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Welcome to ReviewBox Brasil. In this article we bring you all the details you need to know about hair gel, which helps to enhance your look whatever the occasion. Check out what we have prepared for you below.


  • Hair gel provides wet and shiny look and has high fixing power.
  • There are levels/classification of hold, besides there are specific gels for each hair type.
  • Although they start from the principle of fixing and modeling, hair gel is different from products such as wax, pomade and mousse.

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We’ve separated the best models you’ll find on the market when it comes to hair gel.


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Hair gel has not gone out of fashion for almost a century. Since its creation until today, many things have changed and it has been transformed, either in different modeling, focused on specific types of hair, among other details.

In the following paragraphs we will take a closer look at the universe of hair gel.

Um homem aplica gel em seu cabelo.

Ice has low, medium and high fixation. (Source: Roman Samborskyi/ 123RF)

What is hair gel?

Hair gel is a product that serves to fix and model the hairstyle, giving it a wet impression.

Inside the product, there are two main ingredients: water and acrylate. The latter, when in contact with the liquid, swells and creates volume, which helps to model the hair.

Hair gel can also contain fragrances and alcohol.

Tip: Avoid using gel every day. If you need daily fixation for your hair, try to alternate with other products such as pomades, waxes, among others

When was hair gel invented?

In 1928 the first official hair gel was invented and in 1929 marketed. It was called Brylcream, produced by Chemico Words in Birmingham, England.

The ancient Egyptians already used a kind of gel, made from fat, to preserve their hair after their death in 300 BC.

This is what researchers from the University of Manchester, UK, have discovered in a study published by the Journal of Archaeological Science and the LiveScience website.

The hair of 18 mummies was analysed microscopically and in nine of them there was some substance to protect and preserve the hair, which was later reported to be fatty acids from vegetables and animal origin.

What types of hair gel?

You can find several options to take care of your style these days and hair gel is no exception. It comes in many different formats, each one being ideal for a certain situation.

Fixing gel is the most common and aims to leave the hairstyle firm for as long as possible. There are three levels of hold – low, medium and high. Respectively, they leave the hair looser, a little tighter and well fixed.

The fixing gel is also the one that guarantees the wet look

The fixing gel is also the one that guarantees the wet look. It is usually used in small quantities. The finishing hair gel is similar to the mousse, but its result is still to leave a harder hairstyle. It is recommended for those who want a looser or semi-attached hair.

It is usually used a drop, the size of a coin, so that the hair does not look too hard.

For those who have curly hair, there are special gels for this type of hair. Many brands call this specific gel gelatin. They usually contain active ingredients (ceramides, for example) to hydrate the hair.

It is often used to separate the hair in several strands, passing each one of them to form the curls – this process is called styling.

For frizz control with a softer effect, the spray gel is a great choice, since it’s only used in sprays.

 Uma mulher de cabelo cacheado está de olhos fechados e com a mão próxima ao queixo, com o dedo indicador tocando o queixo.

There are gels, called gelatin, which are focused on wavy hair, curly, frizzy and in transition. (Source: Raphael Lovaski/

Can gel be bad for hair?

Gel can cause some damage, but only if you don’t look after your hair with care.

gel causes the strands to dry out, which can leave them brittle. This is why daily use of the product is not recommended.

The situation can be even worse if you do not thoroughly clean your hair after using the gel. Sleeping without removing the product is not recommended in any case.

It is important to keep your hair moisturised

Because of the dryness that the gel can cause, it is important to keep your hair moisturized. Wash it daily with shampoo suitable for your hair type, use conditioner and quality creams, preferably from the same line as the shampoo.

By following these steps, you will prevent any damage from the use of gel.

What are the differences between wax, mousse, paste, pomade, spray and hair gel?

As you may notice when you go to a specialized shop or in a cosmetics section of a retail shop, there is a wide variety of personal care products for hair.

Because of this, it is good to know what the characteristics of the main hair products on the market are and thus choose the best alternative for you.

Product Characteristics
Wax With thicker texture, it creates hairstyles with long-lasting fixation. Great for styling frizzy strands and topets. Not recommended for those with dry hair, because some are made with clay, which absorbs the oiliness of the hair
Mousse Usually comes in spray and looks like foam. It gives volume and more definition to the loose strands and helps to model the hair. Great for curly and wavy hair. Application can be done with wet or dry hair
Paste It is between pomade and wax, with a creamy texture. It has a similar effect to the wax, however its fixation is much stronger. Recommended for fine, wavy and straight hair
Pomade Recommended for all hair types. Fixation can be soft or strong, with intense shine or matte effect
Spray Dry effect, strong fixation, recommended for people with very straight hair. Long lasting and can be used after wax or pomade, adding extra hold
Gel Offers wet and shiny look, can be applied directly to wet hair, has high hold power

Purchase Criteria: What to consider before buying a hair gel

You are already aware of the world of hair gel, but there are still other issues that need to be taken into account before you make your choice.

Now that you know them, we will detail them in the next lines.

Um homem de topete olha para a câmera.

Hair gel is affordable. (Source: RoyalAnwar/


Hair gel specimens have levels of hold. The most common ones are low, medium and high. However, there are brands that define the fixation as medium, strong, extra strong and mega strong.

Depending on your demands, whether you are going on a date, going to class or to work, and the time you will be away from home, you can choose which type of hold is best.

In addition, the type of hold also has to do with the type of hairstyle you will be wearing, whether you want to give it a harder or looser look.

Hair type

Until a few years ago, hair gel focused on people with fine, straight hair – most of the options on the market are like that.

However, nowadays the market has been making room for a range of specific products for curly, frizzy and wavy hair. These options are more commonly called gelatin.

Quantity in grams

Depending on how often you use hair gel, the size of your strands, you can define what size product you will buy.

The containers vary considerably in weight. You find hair gel models of 50 g, 150 g, 250 g, 300 g, 500 g and even more.

Um homem veste jaqueta de couro, óculos escuro, porta uma barba longa e cabelo modelado com gel está sentado em uma motocicleta.

Hair gel has a different effect than other products like wax and mousse. (Source: Got2B Disclosure / Amazon)


The hair gel has an average price of approximately £25 counting all the sizes which, as you already know, vary a lot.

You can find options on the market with very affordable prices, below £10, and others with higher prices, with examples above £100.

(Featured image source: DMC Hair/ Amazon)