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Blow-drying, straightening and styling your hair is always a lengthy process when you are getting your hair ready for a special occasion. Now you only need one appliance to do this. With a hot air brush, you can dry your hair and style it to your liking at the same time. This product fulfils your every hairstyle wish and saves you valuable time.

If you are thinking about buying a hot air brush, you should definitely read our guide. We present different models of this brush in our hot air brush guide. We show you what to look for when buying a hairdryer brush, how to clean it properly and styling tips.


  • With a hot air brush, you can dry your damp hair thanks to the hot air and at the same time bring it into the desired shape.
  • When buying, the material, the power or the ionic technology are important criteria in addition to the temperature and the attachments.
  • A hot air brush makes an inexpensive and time-saving result possible that looks like it came from the hairdresser.

The Best Hot Air Brush: Our Picks

There are many different warm air brushes available. The following 6 hairdryer brushes should make your purchase decision easier.

Buying and Evaluation Criteria for Hot Air Brushes

In the following, we want to show you which factors you should consider when comparing products and what is important in the individual criteria. The following criteria are relevant when buying:

The following sections show you the essential characteristics of the individual purchase criteria. We will also show you why these criteria are relevant.


To protect your hair, the attachments should be coated. This is because styling tools that use heat stress the structure of your hair. These two coatings are the most gentle on your hair:

  • Ceramic: This coating protects your hair optimally and glides wonderfully through your hair. The heat distribution on the brush is very even. Unlike attachments with metal plates, this prevents the hair structure from becoming brittle or burning.
  • Tourmaline: With tourmaline, the effect of heat creates a negative charge on the ions, which are emitted during use. This dries the hair from the inside out, which means that the hair structure is exposed to less heat. The outer protective layer of the hair closes. This makes the hair look healthy and shiny.

If you use a hot air brush regularly, the attachments should always be coated with tourmaline or ceramic.


When buying an air brush, its weight is often given little importance. If the brush will only be used for a short time, the weight is not important. However, if the styling takes longer, the arm can become heavy. Therefore, a lightweight device helps for easy handling.


The power of your hairbrush is expressed in watts. A higher wattage means faster drying and styling of your hair, because the brush is stronger and reaches the maximum temperature quickly.

But depending on the texture of your hair, you may not need a particularly powerful brush. These two points will help guide you:

Hair texture Description
Thick hair For thicker hair, your hot air brush should have a wattage of
800 or more to tame your thick hair.
Thin hair Thin hair does not need as much energy as thick hair. Here, 700 watts is enough to dry and style your hair quickly.

For thick hair, power is essential, while for thin hair, the focus may be more on other criteria.

The thicker the hair, the higher the power of your air brush should be.

Thin hair is also much more sensitive than thick hair. Therefore, you should use a warm air brush with a lower wattage.

Brush diameter

The brush diameter is important for the hair length, the hair structure and the styling. A distinction is made between large and small round brushes:

  • Large round brushes (40-50 mm diameter): A larger brush can pick up more hair. Use a larger round brush for long and thick hair, as shaping with a small round brush would take too long. These round brushes are ideal for natural volume or big flowing curls.
  • Small round brushes (20-25 mm diameter): You should use a small diameter round brush for short, thin hair. It makes it easier to dry and shape this type of hair. It’s great for creating small curls or styling fringes.

If you change your hairstyles often, a hot air brush with several attachments would be advantageous. This gives you more flexibility.

Temperature levels

A good hot air brush always has different temperature settings, because different conditions of your hair require different temperatures.

A hot air brush should have at least two different temperature settings.

When your hair is wet, it is most sensitive and breaks easily. In this case, a low temperature level should be used to protect the hair. If the hair is dry and needs to be styled, the right temperature depends on the hair structure.

Thick hair is stronger and can therefore withstand high temperatures best. Thin hair, on the other hand, is more sensitive. Therefore, lower temperatures are recommended.

Cold air setting

In addition to the various temperature settings, your future hot air brush should also have a cold air setting. This is gentle on your hair and ensures that your hairstyle lasts longer.

We have already described that the cold air weakens the hair’s natural hydrogen bonds, which allows it to be styled. The cold stage follows this process.

The cold air strengthens these bonds again and closes the outer protective layer of the hair. This fixes the desired shape and promotes a longer hold of the hairstyle.

Additional functions

You should also look for extra features in your hot air brush. The following extra features are the most popular and often found on air brushes:

  • Retractable bristles: This feature helps you to style your hair comfortably. The hair is rolled up on the brush. To release it, the bristles are lowered. This function is especially helpful when hair gets caught in the brush.
  • Automatic curl release: The automatic curl release is mainly used to style curly hairstyles. First, the hair is rolled up manually using the function. Then it is automatically unrolled again. This simple process prevents knotted hair.
  • Rotating round brush: A rotating round brush rotates by itself. This makes styling easier because the strands of hair no longer have to be untwisted by themselves, as the brush does this by itself. They usually have a clockwise and a counterclockwise rotation and make styling the back of the head in particular easier.

As you can see, extra features can save you a lot of work. Therefore, always look for special functions when buying your hot air brush.

Hot Air Brushes: Frequently asked Questions and Answers

The following section will answer all the relevant questions you may have about warm air brushes. We will answer them very briefly. After reading this section, you will know everything you need to know about hot air brushes.

What is a hot air brush and who is it suitable for?

Basically, a hot air brush always works the same way. The hot air from the brush dries your hair and styles it at the same time. Warm air makes the hair malleable and dries it, while the cold setting fixes the texture.

A hot air brush has a handle and styling attachments. The different temperature levels and the cold air function are attached to the handle and can be adjusted manually.

With a hot air brush, you no longer need a hair dryer, straightening iron or curling iron, because a hot air brush combines these three devices in one.


Its advantage over other heat appliances such as a hairdryer is that you can style your hair gently. (Image source: Arun Sharma / unsplash)

Depending on the attachment, a hot air brush can create different hairstyles. There are different attachments for voluminous, curly or straight hair.

A hot air brush is suitable for every woman who is looking for a multifunctional styling device for her hair, which does not stress the hair structure and with which hair is dried and styled in a time-saving way.

What types of warm air brushes are there?

Basically, a distinction can be made between the classic warm-air brush with a round brush attachment and the warm-air brush with various attachments. The procedure is the same for all warm-air brushes.

The types are differentiated by their different attachments. The styling of the hair depends on the attachment.

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Classic warm-air brush with round brush attachment Inexpensive, easy to use, space- and time-saving, gentle on the hair structure Shorter hold due to low heat, strains the hair structure, limited styling possibilities
Warm-air brush with different attachments Multifunctional, gentle on the hair, easy to use, space-saving Shorter hold due to low heat, strains the hair structure, extra charge

A classic hot-air brush with a round brush attachment saves time and space. Its maximum temperature is not nearly as high as that of a curling iron. This protects the hair and puts less stress on it.

The classic warm-air brush is cheaper than the warm-air brush with different attachments. However, the styling possibilities are limited.

A hot air brush with different attachments scores with its multifunctionality. You can use it to gently straighten, curl or simply dry your hair. The device thus combines a straightening iron, curling iron and hair dryer. It is also space-saving because you only need one appliance and no longer three. On the other hand, the price is naturally higher because of the many functions.

How much does a hot air brush cost?

In general, air brushes are available in all price ranges. While you can buy a simple airstyler for just under 20 euros, multistylers can easily cost over 80 euros.

Type price range
Airstyler circa 16 – 45 euros
Multistyler circa 30- 80 euros

The price of a warm-air brush is determined especially by its features and functions. More options are synonymous with a higher price. Of course, the brand also has an influence on the price.

If you use an air brush infrequently, a simple air brush for 20 euros will suffice. If you use it daily, however, you should go for a higher-quality one for 50 euros or more.

What alternatives are there to a hot air brush?

For professional styling, there are other alternatives besides the hairdryer brush. In the following table, we briefly introduce the different alternatives and explain how they work.

  • Hairdryer: A hairdryer is an electric device that helps you dry your wet or damp hair. The hairdryer converts electrical energy into warm air. This then dries your hair.
  • Straightener: A straightener uses electrical energy to help straighten your hair. To do this, your hair is thermally ironed with the straightener. You take a strand between the straightener and run it through to the ends of your hair.
  • Curling iron: A curling iron works like a straightener. However, it does not straighten your hair, but creates curly hair. You wind your dry strands onto the curling iron, which makes your hair curly. Finally, pin the curls with hair clips.

The alternatives have the advantage that they dry or straighten the hair more professionally. They also work faster. For example, a hairdryer dries your hair faster because the alternatives presented work with more heat.


Since the alternatives presented apply more heat to the hair, it damages your hair structure more than a hot air brush.(Image source: Element5 / unsplash)

In addition, without a hot air brush, you need a special device for each process. This is not only costly but also time-consuming.

How is hair styled with an air brush?

You can style your hair in many ways with an air brush. If you want to create curly, wavy or straight hair, you should consider a few tips when using a hot air brush.

Tip 1: Preparation

It is easiest to style damp hair. Lightly dampen your hair before styling it. Then apply a heat protectant spray to protect the hair from the heat. Then you need to choose the right attachment for your desired style.

For curly or wavy hair, use a round brush. If you want to straighten your hair, use a straightening attachment. The blow-dry brush simply lets your hair dry.

Tip 2: Style

To shape your hair, divide it with several hair clips. This will allow you to treat each strand individually. Wrap the strands one by one on the brush.

For curly hair, wrap the strands completely. If you want wavy hair, wind the strands only halfway. Run the straightening attachment through your hair like a comb to straighten your hair.

While using a hot air brush, you can work with different fan and temperature settings.

Tip 3: Fix

Finish your style by setting your hair. To do this, use the cold setting. This fixes your hair structure and makes your hair shiny. It is therefore important that your air brush has this function.

Without the cold setting, your hair will lose its hold and there is a risk that your hairstyle will fall apart.

How does a hot air brush affect the hair?

Any heat appliance for hair has a damaging effect on your hair structure. If you use such a device every day, your hair will be severely stressed. It also dries out and becomes split.


So if you regularly expose your hair to heat appliances, we recommend that you use a hot air brush. This will keep your hair shiny and healthy. (Image source: Theme Photos / unsplash)

However, unlike other heat appliances such as a curling iron, hot air brushes have the advantage of gently drying and styling your hair. For this, it is important that your hairbrush is coated with ceramic or tourmaline and uses ionic technology.

Ideally, use a low temperature setting and use a spray to protect your hair from heat before use.

How do I clean a hot air brush?

Cleaning a hot air brush is very simple and quick. After you have used your electric hairbrush, you can easily remove the hair from the brush head with a comb.

Please note that you should never hold your hot air brush under water to clean it.

The hot air brush is connected to a power supply and therefore water would damage the electrical system.


With a hot air brush you can style your hair in many different ways. An air brush combines two functions. It dries and shapes your hair at the same time, so it can also be used on wet hair.

A hot air brush shapes your hair gently and in a time-saving way. Depending on the attachment, you can create curly, wavy or straight hair. This means you only need one appliance to style your hair.

As a hairdryer brush works with less heat than other appliances, your hair structure is not damaged. However, the hold of your hairstyle will suffer. Hairspray can help here.

Picture source: 123rf / 93732954