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Finance, human resources, education, academia, and many other areas need a durable and cost-effective printer to use when doing different jobs.

Imagine having a printer, a photocopier and a scanner in one device, yes, that’s an all-in-one HP printer. There are so many models, with so many different functions and even applications for Android or Apple mobile phones, that choosing just one is difficult. That’s why we’ll help you do it.

You won’t find another place, where we give you the most complete reviews on the web. On our platform you will find product features, comparisons with others, pros and cons, data and factors that you will need to make your purchase and much more.


  • HP is the best-selling printer in the global market, thanks to its speed, image quality and the affordability of its models. Yes, this brand has the three B’s, good, nice and cheap. There are personal, as well as business and office versions, with inkjet and laser technologies.
  • Despite being the best-selling printers in all markets, HP has strong competition from companies such as Samsung, EPSON and Canon. However, none of them manage to beat them in pages per minute, nor in price and even less in image quality when using original cartridges.
  • The use of the printer, the printing technologies, the functions that these devices have such as: scanning, photocopying, and wireless connection, are some of the aspects that make us choose one model over another. Also, cartridges, paper and print speed play a determining factor.

The Best HP Printer: Our Picks

Buying Guide

In order to know each product in depth, it is necessary to show you detailed information on all its aspects. From the advantages to the disadvantages. Compare it with the competition and know its price range. You will find all this and more in our HP printer buying guide.

HP printers achieve exceptional colour performance. (Photo: Andriy Popov / 123RF)

What is the difference between HP printers and other brands?

HP has been in the printer market for years and they certainly know how to do their job well. There are several features that differentiate this brand from its competitors such as EPSON or Samsung. The first is their disposable cartridges, with which they achieve a high quality print, while saving a lot of ink.

Their original cartridges are manufactured with environmentally friendly technology, making your purchase less burdensome. One element that is undoubtedly part of the best HP has to offer compared to its competitors is the low prices of the products. Want more? HP’s printing speed is second to none.

HP printer Other brands
Cartridge type Disposable Continuous ink
Print and scan speed Highest (from 65 to 100 ppm) Lowest (up to 50 ppm)
Price Lowest (from 400 MXN) Highest (from 1,000 MXN)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of HP printers?

When we talk about printers that have reigned supreme for decades it is impossible not to mention HP, in fact, to think of printers is to think of HP. Experience has made them creators of superior technology, which shows in the speed with which each machine prints pages per minute, beating the competition.

Their disposable cartridges, although they represent a constant expense, provide a higher yield and quality when printing, saving up to 50% of ink. One of the wonders of the HP printer is that its models, compared to EPSON, CANON or Samsung, are more economical.

  • Low cost
  • Fastest print speed on the market
  • Disposable and high yield cartridges
  • Multifunctional
  • Cartridges are expensive
  • You may have problems with the files to be printed
  • Cartridge life is low

Fun facts: what you didn’t know about the HP printer

Fun facts are so much fun and refreshing to read that sometimes we wish we had a whole collection of them, but they can also be very useful. Having facts to supplement our information on a purchase is necessary, because they will ensure you purchase a high quality product.

Where are HP printers manufactured?

The Hewlett-Packard Company and its HP Inc division manufacture printers in Asia, the continent with the cheapest labour force in the world. There are currently factories in China and Malaysia. There used to be one in Spain, but due to high costs it was moved to Asia, improving HP’s profitability and reducing costs for buyers.

“Did you know? In October 2014 Hewlett-Packard split the company in two. One would handle servers and networking. While the other, HP Inc, would handle its electronics manufacturing.”

What is the warranty on the HP printer, and how can I claim it?

HP printers are warranted for one year from the date of purchase, however, there are certain products that have a special warranty. To be sure, all you have to do is go to the official HP Mexico website and verify the warranty with the serial number. Take it with the invoice to an authorised shop.

Are HP cartridges easy to find and buy?
Not sure whether to buy an HP printer because of its cartridges? Don’t worry, you can find HP cartridges very easily. This company has shops all over Spain and also has service centres such as SmartFlix where you can also buy them. You can even find them on Amazon.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate HP printer models

Nothing will guarantee you a great purchase more than following the advice we give you here. Buying factors are indispensable elements that you will see or should look out for in HP printer models. They will make it easier for you to choose a particular product.

  • Usage
  • Printing technology
  • Features
  • Extras: speed, cartridges and paper


HP manufactures different types of printers that are dedicated to a different audience or for a different purpose

HP manufactures different types of printers that are dedicated to a different audience or for a different purpose. We have personal printers, for home use, and printers for offices and small and medium-sized businesses. Of course, the place of use changes the features and functions of each model.

Personal. It is easy to recognise an Hp personal printer by its compact size and general appearance, such as the Ink Tank 115 and the Ink Advantage 3775. It is a cheaper product with a regular page per minute speed (up to 30 ppm on a letter size page), with scanning and copying functionality.

SMEs and offices. If you run a small or medium-sized business, or work in an office, the HP printer you’ll need is huge. With a top speed capable of printing 100 ppm in landscape direction, and where you can output double-sided sheets. Like the LaserJet Enterprise series, which has a scan, copy and fax function.

Printing technology

In the current market HP works with two types of printing technology that you need to know about in order to choose the one that suits you best. You need to know the quality of each in black and white or colour, as well as in output performance and economy.

Inkjet. This is the technology most used by HP and is present in most of its models. Inkjet works by injecting ink into the paper with high precision. It is with this technology that cartridges are used, which can be very expensive to buy and must be used regularly so that they do not dry out.

If you want to print colour photos this type of technology is ideal as it achieves very vivid colours. At the same time, it is excellent for large-scale printing because of its high resolution. In addition, inkjet works with virtually all types of paper, although it is slow compared to laser printing.

Laser. Lasers have the highest precision when printing, which, together with toner, create a reliable image in less time than inkjet. There is no need to buy cartridges and the toner can last for years without problems, unfortunately the price of these machines is higher.

With HP’s laser printing technology you will have no problems with noise, as they are quiet. The cost per print is very low, especially if it is a black and white file. As nothing is perfect, these printers tend to get a little warm, so it is ideal to keep them in a cool space.


One of the factors to consider before buying an HP printer is its features. They give you the ability to do so many things at the click of a button that you won’t believe it, and that’s something any buyer would want to have, right? Check out these features below.

Scanner. Scanning is the best way to digitise your files, documents and photos. If a job or an online service asks for your signature or ID, a scanner is the perfect way to send it to them. HP printers, being multifunctional, have a scanner capable of up to 100 ppm.

Copying. If you’re looking to multiply a piece of paper or a leaflet to hand out, there’s nothing like having the ability to make copies on your printer. All you have to do is turn on your HP printer and place the document in the scanner and let the photocopy function work. Just like printing, but a bit slower.

Fax. The telefax or telecopy is an old technology, but still used by some companies. Through a telephone number you can send a signal from one printer to another printer to print images or documents. Useful for carrying important documents back and forth effortlessly. HP maintains this function.

Wireless connection. All HP printer models have the function to connect with wifi and bluetooth to smart devices wirelessly. If you have a document or an image on your Smartphone or Tablet you can print it via an HP app. There you can monitor the ink level.

Extras: Speed, cartridges and paper
The extra aspects of the HP printer are just as important as the other factors we have already reviewed, they can give you small details that improve your work experience 100%. Here’s how speed, cartridges and paper help you choose your next purchase.

Speed – the world’s best seller and the fastest! In case you don’t know why you should buy an HP printer, here are two great reasons to do so. Printing a last minute job, handing out brochures in seconds, that’s how fast it is with an HP. Which gives you up to 65 ppm in normal format and 100ppm in landscape.

Cartridges. Many buyers put HP printers aside because they have to buy cartridges every few months, but the truth is that using the originals will give you a vivid image and you can print twice as much as with other cartridges or printers. Want quality? Then get your original cartridges.

Paper. One of the advantages of inkjet technology is that virtually any printing paper will work. A huge difference from other continuous ink or laser printers. Despite this, HP has produced a line of papers that are ideal for their products, regardless of the printing technology.

(Featured Image Photo: Сергей Толмачев / 123RF)