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Nobody lives without – at least! – trim the tips of the hair. That is why professionals in this segment always have a busy agenda. But to be really successful, it is essential to prepare yourself with a good hairdressing course.

If you are looking for the best training to start a new career or to perfect your techniques, you have come to the right place. We’ll tell you everything you need to know to choose the ideal course and start working in the aesthetics area.


  • A good hairdressing course teaches you not only how to cut hair but also how to take care of the hygiene and health of each type of hair.
  • Both male and female haircuts need knowledge provided by a specific hairdressing course for each audience.
  • Taking an online hairdressing course increases flexibility both to attend classes and to practice.

The Best Hairdressing Course: Our Picks

To start in a profession, you need the best teachers, who will bring essential teachings and tricks of the trade. With this in mind, we have selected the best-rated courses currently available. Check them out:

Buying guide: everything you need to know about the hairdressing course

If there is a professional who has a direct influence on people’s self-esteem, it is the hairdresser. With so much responsibility, it is crucial to have a solid training, which transmits the best professional practices. Now, let’s see in detail how a hairdressing course works and help you choose the best one!

mulher em salão de beleza recebendo tratamento ensinado no curso de cabeleireiro

A good hairdressing course teaches, besides cutting, how to take care of the hygiene and health of each type of hair. (Source: Samo Trebizan/

What does a hairdressing course look like?

Each hairdressing course may have a different methodology. In general, they all offer a theoretical initiation, teaching basic principles of the profession, the types of hair and how to care for each of them.

The most complete courses usually include cutting techniques, treatments and colouring. There are also those that guarantee specialization in a specific aspect such as hairstyles, afro hair, discoloration or short cuts, for example.

The formation of a complete professional starts with the basic hairdressing course, but requires constant improvement in order to keep up to date with new trends

Is there a difference between the basic hairdressing course for men and women?

As a rule, the basic hairdressing course teaches how to work with both female and male hair. This way, the professional is able to work in a broad and generalized way.

However, for those who wish to specialize in one type of service, the training needs to be more focused on each gender, teaching in a different way the application of:

  • Types of cuts;
  • Suitability for the face shape;
  • Treatments (straightening, hydration and capillary reconstruction);
  • Colorimetry.

Who can take a hairdressing course?

Anyone who has an interest in this work can take a hairdressing course. In general, as we said, the training starts with the basics of the profession and therefore does not require any prerequisites.

The improvement courses (those aimed at specific techniques, such as straightening, colouring, etc) are better used by those who already have a previous knowledge of the profession.

How long does a hairdressing course last?

The duration of a hairdressing course depends a lot on the approach, the monthly workload and the depth in each module or technique. So, you can find courses that take a few months and others, like the technical level ones, that can reach two or more years of training.

If you choose to take a distance learning course, the time to conclude the course will vary according to your availability to watch the classes and do the proposed exercises. Still, this training is usually much faster.

cabeleireiro cortando um cabelo masculino

Both male and female haircuts require knowledge provided by a specific hairdressing course. (Source: Dmitry Zvolskiy / Pexels)

What are the advantages of taking an online hairdressing course?

This type of training, which has been in great demand in recent years has, among its main advantages, one that we have just mentioned: the duration. But that’s not the only benefit of the online hairdressing course. See what else we highlight in the table below:

  • Flexibility of schedules
  • Allows you to participate and complete the course in your own time
  • Possibility to review the classes to ask questions
  • More affordable value compared to face-to-face courses
  • Just a laptop or smartphone to take the classes
  • Difficulty in training practice
  • No individual evaluation of student performance
  • Some restrict access after a certain time
  • It may be more difficult has motivation for classes

What training does the hairdressing course offer?

That will depend on the course you choose. Generally speaking we can talk about free courses and technical or vocational courses. Each of them has a different approach, content and certification.

The most common are the so-called free courses.

Especially when it comes to online training, short courses are the most applied. They offer content according to the specificity chosen, with a simplified approach.

However, this does not mean that it is not a good experience. On the contrary, by being well directed, this type of course can teach the intended techniques with more assertiveness. Afterwards, you can take complementary training, such as a make-up course , for example.

Purchase criteria: What to take into account when buying a hairdressing course

As with all professions, to be a good hairdresser you need talent. But counting on concise training makes the vocation more competently exercised. With this in mind, before opting for a course, remember to evaluate:


If you are investing in a new profession, you need to surround yourself with the best in this segment to teach you the first steps of this work. Thus, it is important to know the qualification of the teachers who give the classes.

Besides the sales page of the course, you can search the professional’s social networks and look for customer reviews in search and complaint sites, such as Google and Reclame Aqui.


As we showed earlier, the hairdressing course can have a very broad approach, from basic concepts to more in-depth techniques. So, when choosing, read carefully the modules offered.

Remember that it’s no use buying a course with specialized content and elaborate techniques, if you haven’t learned the basics of the profession yet. No matter how charming the proposal is, it’s no use if it’s not in accordance with your knowledge.

mulher praticando técnicas do curso de cabeleireiro com marido segurando o tablet

Taking an online hairdressing course increases flexibility both to attend classes and to practice.
Source: nd3000/


As it is an online hairdressing course, the more detailed the material provided by the teacher, the better. This is because he will not be by your side in every class and especially at practice time.

So, if possible, give preference to courses that have clear and informative videos, with support material that is effective in time to study or clarify doubts.


One of the advantages of an online course, as you already know, is the flexibility in the time of classes. It allows the training to be carried out in your time, according to your availability, without leaving you stuck to fixed pre-established schedules.

However, you need to be aware. Some courses give access to the material and classes for a limited time. If you can, choose a product with lifetime access. This way, you will have the content available whenever you need it.


It may seem silly to pay attention to this detail. But the certificate of completion of a hairdressing course can put you at an advantage when looking for a job in this area. It is the proof of your qualification and usually makes a difference in selection processes.

And even if your intention is to work as a freelance, one way to start your career is to propose partnerships to beauty salons or class entities, for example. In this sense, the certificate will also be a differential!


We have just learnt more about one of the professions that hardly ever faces crisis. Everyone needs it, either for vanity or for a matter of social etiquette. So investing in a good hairdressing course could be the door to your life change.

In this article, we show you how the courses in this area are, specifically those taken remotely. We talk about the advantages of this modality, we highlight the most common types of training and leave some tips for well evaluated courses in the market.

We hope to have helped you define your new career. If you liked it, take the opportunity to share it with other people. Cheers, see you soon!

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