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Welcome! Today you are going to know all the best information that teaches you how to choose hanger. Do you want to buy the product to better organize your wardrobe or your shop? Then you are in the right place!

From a distance it looks like all clothes hangers are the same. But there are many differences between the various versions. Once you know some characteristics of the best models, it is easier to make a perfect purchase.

What are the main types of hanger? What should I look out for before buying? How to compare the best offers on the market? All this and much more can be found in the Hanger Purchasing Guide.


  • Common hangers made of plastic or wood are fine for use in the wardrobe, just hang them without the need to install anything.
  • Hangers with hanging hooks require the use of screws to install in different parts of the office or house.
  • There are certain versions in which you can hang up to 5 clothes on just one hanger unit.

The Best Hanger: Our Picks

Each person has his or her own criteria when looking at the quality of coat hangers in shops. But in the market there are some of the best-selling products which are praised by the general public. Do you want to know which ones? See the list:

Buying Guide

No more crumpled clothes in the shop for lack of decent hangers, right? Or even a disorganized wardrobe! Let’s now get to know the information that will help you to have less costs and more benefits when buying the product.

Follow us in this Buying Guide and learn how to make the best choices when buying new hangers.

Uma mulher segurando uma camiseta que tem cabide de madeira em uma seção de uma loja de departamentos.

Learn how to buy hangers that enhance clothes and prevent wrinkles. (Source: Alterfines / Pixabay)

What is the hanger?

Also known by other names such as shoulder or cross, the hanger is an indispensable accessory for hanging clothes of different weights. Its use is popular in homes, offices and shops that sell clothing.

The product is composed of a part that serves to hang on wardrobes or walls and another part with the purpose of placing the folded clothes.

There are two traditional formats: internal hanger for wardrobes or shops and external hanger suspended with several hooks.

What is a hanger for?

The use of a clothes hanger is essential for clean clothes not to get wrinkled. But this accessory is even more important in the case of clothes shops.

In shops, shopkeepers can hang a variety of sample clothes on hangers which are fixed to the rack. Thanks to this accessory hundreds of clothes are organised in small spaces.

In a certain way, the hanger even helps consumers. For example, by holding the hanger, customers examine the clothes or take them to the fitting room. Many shops personalise the hangers with brand emblems to strengthen the decoration.

Roupas penduradas com cabides de madeira em uma arara suspensa.

The hanger, besides being useful, helps in the decoration. (Source: StockSnap / Pixabay)

There are several shades of hangers: woody, transparent, black, white, yellow, green, orange, among others. The hanger besides a support also serves as a complement to the decoration of interior environments.

In residential use, hangers are used in wardrobes, wardrobes or walls, but more as an object to avoid wrinkles in the pieces. The sleeves of a long T-shirt also do not get wrinkled because of the use of hangers.

How to use the hanger?

The use of hangers is mainly related to the type of garment that is to be stored. For example, jeans should be folded and then hung on a hanger with a short piece of fabric to ensure that less space is taken up in the wardrobe.

For skirts, it’s worth putting 5 or more pieces with similar colours together on just one hanger. This way it is easier to find the colour you want to wear during the day or at night.

For shorts, in addition to separating by colour, we recommend using a maximum of 5 pieces together on a hanger. They need to be of the same type of fabric.

To hang up your collection of T-shirts or shirts, it is worth buying hanger kits which contain 10 units. Each of these clothes needs to be hung on only one hanger.

Camisas de botão penduradas com cabides em uma arara de ferro.

Shirts should be hung individually. (Source: jarmoluk / Pixabay)

In the case of hanging sets, suits and tailleurs it is recommended to use a hanger that has a more solid composition. You can even put the cape on top of the hanger that has the heavy clothes.

And to store jackets or coats, it is worth buying versions of hangers with shoulder protectors, also known as anatomic hangers. Some plastic anatomical productions have removable shoulder pads.

It is even possible to store several belts wrapped around one hanger. For tie hangers it is best to use hangers with two-centimetre side ties to make sure there is no creasing.

What are the advantages of a hanger?

Don’t think that you can just buy any hanger and have all the advantages of using the product. There are some negative aspects that consumers need to take a closer look at.

When we start describing the positive side, it is easy to notice that hangers of all kinds are inexpensive. This means that for a small amount of money you can keep your clothes tidy and wrinkle-free.

The different versions of hangers cater for various audiences. For example, the hangers with 1 hook on the top are good for hanging in wardrobes, while the versions that have several hooks are great for installing on walls and take up less space.

Hanger is a light and compact product, easy to take to different places. This accessory has so many colours and materials available that even decorators take the opportunity to use it in the compositions of different decorative proposals.

Now, let’s talk about some disadvantages. There is low resistance, so that when you hang many clothes in just one unit you end up bursting or extending the hanger.

Wall hangers require the use of screws and are a bit complicated to install. The versions with fasteners, which are widely used in shops, cost more.

There are several chrome productions, but after a short time of use they become faded and less shiny. It is also necessary to clean the hanger constantly because it easily accumulates dust.

  • Low prices
  • Different versions to suit different audiences
  • Light and compact
  • Different colours
  • Different materials
  • Low resistance
  • Some versions require installation with screws
  • Chromed structures may fade fast
  • Requires constant cleaning

What are the different types of hanger?

There are different types of materials used in the composition of coat hangers. When buying you should choose one of the three most popular editions for residential or commercial use: plastic, wooden and chrome hanger.

Do you want to know which type of hanger you should choose? Then take a look at the definitions of each one below:

Plastic hanger

This hanger is often used to hang light clothing such as shorts or T-shirts, although it can also be used for heavy clothing. It has a low resistance, as any naughty child can bend and break it without difficulty.

Versions of plastic hangers are popular for their low prices and because they are sold in kits with 10 or more units. It is a flexible product, so you can take the model to different locations without any problems.

Cabides de plástico com roupas penduradas.

Plastic hangers are the most popular in the market. (Source: satina / 123RF)

Wooden coat hanger

Wooden hangers are best suited for hanging heavy clothes like suits, for example. Many people use these versions to put up various skirts or shorts.

One of the problems with using a wooden hanger is that if it is not sanitised often enough, it can attract termites. This generates terrible results if the wardrobe also has a wood composition.

As with the plastic versions, it is possible to attach clips to wooden hangers to make it easier to shop items on shop stands or wardrobes.

Another similarity with the plastic production is the presence of a hook to hang them from the wardrobe. There are also external versions, to be installed outside the wardrobe, which have 4 or more hooks.

Chromed hanger

Known for being more resistant, chrome hangers are present in two versions. One of them has the shape and similar advantages of plastic or wooden hangers for wardrobes.

The other version is to be fixed to the wall with screws or adhesive glue (known as an external hanger), very popular in offices or small flats without space to install large wardrobes.

Um chaveiro cromado personalizado na forma de dois pássaros e um galho.

External chrome hangers also serve to hang keys. (Source: Agzam / Pixabay)

Considering the chrome version installable outside wardrobes the hanger can have from 1 to up to 7 hooks to hang different pieces. These productions do not accept fasteners as in hangers that are for use in wardrobes.

Because it has a metal structure, the hanger is likely to get rusty if it is not cleaned frequently. Wall-mounted structures cannot be moved to other locations as is the case with wardrobe versions.

To get a better understanding of the differences between the popular hangers, take a look at the table below:

Plastic hanger Wood hanger Chrome hanger
Resistance Low High Medium
Termite attack No Yes No
Rust No No Yes
Price Low Medium Low to high
Fasteners Yes Yes Yes or No
Flexibility Much Much or little No
Places of use Wardrobes or shops Wardrobes Outside wardrobes, in homes, offices or shops
Number of hooks 1 unit From 1 to 5 units From 1 to 7 units
Number of units in kits 10 or more 5 or more Maximum 3 units

Purchase criteria: Factors for comparing hanger offers

To make the best choice, you should consider the factors below to compare hanger offers in the market:

  • Type
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Material
  • Kits
  • Colours
  • Fasteners

Learn a little more about these criteria in the reading below.


Keep in mind that there are two types of hanger formats and you should choose according to your needs: internal hangers or external hangers.

The internal hangers are for putting on wardrobes, but some shops also have hangers of this type in holders for dozens of light or heavy clothes.

The outer coat h anger, on the other hand, is a product to be used outside the wardrobe, to hang on a wall of the house or office. In general, these versions are chrome-plated and have up to 7 hooks for hanging light things while occupying little space.

11 cabides cromados enfileirados.

There are also versions of external hangers made up of chrome materials. (Source: MartinaMang / Pixabay)


The weight of the hanger can range from 20 grams to up to 100 grams or a little more per unit. Wooden versions are heavy, although they are sturdy for storing several clothes at once.

Too light structures can easily bulge if they are overloaded with heavy clothes. In the case of external hangers, the frame may even fall off the wall due to excess weight, requiring a new installation.


Have you ever stopped to measure the size of your wardrobe or wall before buying your hanger? Sometimes people buy a version that is too big and end up having problems in the end.

The size of the clothes should also be considered. Larger clothes require larger hangers, while smaller outfits look better on smaller hangers.

There are different sizes of hangers and you should pay attention to choose a production that has the right dimensions.

Cabides alinhados com roupas penduradas em arara.

Although many people do not pay attention to this, checking the size of the hanger is crucial. (Source: OrnaW / Pixabay)


Don’t forget the important rule of material when buying hanger! To make the purchase of hangers with the purpose of hanging heavy fabrics is recommended to use the wooden model or the plastic version with rounded ends.

If you want to hang light clothes it is worth buying the chrome external hangers, the kind you can install with screws behind the doors.


Use numbers to your advantage. If you need to buy several hangers, take advantage of kits that have from 10 to 100 or more. By buying these packages you will pay much cheaper than if you buy each of the pieces separately.

Plastic hangers are popular in kits as they have the flexibility to be used on different pieces. It is also possible to find promotions of the type for buying several chrome external hangers at once.


Plastic versions have more of a colour advantage. They also make it possible for shopkeepers to put their shop emblem on them to personalise the decor. There are many different shades for hangers and you can decorate your shop or wardrobe with the colour you prefer.

In the case of internal and chromed hangers, the cover on the various hooks can be coloured in different shades as it is made of plastic.


For more security and to avoid the accidental fall of clothes you can pay higher prices when buying hangers with fasteners. The hanger with clips becomes more practical and versatile, since it serves for the most varied pieces of clothing.

Dezenas de roupas penduradas nos cabides com prendedores em uma loja.

Chrome hangers with clips. (Source: meineresterampe / Pixabay)

You can even buy the hanger first and then the fasteners separately. Only it is cheaper in the end to buy the promotions that already come with the two items together.

(Source of the highlighted image: angelsover / Pixabay)