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Welcome to our big hairdressing scissors test 2023. Here we present all the hairdressing scissors we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best hairdressing scissors for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a pair of hairdressing scissors.


  • There are hairdressing scissors that are tailored to your tasks. There is a difference between buying a pair of scissors for cutting and thinning, effilating or trimming hair. Make sure you read the description of the scissors and what they can do. Maybe a set also makes sense, there are many great offers here.
  • Handling is always particularly important. A good pair of hairdressing scissors simply has to feel good and comfortable in your hand. There are big differences here. Take a close look at the reviews or test the scissors yourself.
  • If you like the scissors of one brand, you should definitely take a closer look at the other products. Which ones make sense for you and your individual needs? For example, do you need a sharpener or a pair of epilator scissors? If you are convinced by one brand, it is likely that you will also like the other products.

The Best Hairdressing Scissors: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying hairdressing scissors

What does a good pair of hairdressing scissors cost?

The prices for scissors can vary greatly and fluctuate from supplier to supplier. It depends on which brand you want to buy your next pair of hairdressing scissors from.

There are old and well-known brands that have been around for a long time and have always convinced with their good quality.

Of course, products from such brands are not cheap. But you know what you can expect for your price. Professionals in hairdressing shops in particular rely on premium brands such as Jaguar, Nikoshi and Tondeo.

You can quickly spend over a hundred euros on products from these brands. Beginners’ models, however, also start at lower prices, e.g. Jaguar.

Note: On Ebay, cult products of these brands are auctioned off for up to 1000€. Don’t believe us? Just have a look for yourself!

Very simple scissors, like the ones you find on Amazon, are actually available for as little as 10€. Of course, you can’t expect the very best quality here – but these scissors usually do the job just as well.

Of course, the prices on Amazon go up steadily, the scissors in our ranking cost an average of 15€.

Especially if you are a beginner and want to practise cutting hair, or if you only need the scissors for private use, such a model is perfectly adequate. If you enjoy cutting hair, you can always invest in a higher-priced pair of hairdressing scissors.

Often you need not just one pair of hairdressing scissors, but several. To save money, it’s a good idea to buy a set! (Image source: / Jackmac34)

You can often save a little if you buy the scissors you need in a set. There are many different offers here.

Either you buy the selected hair scissors in a double pack, and then have a set of scissors in stock, or you decide on a set that contains both a normal pair of hair scissors and a pair of effiliation scissors.

Note: By the way, there is no big difference in price between normal hair scissors and effilating or modelling scissors. Both cost about the same, depending on the manufacturer.

Type price range
Premium scissors approx. 100€
Hairdressing and Effiliation scissors approx. 15€
Scissor sets 20-30€

Which manufacturers of hairdressing scissors are there?

As already mentioned, hairdressing scissors can be divided into premium brands and simple hairdressing scissors manufacturers. Very high-quality but also expensive hairdressing scissors are available, for example, from:

  • Jaguar
  • Matsuzaki
  • Tondeo
  • Yakushi
  • Kasho
  • Kyone
  • Joewell
  • Akahara
  • Sibel
  • e-Kwip
  • Mitzutani

Simpler haircutting products are available from many different manufacturers. In fact, there are so many that it is hardly possible to list all the suppliers. So only the better-known manufacturers are listed below:

  • Kovira
  • Pamara
  • Eico
  • Purovi
  • GHB
  • Twin
  • Yumaya
  • Nogent
  • Elehot
  • Kiepe

When buying hairdressing scissors, you have the choice between a large number of manufacturers. (Image source: / yamaha_music_story2)

What are the differences between a normal pair of scissors and a pair of modelling or effigy scissors?

The biggest difference between these two products is certainly the cutting blade. Normal stainless steel scissors have a straight sharp edge on both sides.

Modelling scissors have a comb-like surface on one side. Not all hairs are caught and therefore not completely cut off, but only thinned out.

Effiliation scissors have this comb-like structure on both sides of the scissors. They work even more gently and are therefore also suitable for cutting fluid transitions or similar.

Note: By the way, there is usually no distinction made in linguistic usage between Effiliation Scissors and Modelling Scissors. In fact, it is correct to call scissors with one straight and one angled side modelling scissors and those with two angled sides effigy scissors.

How can I sharpen and maintain my hairdressing scissors?

The more you use your hairdressing scissors, the more worn they will become. At some point, a clean cut is no longer possible. But before you buy new scissors, you can easily sharpen your hairdressing scissors.

Note: It is best to sharpen your scissors regularly and not only when you notice that the cutting power has diminished. This way you can keep your hairdressing scissors for a long time. If you use your scissors a lot, you should sharpen them at least once a month.

In the following we have listed some tricks that will help you take care of your scissors. Both simple home remedies such as aluminium foil and professional equipment such as versatile knife sharpeners can be a great help.

Medium Description
Aluminium foil With aluminium foil you can easily sharpen your scissors again. Simply fold a wide strip of foil (three or four times) and cut it with your hair scissors. This will make your scissors nice and sharp again.
Sandpaper Alternatively, you can use some 120 grit sandpaper to sharpen your scissors. Just turn it 180 degrees after each cut and your old scissors will be like new.
Sharpening Sharpening on a sharpening stone is also a good way to get your hairdressing scissors back into shape. However, this requires a little practice. Be sure to hold the scissors at an oblique angle when sharpening and never at a 90 degree angle. Otherwise you will only wear out your hairdressing scissors!
Knife sharpener Maybe you already have a knife sharpener at home. You can use it for your hairdressing scissors as well. You can’t go as far wrong as with a sharpening stone. A knife sharpener sharpens the scissors quickly and easily!

In addition to sharpening your hairdressing scissors regularly, you should of course clean them after every cut.

If you have been working with water, make sure you dry your scissors, otherwise they can rust. If necessary, you can oil the lock lightly with special oil from time to time.

Are there alternatives to conventional hairdressing scissors?

If you are more experienced in cutting hair, there are hairdresser’s knives, for example, with which you can achieve very nice results. These special hairdressing knives are used for sharp contours at the hairline, but also for slicing effects.

In addition, a sharp razor can be used to create beautiful accents and to cut flowing transitions and clean contours in the hair.

Thanks to the special holder for the replaceable barber’s knife blades, it is ensured that you do not injure yourself or others and that you can work precisely with it.

Did you know that it is very bad for your hair if you cut it with conventional scissors?

Many women want to save money on the hairdresser and instead use scissors themselves. However, if you are not skilled in cutting hair and you do it with a pair of scissors, it will harm your hair.

Razors with replaceable blades for hairdressers are available from Tondeo and Jaguar, Kasho, Feather Styling Razor, Kismet and Futurrazor. Such barber knives are considered more of a professional tool.

Knives are suitable for shaving out the neck, the domes and the beard, for example. By the way, there are also extra beard scissors for the beard area. These are perfect for trimming and taming the wild beard growth.

Decision section: What types of scissors are there and which is the right one for you?

What are the characteristics of conventional hairdressing scissors and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

In a normal pair of hairdressing scissors, both cutting blades are straight and sharp. All hair that gets between the two blades is cut off. Normal scissors therefore provide a very straight but also hard cut.

This is necessary, for example, when the hair is to be shortened at the tips. Here it is important to get all the hairs to a uniform length and to work as cleanly as possible.

Normal scissors therefore provide a very straight but also hard cut. This is necessary, for example, if the hair is to be shortened at the tips. Here it is important to get all the hair to a uniform length and to work as cleanly as possible.

However, these hairdressing scissors are not so suitable for cutting liquid transitions or for thinning out very thick hair. This is where the effigy scissors and modelling scissors come into play.

  • Straight cut
  • Fast cut
  • Clean cut
  • Cutting errors occur quickly
  • Not suitable for fine transitions
  • Not suitable for thinning

What are the characteristics of modelling scissors and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Modelling scissors have one straight, sharp cutting side. The other is more like a scissor comb. The surface here is jagged, comb-like and consists of special “teeth”. These only grip about a third of the hair and thus simply thin out the hair instead of cutting it off completely.

Thinning the hair can actually be useful. For example, if you have very thick hair, the heaviness of your hair may pull it down and make it lack volume. Thinning it out with modelling scissors can help to add oomph to your hairstyle. And bring it to life.

Modelling scissors are also very good for combating split ends. When cutting split ends, only the broken or even dead ends of individual hairs are cut off. This ensures that the hair can grow back healthy and strong.

  • For thinning the hair
  • For smooth transitions
  • For split ends
  • Slower working method
  • No straight cuts

What distinguishes an Effiliation Scissors and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Effiliation scissors actually work on the same principle as modelling scissors. However, these hair scissors have not just one, but two angular sides. This ensures that the hair is cut even less and more gently.

Especially for beginners with less haircutting experience, such scissors are suitable for thinning thick and strong hair. The thinning process is even slower here, which gives you confidence and reduces miscuts.

Effiliation scissors can also be used to trim hair slowly and very carefully. Of course, the whole process is a bit more time-consuming, but it’s worth it – the results are impressive.

Note: The word “effilate” comes from the French. “Effiler” here means thread or fibre, which roughly corresponds to what is cut off during effilation.

  • Very controlled procedure
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Fewer cutting errors
  • Very slow working method
  • No straight cuts

What are the characteristics of a barber’s knife and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Hairdressing knives are actually something for real professionals. So if you already have some practice, feel confident cutting hair and would like to try something different, you can dare to use a barber’s knife.

Using a sharp barber’s knife requires practice – you should definitely have a steady hand. (Image source: / 12019/10266)
  • For clean edges and contours
  • For beautiful details
  • Quick cutting errors
  • Risk of injury
  • Only suitable for professionals

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and evaluate cash registers

Before you buy a pair of scissors, it is important that you compare the different hairdressing products and then weigh up which is the ideal product for you and your requirements and wishes. The following criteria will help you to distinguish between scissors. They should help you to find the perfect hairdressing scissors for you.

  • Sharpness
  • Handling
  • Durability
  • Design


A good pair of hairdressing scissors must cut. This is probably the most important criterion when buying a suitable pair of hair scissors. Nothing is more annoying than spending money on a haircutting product and then realising that the scissors no longer cut after just a short use.

Of course, it is important what material the scissors are made of and what quality they are made of. The cut of the scissors is particularly important. In general, you can say that more expensive scissors are often of better quality and have a more elaborate cut, i.e. those you buy in the drugstore around the corner.

However, if the price is too high for you, you should be satisfied with average scissors from various suppliers. You can find them on Amazon, for example. As already mentioned, the reviews of previous customers are particularly helpful.

If the scissors do become blunt, there are ways to sharpen them again, as described above. Taking care of your old hairdressing scissors is worthwhile – new purchases are much more expensive than, for example, a whetstone or a knife sharpener.


Your hairdressing scissors must fit comfortably in your hand. Most manufacturers place a lot of emphasis on ergonomically adapting the hairdressing scissors so that they are easy to hold and operate.

Of course, it depends a bit on your individual and subjective preferences. Every hand is different and everyone finds different things comfortable. Nevertheless, there are scissors that are generally more comfortable than others.

For example, the scissors are particularly curved and balanced for better handling. Rubber bands or bars on the handle also ensure that the haircutting scissors do not slip out of your hand so easily.

Perhaps you prefer heavier models? Or, like most people, you prefer the hairdressing scissors to glide easily and lightly through your fingers?


Hairdressing scissors are a purchase. Whether you choose a very expensive high-end model or a rather cheap average product – money is money. In any case, your scissors should last for a long time.

Many cheaper hairdressing scissors often have the problem that they quickly become very worn and start to rust. Of course, you can prevent such things by taking good care of them (see above), but a good material is a prerequisite for the longevity of your hairdressing scissors.

Whether they are simple hairdressing scissors, modelling scissors, effiliation scissors or beard scissors, pay attention to the material the product is made of. Most scissors are made of stainless steel. However, there are differences in quality here too.

Note: Scissors made of Japanese stainless steel are considered particularly good and durable.


This point plays a minor role, but of course there are considerable differences in the design of hairdressing scissors, as there are everywhere. You can decide individually and according to your personal taste. From glitter to different colours to very unusual designs – there is everything your heart desires.

An example is a very elegant and simple black design, like these scissors from Akashi:

But more unusual variants are also not rare among hairdressing scissors, as these scissors by KASHO Japan show:

Facts worth knowing about hairdressing scissors

How are hairdressing scissors constructed?

On each of the two parts of a pair of scissors, a distinction is made between the scissor blade with the cutting edge, the handle with the ring and the lock, or joint. When closed, the two scissor blades do not lie completely flat on top of each other.

Each pair of hair cutting scissors has very fine “teeth” on the cutting or scissor blade, which are only visible under a microscope. These are what make it possible to cut the hair cleanly. High-quality scissors are distinguished from cheaper products by the special, elaborate grinding.

Are there special scissors for left-handers?

Yes, some manufacturers offer special scissors for left-handers. Left-handed hairdressing scissors can be recognised by the fact that the inside of the upper blade faces the handle. Consequently, the cutting edge is visible when the scissors are held with the left hand.

If you are left-handed, you should make sure that you buy a pair of left-handed hairdressing scissors.

Image source: / Nick Demou