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The world we live in is becoming increasingly technological. Many different devices, such as HDMI and USB, now surround us. The appearance of newer models with different connection features and standards is constant, and this is why it is often necessary to have the right adapter to connect one device to another.

But choosing the right model isn’t always child’s play. Distinct adapters are designed for different types of existing devices, and not all offer the same levels of performance. We’ve created this detailed and comprehensive guide to help you make the right shopping decision.


  • Adapters allow you to connect equipment with incompatible inputs and outputs.
  • They usually feature an input port, a connection cable and an output port.
  • You will different types of adapters out there. The USB to HDMI adapter and the HDMI to VGA adapter are the two most frequently used.

The Best HDMI Adapters: Our picks

We’ve compiled a ranking of the very best HDMI adapters available on the market right now. We did our best to make our selection as varied as possible to best answer your needs, while offering you products with great value for money.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about HDMI adapters

You’ll have to take a certain number of key factors into account when you’re choosing your very own adapter. Each model you’ll find on the market is designed for a specific use. To give you all the info you need to make the right choice, we’ve designed this section to answer the most frequently asked questions by past customers.

HDMI adapters allow you to connect your laptop to your TV screen. (Source: Yeulet: 42271469/

What is an HDMI adapter exactly?

These connectors were developed to connect different electronic devices by converting the video signal from its original digital format to analogue. They generally feature a cable of variable length, a input point and an output point for the signal.

What elements are adapters made up of?

We can identify three main elements in an adapter. The first component is the signal input port, often called the male connector. The output port is therefore called the female connector. Last but not least, a cable joins the input and output ports; the length of this cable will vary from one model to another.

Did you know that most audio-visual devices feature an HDMI connection?

What are HDMI cables designed for?

The acronym HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. This is simply a connection standard for transferring audio and video between two devices. A cable is required to carry out this without compressing the information.

You can for example connect your laptop to your smart TV. This allows you to watch movies or series you have downloaded on your computer on the TV screen, providing you with a better viewing experience as both the audio and video are in digital format.

HDMI cables can broadcast images and sound at the same time. (Source: Savusia: 108804886/

What are the main uses for HDMI adapters?

You can connect different types of devices with these adapters. An HDMI adapter will therefore allow you to connect your gaming console or computer to an analogue screen. USB to HDMI adapters can also connect your computer to a screen or a monitor featuring an HDMI input.

If you want to connect your tablet to a digital screen, you’ll have to opt for an adapter with a USB or Mini USB port, the most frequently used by these devices.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of HDMI adapters?

Besides the capacity to connect equipment that would otherwise be impossible to connect, HDMI adapters also present several other advantages. These products are lightweight and easily transportable, while their price tends to be very affordable. However, using cables can become quite annoying.

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Inexpensive
  • Allow you to broadcast audio and video in digital format
  • Cables can be annoying

How should I use my HDMI adapter?

The first thing you’ll need to do is checking whether your devices are compatible. For this, simply make sure that they present input and output ports for an HDMI adapter. These ports tend to be placed on the back of your equipment.

Once you’ve checked this, plug the cable ports in the two electronic devices you want to connect. Your next step is accessing the TV menu or the computer that will display the images, and select the input source. This is naturally the other device to which the adapter is connected.

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself.” George Bernard Shaw

For whom are HDMI adapters recommended?

Anyone who needs to connect different devices featuring an HDMI port will make great use of this product. You’ll be interested in having an HDMI to VGA adapter if, for example, you want to connect your gaming console to a projector. On the other hand, a USB to HDMI adapter will be your go-to choice for connecting your laptop to a digital TV.

Yo can also find HDMI to VGA adapters on the market. (Source: Nontawat: 83839982/

What other types of adapters are there?

You’ll find a bunch of different adapters out there, each model tailored for a specific type of device. Nowadays, USB to HDMI and HDMI to VGA are the most common adapters. We’ve listed their main features in the table below:

Adapter USB to HDMI HDMI to VGA
Function Used to connect a computer to a monitor or screen with HDMI input. Used to connect a computer, gaming console or any other device to a monitor with analogue VGA input.
Signal conversion Sends signal from USB port to HDMI port. Converts digital format signal to analogue format.

What care does my HDMI adapter require?

A general rule you probably know with electronic devices is to avoid any contact with water, any blow or fall. We strongly encourage you to protect your adapter if you intend on regularly travelling with it; this way, you’ll prevent it from being damaged through friction or contact with other objects.

Shopping Criteria

We’ve created the following section to introduce you to several key factors that you should take into account before settling for a specific adapter. While some of these aspects are common to any purchase, Others are more adapter-specific and have the tendency of being overlooked.

Personal use

You naturally need to know exactly how you’ll use an adapter before purchasing it. The devices you want to connect, how often and where you’ll use the products are key to make the right decision. You won’t need the same adapter if you always connect the same computers in a set location or with different computers in different locations.

There are different types of adapters; HDMI models are ideal to connect your laptop to a TV screen.(Source: Greyjj: 31059289/


As mentioned before, you absolutely need to check the compatibility of your adapter. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions and read the instruction manual, so that you can know if it is suitable for playing content from Macbooks, Chromebook Pixel, mobile phones, laptops, tablets or gaming consoles.

Many shoppers end up buying the wrong adapter and find themselves in a bit of pickle when they first try to connect their devices, simply because they forgot to check the compatibility of their equipment. We recommend you to opt for a model that offers the greatest level of compatibility and can be used on a wide range of devices.


You’ve noticed in our ranking that certain adapters offer more than simply HDMi connections. Adapters with DVI connections or 3.5 mm jack plugs for audio are therefore available on the market. Others may even feature multiple connections or power cables.

4K conversion

This is definitely one of the most overlooked aspects, and yet it is so valuable. Adapters that support 4K content transfer allow you to enjoy the highest quality image to date. Naturally, not all adapters can handle this, so you’ll have to check compatibility if you really want to play 4K videos.


This might seem logical, but we’ll mention it anyway: cables are key. You want to consider their length, thickness, flexibility and resistance. In some cases, you may also be interested in having an adapter featuring a 3.5 mm jack; don’t forget that you’ll also need a specific cable for this.

HDMI cables tend to be compact and are available in different sizes. (Source: Pedrouzek: 29467704/


There is a wide array of designs available for adapters, from the most compact models to other considerably bigger ones presenting a large number of ports. Think about your needs, and opt for a lighter, more compact design if you’ll be taking your adapter with you everywhere you go.

Material quality

This aspect is incredibly important if you want your product to last. Check the resistance and the quality of the manufacturing materials beforehand. You should know that adapters with gold tips offer an image with a higher degree of sharpness and fidelity than the original.

Tendak, Novoo and VCE are some of the most prestigious brands out there.


You’ll need adapters in your life if you want to connect your different electronic devices. While you may be uncomfortable with having more and more cables lying around, these products are incredibly useful. A great proof of this is how frustrating it is to want to connect two devices and not have the right adapter.

While you will find different types of adapters on the market, USB to HDMI and HDMI to VGA adapters are by far the most frequently used. In any case, the shopping criteria we exposed earlier will be key in choosing the right adapter for you. Factors like personal use, compatibility and brand will all play a role in your decision.

We hope this guide helped you find the adapter you need. If that is the case, we’d love for you to share our article on your social media, and feel free to leave us a comment in the section below!

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