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When you need to carry your most precious things in comfort and style, there’s little better than a Herschel backpack. These accessories will give you the ability to carry whatever you need to take with you wherever you go, whether it’s notebooks, books or electronics.

In this article we are going to show you how to choose the best Herschel backpacks on the market. We’ll show you what features they offer, as well as fun facts that will help you get to know these accessories better, all to help you make a better buying decision.


  • Herschel backpacks are high quality accessories designed to carry objects. They have very recognisable shapes and designs, which are often combined with any type of clothing. They are highly sought after by retro lovers, as well as those looking for a hipster style with nostalgic tones.
  • The types of Herschel backpacks that stand out the most are the zipped and the straps. The zipped ones have a slightly more modern look, and can be used for school, travel or the gym. The strap ones are more retro, and have a design that’s perfect for tucking notebooks in or for travelling.
  • After deciding on the Herschel backpack shape that catches your eye, you should look at the extras. The colour and pattern of the bag is entirely up to you, but you should pay attention to other things like the maximum size of the laptop or its capacity. Also keep in mind that its material of manufacture will affect its durability.

The Best Herschel Backpack: Our Picks

Buying Guide: What you need to know about Herschel backpacks

In this section we’re going to help you learn more about these trendy hipster backpacks. Not only will you find out what sets them apart from the rest, but we’ll also answer the most common questions about these Herschel accessories. All so you can discover the fact that they’re more than just a beautifully designed accessory.

A Herschel backpack with a strap will give you easy access to the inside of the bag to get your stuff out quickly. (Photo: Evgeny Atamanenko / 123rf)

What is the difference between Herschel backpacks and other brands?

Herschel backpacks are the brand of choice for lovers of hipster culture, as well as for those looking to add vintage touches to their wardrobes. Their build quality is internationally recognised as the company’s flagship product. Other brands try to imitate their designs, but simply cannot match them.
Herschel backpack JanSport backpack
Designed in Canada United States
Place of manufacture China Mexico and Middle East Countries
Common fabric patterns Unicolour, patterns, colour blends Unicolours
Price range 700 to 1900 MXN 270 to 900 MXN

Which Herschel backpack is best for college?

The best Herschel backpacks for college are the ones with straps. This is because they allow you to quickly take notebooks and notebooks in and out of the bag. These models also have an extra top layer that will protect you from water during rainy weather. They also have compartments for supplies such as pencils or erasers.

Are there Herschel laptop backpacks?

Of course there are! The ones that don’t have a laptop compartment are very rare, as most of them have padded compartments to accommodate your laptop. They usually include in the product description the size of laptop they will accept, for example, if your laptop is 15″ then you need to buy a Herschel 15″ pocket backpack or larger.

Can I buy a Herschel backpack for kids?

Yes! The classic model of Herschel backpacks will work for children to carry to school. This is because most of them tend to range in size from small to medium volumes. If you want to be sure it’s for kids, look for one that has the words “Kids”, “Youth” or “Children” in its description.

Can I put a Herschel backpack in the washing machine?

It is not recommended. If you want to avoid damaging your precious Herschel backpack, you should soak it in warm water and wash it with laundry soap. It may be quicker to put it in the washing machine, but you could end up with warped or unravelled seams.

Fun facts: what you didn’t know about Herschel backpacks

Herschel backpacks have more than one interesting fact, they’re not just cult backpacks because they’re pleasing to the eye. In this section we’re going to give you some fun facts about these backpacks, so you can use them as a talking point or add a little personal value to your investment.

When were Herschel backpacks designed?

Despite their vintage look, Herschel backpacks were designed in mid-2009. Brothers Lyndon and Jamie Cormack were looking to create accessories whose designs were timeless, with a lot of attention to detail. That’s why children and adults can wear these backpacks without looking out of place.

Are there physical shops to buy Herschel backpacks in Mexico?

Of course, but for the moment there is only one, the Herschel Oasis Coyoacan shop located in Mexico City. There they offer all kinds of original backpacks and accessories. If you can visit you can try on backpacks and then search for them online at affordable prices.

Are Herschel backpacks covered by return guarantees?

Yes, but certain conditions apply. Herschel backpacks are only covered by official returns if they were purchased from the Herschel website. If you purchased one from the official website, you can go to their contact section to initiate the process.

The product must be unused, and must keep all tags and packaging intact. In case you purchased your Herschel backpack from unofficial shops, such as Amazon or physical shops, you will have to follow their unique return and warranty rules. Just make sure to keep the product unused and with all tags intact.

Do Herschel backpacks come with a warranty for defects?

Yes, only if purchased from an authorized dealer. This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship of the backpack itself. It does not cover damage due to misuse, washing, damage from stored items, damage in transit or burnt, i.e. any damage resulting from misuse.

Regardless of whether you purchased your Herschel backpack from the official website or from an authorised retailer, you will need to take photos of the defect and send them to the Herschel Supply Co. customer service email address. You can find more information on the company’s official contact page.

Did you know that Herschel is the name of a small Canadian village? Lyndon and Jamie Cormack adopted this name because it has been home to three generations of their families.

Buying criteria: Factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of Herschel backpacks

There’s no substitute for knowing what you’re looking for to make an excellent buying decision. For that very reason here we will tell you all the weight factors to buy Herschel backpacks, this will help you to have a better idea of what you can find in them and what they bring to you.

  • Type
  • Materials
  • Size


There are many types of Herschel backpacks on the market, and this is because they are the company’s most purchased products. Some have similar designs, so we’ll group them together based on their similarity to other models.

These are models that incorporate an additional pocket


These are closure models that incorporate an additional pocket on the outside front. All incorporate a dedicated pocket for headphones, as well as a compartment for laptops and tablets. They are perfect for going out, taking to class or going to the gym. Shares design with the Heritage, Nova, Rundle, Settlement and Pop-Quiz series.

They close using a bungee cord


These close using a bungee cord and adjust their top layer using straps. They are slightly elongated and a good choice for short trips, going to the gym or for use at university. They also incorporate headphone and laptop pockets. Little America, Retreat, Dawsom and Thompson models are of this type.

For those who want to take short trips with their bags


These models are designed for those who want to take short trips with their bags. They are usually larger and have more pockets than usual. Some come with extras such as luggage racks, compartments for tools and space for water bottles. The Travel, Berg and Buckingham models are of this type.


Herschel backpacks are made from a variety of materials, all of which ensure that they will stand up to continuous use. There is a lot of difference between the lower and higher end models, so it doesn’t hurt to get to know them.


This is a durable material and incredibly easy to wash. It is usually found in the more expensive Herschel backpacks. Nylon models are made with ripstop fabric, which is tear-resistant, water-resistant and fire-resistant to a certain extent.


Often found in cheap Herschel backpacks, you’ll see it in budget priced models. It’s a durable and easy to wash material that is also resistant to sun exposure. Those made from this material are ideal for sports or as gifts for young children.


This is another material found in more affordable Herschel backpacks. It’s not as durable as synthetics, but it’s breathable, has a nice texture and its patterns are often very eye-catching.

Clear plastic:

There are a number of Herschel backpacks that are transparent, and they are the only ones that use it. A model made of this material will be useful for carrying your stuff to places that only allow transparent backpacks, or to be very sure that you put that thing you always forget if it’s inside or not.


Herschel backpacks often come with accessories and compartments that will help you carry your stuff more comfortably. It’s common to find them in different models and variations, so if you like one of them you’re sure to find it in any variation you find.

Laptop compartment Water bottle compartment Internal organisers Electronics pocket Hydration port
Ideal for storing laptops, tablets and books Carrying drinks, perfect for athletes Tidy small things like pens or gadgets Store your mobile phone or music player Install a drinking straw mechanism

(Featured image photo: anyaberkut / 123rf)