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Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer, a model maker or a florist – you can’t do without the hot glue gun, but it is also indispensable for small handicraft work. For this reason, hot glue guns belong in every toolbox.

Wood, polystyrene, textiles, metal or ceramics are just a few of the materials that are worked with or tinkered with every day. Whether it’s just a quick tinkering session with the kids or repairing a fallen vase, there’s something for everyone. For our product comparison, we have compared the different models of hot glue guns and worked out the most important aspects.


  • The hot glue gun is ideal for handicrafts, but is also suitable for do-it-yourselfers and model makers.
  • Important buying criteria are weight, power, heating time, glue and safety.
  • Hot glue guns are available in a wide range of price classes. Good products are already available from a medium price range.

The Best Hot Glue Gun: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for hot glue guns

We have worked out some buying and evaluation criteria for you to consider when buying. These criteria should facilitate a comparison of the individual models so that you can make the perfect choice for you.

The criteria that help you compare hot glue guns with each other include:


The weight of the hot glue gun should not be too heavy, especially if children are also to use the device. Battery-operated hot glue guns in particular tend to be heavier. The weight varies from 145 g-500 g.

It is also important that the glue gun fits comfortably in the hand so that you can work cleanly and in a relaxed manner over a long period of time.


If you need a fast heat-up time, it is important to pay attention to the power of the hot glue gun. There is a wide range of hot glue guns and therefore also of power, which varies from 45 watts to 200 watts.

The higher the power, the longer the heating time. Therefore, you should carefully consider whether a short heat-up time is important to you or whether you can wait a few minutes.

Heating time

The heat-up time of the hot glue gun is very relevant, especially for do-it-yourselfers and model makers it is advantageous if the hot glue gun is ready for use after a few seconds. However, the heating time is not only important for adults, because schools and kindergartens also use the hot glue gun for handicrafts, and you don’t have forever there either


When buying a hot glue gun, you should also pay attention to the glue sticks that are compatible with your hot glue gun. Common sizes are 7 mm and 11 mm in diameter.

For smaller craft projects, a glue stick with a diameter of 7 mm is sufficient. For do-it-yourselfers, it should be 11 mm. The thicker the glue stick, the more powerful your hot glue gun should be.

Therefore, you should think about the purpose for which you are buying a hot glue gun before you buy it. To find the right model for you.


Make sure that the hot glue gun has no sharp edges or corners. The tool should be of high quality. Especially when children are working with the hot glue gun, it is important that the hot glue gun has heat protection; it prevents the maximum temperature from being exceeded and switches off automatically.

Then there are hot glue guns that have drip protection. This prevents the glue from continuing to drip out after the appliance has been switched off.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about hot glue guns answered in detail

In the next part, we want to answer the most important questions about hot glue guns. We want to give you a deeper insight into the topic.

What is a hot glue gun?

A hot glue gun, or also called a glue gun, is a tool that helps in the processing of hot melt glue. With a hot glue gun and a matching glue stick you have the possibility to glue different things together.


With a hot glue gun you can work, do handicrafts or repair broken things. It belongs in every household. (Image source: cottonbro/ Pexels)

The hot glue gun is ideal for handicrafts. But it is also suitable for do-it-yourselfers and model makers, for example when gluing fabric covers or wooden strips. But the hot glue gun is also used a lot for commercial purposes, many florists and architects work with it.

How does a hot glue gun work?

After switching on the hot glue gun, the glue must first be heated. This can take seconds or minutes, depending on the model. After the heating time, the device is ready to be used. It is advisable to follow various tricks and tips.

For example, it is a good idea to put a piece of cardboard by your side, because if you accidentally pull the trigger too hard, too much glue may come out than you actually need. You can then let the excess glue drip off on the cardboard. After use, it is important to stand the hot glue gun upright and let it cool down and remove any residue from the dried glue.

How much does a hot glue gun cost?

The price of a hot glue gun depends on the scope of delivery as well as the brand and the additional function the device offers. The prices of a hot glue gun vary from low to high.

The following table should give you an overview

Price range Available products
Low-priced (10 – 20 €) Mostly single devices, few functions
Medium-priced (20 – 30 €) Rarely hot glue guns in sets, usually already some additional functions
High-priced (from 30 €) Mostly high scope of delivery, noble design

Who is a hot glue gun suitable for?

For children, do-it-yourselfers or hobbyists – the hot glue gun is suitable for everyone. To find out which hot glue gun is suitable for you, you should know what you want to use it for.


Whether wood, metal or ceramics, you can glue anything with a hot glue gun. They are easy to use and very useful. When buying a hot glue gun, you should always keep in mind what you intend to do with it. Important purchase criteria are weight, power, heating time, glue and safety.

In summary, the hot glue gun, whether with battery or with cable, is indispensable for the home or business. There is something for everyone, even for the small purse.

Image source: cottonbro/ Pexels