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If you use hairspray and your hair doesn’t hold well; if your hair is harder than a piñata or if you use gel, but you have a Luis Miguel type twitch in concert, which leaves your hair full of white dandruff-like dots and your hair has lost its shine, or maybe you are an adventurous person who uses lemon thanks to Aunt Virginia’s advice.

It’s time for a change, there’s an option we’re going to tell you about that can solve these problems and benefit the health of your hair while you use it and give you a great look. Stick around and discover all the information you need to throw away your current products and renew your hair styling cosmetics.


  • Hair waxes are products that literally look like “wax” but have a smooth texture, made from beeswax or esterification wax, whose purpose is to help you style your hair into the desired style without losing hold, shine or mobility.
  • Waxes are divided into 3 basic types: extreme hold waxes, medium hold waxes and matte waxes. Three waxes that suit different hair types and their needs, providing hold and mobility without damaging the hair.
  • To buy it is essential to know which options are available in the market and what are their differences in order to know with certainty the criteria from which we can choose according to what the market offers, for example: ingredients, type of hair, presentations, etc.

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Buying Guide: What you need to know about the Product

If you haven’t quite figured out what a hair wax is and which one you should choose for yourself, it’s worth taking a closer look at the information below, because our aim is that by the end of this article you’ll find what you need without wasting your money.

A well-shaped male hairstyle requires the use of a good wax until the desired look is achieved. (Photo: serezniy /

What is hair wax?

Hair wax, also known as pomade, is a cosmetic product mostly used by men but also used by women and children. Its aim is to achieve long-lasting hold, achieving natural looks that can be easily managed and even modified during the day, thanks to its flexible quality.

No matter what kind of hair you have, waxing will create styles of its own

No matter what type of hair you have, whether it’s straight, curly, fine or thick, thin or thick, thin or thick, long, medium or short. Waxing helps you create your own styles, traditional or modern, without leaving the hair hard and without damaging the hair.

How is hair wax used?

With damp or dry hair, place a little of the product on your fingertips, rub it into your hands and distribute it through your hair at a distance of one centimetre from the scalp so as not to clog the hair follicles.

Start styling with your hands until you get the look you want; you can use a comb or brush to help you.

Did you know? Oil wax has been used since the Rock n’ Roll era, when Rock n’ Roll icons styled their hair in styles that, along with the music, were a milestone in history and fashion

What are the advantages of wax over gel?

If you are not very familiar with the product, you are probably wondering why should I change my styling gel for this new option? Well, there are a number of advantages that might change your mind and here they are. Advantages of Wax

  • Their ingredients are natural
  • There are different firmnesses
  • Even firm hair can be styled during the day
  • It is easy to remove and leaves no residue
  • Does not mistreat the hair

Advantages of Gel

  • Fixes the hair, leaving it very hard
  • Can be used to create punk hairstyles (punk)

Extreme hold, medium hold and natural matt hair wax – what should you pay attention to?

Manufacturers have developed waxes for different needs, dividing them into 3 types according to their firmness. This categorisation is perhaps the first step in defining which type of product best suits your personal needs, hair type and desired look.

  • Extreme hold. Wax with the ability to keep the look firm without any hair falling out of place all day long. It adds shine and is ideal for thick hair and thick hair. To activate, it should be warmed in the hands before application.
  • Medium hold. This is a very mouldable or flexible wax. It has medium hold and shine, is less hard than the previous one and although it is also heated in the hands, it lasts less time before application. It is a very versatile wax, it can be used by people with straight, Chinese or broken, fine or thick hair. The hairstyle lasts less time.
  • Natural matt. This wax is an option that not only does not provide shine to the hair, but also allows you to style it but leaving a natural effect as if no product had been used on top. Its texture is more pasty and it adheres easily to the hair. The manufacturers have made this version in extreme or medium hold.
Extreme hold Medium hold Natural matte
Main quality The hairstyle lasts all day The hairstyle could move With mobility, natural hairstyle
Shine Gives shine to the hair Medium shine No shine
Hair type Thick and thick Any type of hair Any type of hair

What about coloured waxes?

For those who like to change their style constantly and are not afraid to dare and also keep their hair well groomed, there are waxes that give instant and temporary colour to the look of the day at the same time as setting the hair.

Depending on the brand, there are options with a good texture with a creamy finish, enough holding power to maintain the hairstyle or rearrange it during the day and a variety of colours that will blend in with the hair and with which it is possible to give a different finish to the image day by day.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate the different models of Hair Wax

If you’re determined to buy this type of product, just consider these criteria that will help you make better decisions, as they give you clues as to what you’ll find out there and what you’ll have to choose from. Having this information beforehand will help you buy with the certainty that what you take home will be ideal for you.

  • Waxes
  • Hair type
  • Texture and scent
  • Presentation


There are two basic aspects to the manufacture of waxes. Knowing them will be worthwhile to contemplate the finish that we will obtain in the hair and the advantages of one over the other, we are referring to the oil or water based waxes.

  • Oil-based waxes. These are pomades made with ingredients such as petroleum jelly, paraffin or petrolatum, ingredients that are not so healthy for the hair and that can clog the pores of the scalp. Their hold is due to the weight they add to the hair and their shine is a result of their ingredients.
  • Water waxes. This type of waxes do not contain oils. They give a firming effect while maintaining the flexibility of the hair, during the day the hairstyle will move a little but you can rearrange it by wetting it a little and restyling, they are also easily removable. They do not damage the hair. In addition to these two essential bases, you can find on the market today, options with different natural ingredients such as beeswax, Japanese wax, castor oil, carnauba wax and so on.

Hair type

We’ve already mentioned broadly which wax can be used on which type of hair, but now we’re going to be a little more specific in case there are still any doubts, as we don’t want you to be left with any doubts. The following list gives you a couple of ideas.

  • Chinese hair. Using a wax that is easy to handle is basic, that doesn’t tangle but leaves a natural finish with some shine. This type of hair is usually not easy to style if you don’t choose the right products.
  • Broken hair. A medium hold wax can be an excellent choice, allowing the hair to be manageable while maintaining the desired style. It will give the hair shine at a medium level as well and is also ideal for maintaining the volume of the hair.
  • Straight hair. It is advisable to use a wax that provides shine, volume and a smooth texture. Straight hair makes it very easy to create traditional styles and any modern ideas, so it is important that the wax has a good hold to maintain the look.

Texture and scent

Two super essential elements in almost any cosmetic product are texture and scent. Both are decisive in the purchase and repurchase of the product, because no matter how good it is, if one or the other is not pleasant to the user, he or she will abandon the product and look for another option with a similar effect.

  • Texture. The texture of the wax or substance can come in a clay-like finish or in a more gel-like finish, some drier and others with a viscous texture, whatever it is, it must facilitate the application of the product and leave no trace. This choice will be more of a personal taste than a functional characteristic.
  • Aroma. This characteristic will invite the consumer to use and reuse it if it is to their liking. While it may be odourless, there are options on the market with citrus, almond, menthol or vanilla fragrances or other fragrances specific to the base ingredients.


The presentations of these products are usually packaged in smooth tins made of materials such as plastic, metal, wood, etcetera. The quantity included in the container will be a factor of economic savings and long-term durability.

The presentation also influences the final cost of the product, among other factors, the packaging and the amount of product included in it will be decisive. Some laboratories consistently add a presentation with an offer, gaining more product at the same or lower price.

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