-in-One Pocket Knife

At this moment the product mentioned is not available from the supplier. That is why we have replaced it with another one with similar characteristics. Report a problem.

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This 10-in-1 versatility pocket knife pliers is functional as pliers to screwdrivers, needle pliers, ordinary pliers, wire cutters, blades, cruciform screwdriver, etc. It can be used as repair tool for almost all the tools needed for home and survival, also as a self-defense device. This pocket knife multitool pliers can be locked to a knives multi-tool, including the nipper. When folded completely, there are no sharp edges, and round and smooth edges give you the most important safety care. Even a gift for a child of your specific age. But be careful when using knives, scissors and blades. The camping tools are durable

The Perfect Outdoor Adventure Tool

This is the perfect tool for any outdoor activity or adventure. The multifunction kit includes a shovel, hoe, axe, saw, hook, crowbar, harpoon, awl, knife, wine opener, compass and fire stick all in one. You can also use it as a screwdriver. It is made of high quality 2cr13 stainless steel and the handle is made of high quality aluminum making it durable and tough enough to do heavy jobs like digging or chopping. The spade can be used at a 40degrees , 90 degrees or 180 degrees angle as hook , hoe or shovel .The length of the handle is also adjustable according to your need . It comes with a carrying case so you can easily attach it to your belt for convenient access while on the trail or hunt .

Hunting Knife: Frequently asked questions

What types of Hunting Knife are there and what determines a good product?

There are a few different types of hunting knives. The most common is the fixed blade knife, which has one solid piece that forms both handle and blade. Another type is the folding or pocket knife, which folds up into its own handle for easy carrying in your pocket or backpack. A third type is called a multi-tool; it’s basically like an entire toolbox on your belt. It can have several blades as well as other tools such as pliers and screwdrivers built right into it so you don’t need to carry around any extra gear with you while out hunting (except maybe some rope).

A good hunting knife is one that will do the job you need it to. If you are going after small game, a smaller blade may be best for your needs. However if you plan on going after larger animals such as deer or elk then a longer and wider blade would be better suited for this task. Also consider what type of handle material works best with your hand size and grip style? Do not forget about sheath options either; some knives come with multiple types of sheaths so make sure to check out which ones work well before making a purchase.

Who should use a Hunting Knife?

Anyone who is in the wilderness and needs a knife. Hunters, hikers, campers or anyone else that may need to cut something while out on an adventure should carry a hunting knife with them at all times. It can be used for cutting rope, wood or even food if needed.

Based on what criteria should you buy a Hunting Knife?

The most important factor to consider when buying a hunting knife is the purpose for which you will be using it. For example, if you are going on an expedition in the wild and need something that can help with skinning animals or cutting ropes then your requirements would be different from someone who just wants a good quality blade to use at home while camping. So make sure that before making any purchase, you have clearly defined what exactly do you want out of your new hunting knife?

When you compare a Hunting Knife, you should look out for the material used in making it. Most hunting knives are made from stainless steel or carbon steel. The handle of the knife is also important to check before buying one as some handles can be slippery and may cause accidents while handling them. You will also need to consider how easy they are to clean after use since blood tends to get stuck on their blades and this can make cleaning difficult if not cleaned immediately after use.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Hunting Knife?


Hunting knives are designed to be used in the field. They have a wide variety of uses, from skinning and gutting game to cutting rope or leather straps. The blade is usually longer than most pocketknives, with an overall length of 8 inches being common among hunting knives. A good quality knife will also feature a full tang (the metal running through the handle), which adds strength and durability while making it easier to sharpen your knife when needed.


The disadvantages of a hunting knife are that they can be difficult to use in close quarters. They also have the potential for causing more damage than necessary, which is why it’s important to choose one with an appropriate blade length and handle design.

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