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Hello and welcome to ReviewBox! Protecting your head from accidents is a top priority for anyone who rides two wheels, works in construction or plays a direct contact sport. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to find out which are the best helmets you can find.

Do you ride motorbikes or bicycles a lot? Do you tend to worry about a possible fall when transporting yourself? Or maybe you work on a construction site and want to know which helmet will protect your head? Well, worry no more because we’ll bring you the best analysis and information you need to know about helmets.

At ReviewBox we care that you are super well informed about the products you are most interested in, so you can always count on a very complete review to guide you in your purchase. Without further ado, do you want to know what features make a helmet the best for your needs? Let’s get to the review.

First the most important things

  • A helmet is a protective headgear that fits over the head and prevents head injury or damage while riding a two-wheeled vehicle or in activities where the head is exposed.
  • There are different types of helmets and each has a different purpose. The most commonly used types are motorbike helmets, bicycle helmets, construction helmets, and sports helmets for football and baseball.
  • Some factors you need to consider when buying your helmet are the weight of the helmet, especially if you are buying for children, the shape of the helmet, the fit, and whether or not it has a visor or eye protection.

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Buying Guide

We will now explain what a helmet is, its fundamental characteristics, its main function and, above all, the advantages of owning one. Everything you need to guide you in your purchase. Take note of this information so that when you are choosing a model you know exactly what to look for.

The helmet is a mandatory accessory to protect your safety. (Photo: MabelAmber /

What are helmets and what are their advantages?

Helmets are an accessory that is used in different activities, but with the same intention, to protect the head against blows, accidents or objects. Being such an important part of the body, any injury to the head is considered serious, so in activities where the head is exposed, the use of a helmet is essential.

The main advantage of a helmet, as already mentioned, is that it allows you to perform activities where the head is exposed. By covering the main vulnerability of the head, helmets are mandatory for transportation on two-wheeled vehicles and in workplaces such as construction.

Another advantage of helmets is that many are aerodynamically designed to, in addition to protecting the head, help users perform their activities in the most effective way. For example, track cyclists competing for time use aerodynamic helmets to cut through the wind and improve their times.

In addition to protecting the head and helping to improve times with its shape, the helmet can also protect the eyes from dust and airborne particles. For example, motorcyclists riding at high speeds need helmets that do not allow any particles to enter the eyes as this would endanger the wearer’s vision and safety.

  • They protect the head from accidents
  • They help to improve the speed of professional riders
  • Some cover the eyes from dust and airborne particles
  • Price, some can be very expensive
  • Weight, not all are light
  • Their size does not allow them to be easily transportable on foot

Motorbike, bicycle, construction and football helmets – what should you look out for?

As you can imagine, there are a large number of helmets and several different types that serve different functions. Helmets can be divided into four main types, those that are focused on protecting the head when riding a motorbike, those for cycling, for construction and for the sport of football.

Motorbike helmets. These helmets are heavier and more compact than other helmets because they are worn at high speed and cannot be altered in any way. They are full-face, i.e. they cover the whole head and also have a transparent visor that covers the eyes from any particles that may want to enter them.

Bicycle helmets. Like motorbike helmets, these helmets are designed for two-wheeled transport, but as bicycles are a slower means of transport, there are helmets that cover the entire head and others that only cover the upper part. Within this type you will find mountain, city and track helmets.

Construction helmets. Unlike the previous types, these helmets are intended to protect the head from falling elements or tools in construction. Imagine that a person drops a nut from a high height and it falls directly on your head, if you don’t wear a helmet, you could even lose your life.

Sports helmets. These helmets are also designed for a specific activity, such as playing football or baseball. These sports can cause impacts to the head due to head-on-head impact or the baseball hitting the head. These helmets are open-faced and somewhat heavy.

Motorcycle helmet Bicycle helmet Construction helmet Football helmet
Function Protecting the head from high speed impacts Protecting the head from impacts and helping to cut through the air Protecting the head from falling tools or objects Protecting the head from high force impacts
Activities used Motorcycle transportation Bicycle transportation Construction work Sports like football and baseball

What about themed helmets?

There are also themed toy helmets or helmets purchased for costume, however, their use is much more specific and the purpose is purely aesthetic and not so much for head protection. These helmets are bought for children or to go to a fancy dress party and can be of any character who wears a helmet.

However, you can also get themed motorbike helmets in case you want to look a little cooler when riding around town. You can find Ironman, Spiderman or even Halo helmets that are designed for motorcycling. Just check the specifications to make sure they’re quality.

It is very important to wear a helmet if you are on a construction site for safety reasons (Photo: bridgeswar /

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of helmets

Finally, we’ll look at the different factors you need to consider when choosing the helmet that’s right for you. It is very important that you remember this information as it can make the difference between being happy with your purchase and being dissatisfied with it.

  • Weight
  • Shape
  • Fit
  • Visor/eye protection


Weight is an extremely important factor if you are going to buy a helmet, especially if you are going to use it for motorcycling or cycling. Why does it matter? Because depending on the weight, your neck will tire more or less easily. Also, if you are thinking of buying a helmet for a child, you should consider whether it can support the weight.

1 kg or less. These are the helmets that are recommended for bicycles or for children. A kilogram of weight is something that the neck can support without being too tired, but if you want lighter helmets you can find them from 250g. To give you an idea, the average lightweight helmet is 450g.

More than 1kg. Helmets weighing more than 1kg are considered to be compact or heavy and are recommended for use in motorbike transport or in sports such as football where a helmet with a lot of resistance is needed. An average weight of a heavy helmet is 1.8 kg.


On the other hand, the shape of the helmet is also a factor you need to consider if you want to make a successful purchase. There are three main helmet shapes; closed helmets, open face helmets and semi-open face helmets. Each has different features and functions depending on the activity to be performed.

Closed. Closed helmets are those that cover the entire head in such a way that they cannot be easily dislodged or detached. These helmets are used for American football and motorbike riding, but also for mountain biking where there is too much dust to use other types of helmets.

Open face. When a helmet is open-face we mean that it only covers the top of the head where the brain is located and which is the most vulnerable part of our body. These helmets are used for construction and track bike transport as they are quite light and easy to carry.

Semi-open helmets. Semi-open helmets have the particularity of covering a considerable portion of the head, but leave a face or ears uncovered. For example, in baseball, these helmets are used because they only need to cover the face that is facing the pitcher.

The helmet used in track cycling is of the open type (Photo: r17frances /


The fit of the helmet is important because it also determines the use and how free you can be when wearing it. This is important because, by knowing how your helmet fits, you will be able to determine what activities it works for. There are two types of helmet fit: lower fit and rear fit.

Lower fit. The lower fit is the fit that hooks under the chin and is found on open-face helmets because there is no room for adjustment. This fit is stable, but can suffer from consistency as tilting the head to one side can cause it to become misaligned.

Rear adjustment. The rear fit is used for closed helmets due to the large amount of space they cover. This adjustment is extremely consistent as it is horizontal and allows the wearer to move freely without the helmet becoming misaligned.

The lower adjustment is mainly used for open face helmets (Photo: Александр Ермолаев

Visor/eye protection

Finally, you need to consider whether your helmet has a visor or eye protection. If you suffer from dry eyes or your eyes are very sensitive to light, you should check that your helmet has a visor. Some visors are removable and others have sun protection.

So now you know, the next time you are about to buy a helmet remember what you saw in this review to guide you in your purchase. We hope you enjoyed it and that you can soon be wearing that helmet you love so much, see you next time!

(Featured image photo: sms467 / Pixabay)